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Fantasia -- Police Report Cites 'Suicide' Attempt

8/10/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The police who responded to Fantasia Barrino's home last night were told the "American Idol" champ had attempted to commit suicide by ingesting pills ... this according the police report obtained by TMZ.


According to the report, cops received a 911 call at 10:13 PM last night  ... and responded to Fantasia's home in North Carolina.

Once they arrived on the scene, they listed her injury as "serious" and then transported her to a local hospital.


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1513 days ago


1.TMZ u are wrong for this pik....and loving every minute of it (evil laff)
2. How true are any of these stories. These people are regular people just like us, Fantasia probably mixed alchohol with some sleep aid and that could have caused an OD......or she coulda really attempted to comit suicide......oh well. its only fantasia, this would suck if it was Weezy, glad its not....#FreeWeezy

1513 days ago


For everyone who is throwing stones...Angelina Jolie is a famous actress, but because everyone feels she may look better than they do, her actions (homewrecker)are "over-looked".Because Fantasia is "black" and doesn't wear the "caked-on" false(make-up)beauty,she is criticize...she doesn't have a freckled face that is covered by "max-factor", so she is "ugly"? Fantasia is "eccentric" and if she wanted to , she could "LIE" to America about how she truly looks, but No! you ass-wipes want to condemn her? She aint white and blacks are jealous!

1513 days ago


I agree with the comments made about a suicide attempt and being a mother. This woman insists she is a Christian and probably has had more opportunities to make a better life for her child and what does she do with it, makes her life about herself and not about her child. Being a single mother myself I CHOOSE not to date unless i know that person and he is not married or of questionable character. She also made the choice to be a single mother, and should grow up and do what is right!

1513 days ago


God bless you Fantasia please tik about your daughter before you attempt to do something like this again. How would that little girl feel knowing she lost her mom because of rumors that people are putting out there and don't even know if they are true. Don't worry about what people say you know what happened and that's all that matters. Remember, if they talked about Jesus who are you?.Practice what you sing about God will take care of you. I will be praying for you and your family.

1513 days ago


well im not a fan of her music her voice is like nails on a chock board to me, But regardless of that I wish her well and hope she gets the help she needs. Taking your own life is THE most selfish act one could do. The good lord has given her a second chance she aught to think real hard and redeem herself. Live for her child!
Good Luck Fantasia you will be in my prayers.

1513 days ago


Take notice to all these dumb ass people calling her names and laughing. I hope you know the DEVIL HAS YOUR ASS BY THE THUMB TOO.

1513 days ago


post #1- Go **** yourself and die!

1513 days ago


To all the non medical professionals...suicidal ideations and attempts are medical (a mental illness)... I hope she get the help she need. Dont take from her....her voice and music is hot!

1513 days ago

Leah a.k.a. Ms Pinkie    

Some of you should really be ashamed of yourselves!!! Who are you to judge anyone!! Are you perfect or close to being perfect? I would say NOT!! LEAVE FANTASIA ALONE!!!!! Did you realize that you will be judged by God one day for judging others?

I am a big FAN of Ms Fantasia!! She is a beautiful woman, she's talented and I love her!! Stop being so critical and look into your own lives and judge your own selves!!

You don't know what all she's been through!! Who knows what she's been told by this man, who knows if this man's wife is telling the court's the truth? Only God and the people involved knows.

I believe that Fantasia is just so stressed and distraught by this entire thing, that she was just honestly trying to get some much needed rest! We don't know the whole story, you know the media ALWAYS give part of or the wrong information just to make a juicy story to have people talking.

1513 days ago


Must be more to the story than meets the eye. when she was a struggling contestant on AI; when she was filming her reality show; when she sat down for the Oprah interview - her focus was always about her daughter Zion. can not believe she would deliberately harm herself; leaving a little girl without a mother.
Go back to the grass roots Fantasia. Get yourself on track; live a simple and clean life. Clean up what was messed up; start all over again. this too shall pass.

1513 days ago


Fantasia as many young, booming artist - from one of our old schoold mentors, i.e., Gladys Knight, Pattie Labelle. Here we see the wisdom Barry Gordy had in setting up motown new artist with not only production of their music but a well rounded mentoring program.

1513 days ago


MadamCorine: How terribly hateful and cruel your comment is in regard to this matter. I hope you don't have children, and your hate is returned to you by them. I am confindent what u identify has hate id jealousy, because her voice is truely a God Given Talent. When u mock his handy work u mock him. My question is if you don't like her, exercise your freedom to choose and go read about somebody you do like. Oh wait, u might not like anybody.

1513 days ago


It really is sad....for all of you who are judging her, like you have never done anything wrong! I'm sure you have things in your closets that you wouldn't want anyone to know. Let's get another thing straight, he CHEATED! She has to answer for what she has done, but I don't read any comments about him. I bet 90% of you don't even know his name. Why is she taking all the hits and blows? Is it because she is a celebrity or is it racial?

As far as those racial're not worth the time.

Only God can judge and God can and will forgive. I think you need to look at yourself if you're happy to see another person hurting. What does that say about you?

1513 days ago


No Matter how hard life gets, u never should choose death as an early option. Im a glad she made it to the hospital because she has a child to live for.

1513 days ago
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