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JetBlue Memo -- Steven Slater Was Reckless

8/10/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 6:45PM PDT: Slater's $2500 bail was posted, and law enforcement sources tell us he left the jail within the last 15 minutes.

TMZ has obtained an internal memo emailed to JetBlue inflight crew members, making it perfectly clear -- the airline is pissed at Steven Slater.


According to the memo ... before Slater went into high-drama mode, the plane was already parked, attached to the jetway and the passengers were in the process of deplaning.  According to the memo, sent by Vicky Stennes, VP of Inflight Experience, "...the forward service door was purposely re-armed and the slide intentionally deployed, endangering lives and equipment."

The memo goes on:  "Some media outlets are portraying yesterday's event as a humorous example of what individuals may consider doing at a point in their careers -- walking off the job in a very public fashion.  However ... deploying a slide is a forceful event and yesterday's deployment endangered, and could have severely injured or even killed."

The memo also offers crew members counseling ... we're guessing it's not about deploying the slide.


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two azzhats on a flight. fine both of them.

1500 days ago


I have to back JetBlue on this one. What would the story be if this guy had deployed the slide and seriously injured or killed a ground crewman (or woman)? Would everyone here think he was right in his actions? He just got lucky no one got hurt. The slides deploy with great force and they are very heavy, so it is absolutely reasonable that someone on the ground could have been injured or killed. Usually these are deployed in emergency situations when there is no one on the ground or the ground crew knows that the slide will be deployed in an emergency and to stay clear.
While I feel for the flight attendant (I'm sure they deal with lots of angry people all the time)- JetBlue is in the right. He could have quit and walked off the plane using the jetway - why open the other door and deploy the slide? I don't think the guy deserves 7 years - maybe probation. JetBlue is correct in saying this guy acted in a way that was dangerous.

1500 days ago

Shaun O'Rourke    

And why do we turn this ******* into an over night celebrity?

Shaun O'Rourke

1500 days ago


The job pushed him over the edge. If he had received support from his supervisors in the past, this incident probably would not have happened. It seems to me that the two old biddies that started this whole thing should have been hauled into the police station for a stern reprimand. I believe their behavior was the spark that threw the entire incident into play.

Note to JetBlue: Start treating your employees better!

1500 days ago

deborah mcdermott    

i think jetblue is totally wrong in going after steven, why don't they go after the rude passenger who started this whole mess? everybody has a meltdown every now and then, why is this a crime? i will not fly on jetblue any time soon, they stink!!!! steven you are my hero. you are heroic for standing up for yourself and not taking the abuse of an aggressive, rude, heartless pig of a passenger. this passenger should also be arrested for not following the rules and abusive behavior. how about that jetblue.

1500 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

Jail time!

1500 days ago


He flew off the handle. His actions where not how a mature and responsible employee handles stress or bad situations. But the truth is no employee is perfect all the time, which is why they have write up and discipline actions for employees that behave inappropriately.

He does not deserve jail. It's absurd to act like he did anything more than have a diva exit. Nobody was harmed. It's comical. I imagine half the plain laughed their asses off afterwards.

The unruly passenger should be charged. She physically assaulted him. Why is that not being investigated but...he might a and could a situations is reasons to arrest him. The world is nuts.

1500 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Steven Slater just had a b!tch fit, you know how we girls get..

1499 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

maybe the passenger was hot and he was jealous because he wants to look like her... some girls can be devious

1499 days ago


Some posts on this blog don´t really get the jist of TMZ´s story.

The plane was parked at the gate and passengers were in the process of de-planing. This means that the women who called this guy a name was not breaking the law by standing up and taking her bag out from the storage area. HE was blocking HER exit. Of course, this doesn´t justify her hitting him, if she really did. Given all this, his actions seem to be less a humorous exit from a crappy job and more like some kind of psychological breakdown.

The moral of this story is not that we should imitate this guy´s actions when we get sick of our jobs. The moral is that we should not let the media manipulate us and we should get ALL THE FACTS before evaluating a news story.

1499 days ago


Isn't it rich?
Isn't it queer,
Losing my timing this late
In my career?
And where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns.
Well, maybe next year.

1499 days ago


Anything is better than the American public asking the important questions about our murderous foreign policy !These ridiculous stories mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme. All they do is divert attention from the real issue of world domination by the American Empire & the American media's ass licking toilet hounds that wait like lapdogs for whatever fecal sandwich the establishment has for them to chew on that day!

1499 days ago


Anyone that works with the public knows how difficult it can be when someone tests your nerves!! Unfortunately " The Customer is not alway right" Although they like to think they are. Sometimes Customers feel like they are entitled to acting up and we the ones who are working have to take whatever they dish out!!! THIS GUY HIT HIS BREAKING POINT!!! Good for him!

1499 days ago


People will do anything to get there own reality show

1499 days ago


someone posted a comment about the FA "looking gay" - do they think that if they look at a FA and think that FA is gay they are subject to passenger abuse?

The whole issue is the female pax who attempted to take her bag out of the overhead before the plane got to the arrival gate.

She was called on her VIOLATION of standing up while the seatblet sign is on (for not matter what).

She believes that she is above the Federal Government Regulation.

Sadly the B6 FA was stuck alerting her to her violation of US Federal Law.

She gave a F Bomb = and in the heat of it all got the F Bomb returned (and a PA hang-up and a beer bottle grab).

Taking drinks is in violation of B6 FA internal policies about beverages and snacks - got that.

Deploy of the slide when the AC was at the arrival gate - get that.

When are we going to get the physical assult to the FA while the AC was in taxi mode from landing until gate arrival and positioning for pax deployment?

1499 days ago
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