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Steven Slater -- En Route to Rikers Island

8/10/2010 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned JetBlue's most infamous flight attendant Steven Slater is currently  "in transportation" to a Rikers Island correctional facility, this according to NYC Department of Corrections.


According to the official booking sheet, Slater is listed at 5'8" and 190 lbs.

Earlier today, Slater was arraigned on 2 counts of criminal mischief, 2 counts of reckless endangerment and 1 count of criminal trespassing ... all stemming from an altercation with a passenger on a JetBlue aircraft yesterday.

If convicted, Slater could face up to 7 years in federal prison.



No Avatar


he can't make bail?

1500 days ago


Oh for the love of god, who the H cares if he is gay? I guess you bigoted morons do...

1500 days ago


His boyfriend can't come up with $2500 to bail him out?

1500 days ago


We seriously have a jacked up justice system!

1500 days ago


The bitch that hit him must be feeling pretty full of herself right now.

1500 days ago


Rikers Island...this is a disgrace. This guy did not cause any of the passengers harm...he did what most of us dream of doing at work. Is this what the American taxpayers money goes toward? We have people who have committed real crimes..let's focus on them, and give this guy a well-needed vacation. I travel quite frequently, and some of these idiot passengers on planes deserve to be yelled at. He should of grabbed a beer, and tossed the idiot of the plane who hit him in the head with his that would or been perfect!

1500 days ago


No! let him go! I've been on many flights with rude passengers being a-holes. The one I most remember is from LA to Houston in December 2007. There was a group of the most rude and obnoxious people that let their bunch of kids run up and down the narrow corridor, they were talking very loud in hebrew, and were getting up and walking up to the galley to help themselves to whatever they wanted.

Steve! I'm with you man!
I called them the royal tannemboums. At the end of the flight I told the older flight attendant, *she was a stewardess back when she started* about these idiots, she nodded and agreed with me and said thanks. Seriously, there are **** passengers, and this Mo-Fo was one.

1500 days ago

Sandy B    

What about the passenger?

1500 days ago


What happened to the b!tch that conked in the head? What is her problem? She doesn't like rules? What is it with women these days acting like fools?

1500 days ago


Seems a bit harsh to me!

1500 days ago


The guy will have his own reality show before the end of the week.

1500 days ago


25 (duh) *conked him on the head. (TMZ, you can create games on here, but cannot spring for edit or delete buttons, what gives?)

1500 days ago


I admire what the guy did, customer service jobs are horrible because so many people are jerks but you can't make a statement about anything to do with the airlines. It's a free pass to jail.

Let's face it too, corrections in the US is big business. They LOVE to incarcerate people as it keeps the machine oiled. All the cops, lawyers, judges, law clerks, prisons, contractors, guards, etc. It's a HUGE business and that's half the reason so many go to jail for sometimes little more than not paying a jaywalking ticket.

If this guy did this in Canada or the UK he would have been banned from flying for 2 years and given a $500 fine. Rikers? Sad and shameful.

1500 days ago


Do people realize this woman called Steve a M^^&^&^f&&*&ka and while she was grabbing her oh so important overhead bag it smacked the dude in the head? He was totally torqued so he vented big time.

He does not deserve to be punished and go to frickin Rikers Island. He was trying to enforce Federal Aviation Rules and was chewed out and insulted.

He ended his career, for now, in style. What passenger was this that had the nerve to call him that and then leave him with a smack in the head? Gay or whatever, he reacted the way typical guys do react when they have reached a point. I guess he was supposed to accept abuse. Everyone should email Jetblue and tell them the defend him even though he did a slightly wild slide. =))

1500 days ago


Seriously, 7 years for doing what? Nothing. There are people who murder, rape, abuse animals, children and women/men who don't even serve one year. What is up with our society? He did what I have wanted to do in a long time here at my job, tell all these ppl to go f' themselves, grab a few beers and go. Team Steve! I think that b*tch of a passenger needs to be in jail for not obeying the rules and regulations of flying.

1500 days ago
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