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Steven Slater -- Props From the Slide Company

8/12/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's one company that's thrilled with the way Steven Slater left his JetBlue plane during Monday's heroic departure -- the people who built the slide.

Steven Slater Slide
TMZ has learned the people at Goodrich -- who manufacture the inflatable emergency evacuation slide for the JetBlue Embraer ERJ-190 plane -- tell us they're "pleased" with the way the slide performed during Slater's infamous moment.

A rep for the company tells us the slide "functioned properly ... just like it was designed to."

As for Slater's technique -- Goodrich says, "From what we can tell, he did things exactly the way he was supposed to ... with the exception of throwing his luggage down the slide."

FYI -- Goodrich claims that if you're ever in a similar situation -- let the baggage go.


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Hilarious slide show with two beers. TMZ does it again! Baahaha

1472 days ago


This doesn't surprise me at all. He is a professional and would know all about how to be going down a new chute.

1472 days ago


What they really need to find out is which brand of BEER he took before his slide...THAT'S the company that will have a Fantastic Super Bowl Commercial If They're Smart!!!!!

1472 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

EXCELLENT public relations

Has the beer company come out with a statement about the safe way to slide with a beer so it doesn't foam?

1472 days ago


I think it's ridiculous how America glamourize inappropriate actions as such. This is the problem we have in America. We focus on the negative actions and not enough on the positive actions. His reason, "he was being cursed at by a passenger". Big deal!! Unfortunately that can happen when you deal with the public. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I'm sure some idoit will give this man his fifteen minutes of fame.

1472 days ago


I see a beer commercial ahead!!!

1472 days ago


I can't wait for the reality show following this guy around having meltdowns. While he may have had enough of rude people, his actions were ridiculous. And what was with grabbing the beer? He's just plain weird and probably the guy that got picked on in school and now he's being followed around by the idiot media asking him inane questions.

1472 days ago


I don'think he is a hero, but I think most people look at the facts that he was able to get mad and walk off his job in times like these, so many people out there wants there are tired of the crap they suffer from customers,so brovo to him that he is in the position to walk off, however I don'tthink anyones life was in danger, its notlike the plane had taken off.:-)

1472 days ago

Moe Greene    

Turns out that assface didn't even argue with the passenger. He is just another mental patient looking for his 15 minutes. And you lemmings lap it up.

1472 days ago

The Ogre    

This guy is a tool. You wanna quit, quit. But quitting because a customer got under your skin and made you bitchy? And that makes you a hero? tick-tock ... tick-tock ....

1472 days ago


ha! I thought this was a new TMZ game, disappointed now.

1472 days ago

who dat    

This guy is no hero, not even a folk hero. What he did was act inappropriate and break the law. If you want to glamorize that, then you are as nutty as he is. He needs a mental evaluation. Stop publicizing what he did as acceptable behavior.

"The people at Goodrich" who associated the company with this fruitcake, should be terminated. They should have come out with a statement that doesn't make light of any illegal act. How irresponsible of them also.

I hope the guy receives a jail sentence. That's where he belongs.

1472 days ago


"Pet peeve: it is "should HAVE", not "should Of". Same with would HAVE, could HAVE, must HAVE, etc. Good grief, is no one literate? "


1472 days ago


He was assaulted and then arrested. What is wrong with this picture ?
WHO is that passenger and why can't we identify her?

1472 days ago


Hey may have been assaulted and there should be consequences for the person who did that...BUT he was arrested for his own actions which violated Federal Law regarding his actions in deploying the slide without authorization (thereby endangering anyone on the ground who did not know this was happening who may have been standing in the way of the slide)...he also was NOT authorized to be on the tarmac (only authorized personnel are allowed there, flight attendants are not authorized personnel on the tarmac), AND when he took the beers...well, you can add possession of alcohol on the job to the list.

So many people do not seem to realize that anyone who works in the airline industry is answerable to federal laws/regulations. It's not as though he was a waiter who went off on someone in a restaurant and stormed off the job. There was protocol in place he could have followed, but chose not order to take care of the unruly passengers. The pilot of that plane has the authority to refuse to dock at the terminal and stop the plane where it sits if people refuse to sit down. They also could have notified the gate to have air-marshalls/security waiting for the unruly passengers to escort them to security. These things did not happen. If he had notified the pilot and the plane had been stopped...the rest of the passengers would have been upset (true)...but I bet they would have made sure too that the unruly people sat their asses back in their seats.

He did not follow protocol and he blatantly disregarded FAA law and safety regulations...therefore, he was arrested as he should have been.

1472 days ago
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