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NBA Player Accuses Wife of Vicious Attack

8/11/2010 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBA veteran Earl Watson filed for divorce from his wife Jennifer Freeman -- claiming the "My Wife and Kids" actress attacked him in a late night rage ... and savagely bit him on the chest until he bled.

Earl Watson Divorce

According to legal papers filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court, Watson claims things got bad on August 1st ... when Jennifer received a suspicious text message at 11PM and Earl decided to check her phone.

Watson -- who played with the Indiana Pacers last season -- claims his wife was furious that he took the phone and reacted by hitting him "forcefully twice in the face with her right open hand."

Watson claims Jennifer then "grabbed my right wrist and bit ... breaking the skin, leaving teeth marks and drawing blood."  Once she let go of the wrist, Watson claims she then chomped down on his chest ... again drawing blood.

Earl claims Jennifer then tried to attack him with an iron -- but he was able to knock it out of her hand.

Now, Earl wants a divorce ASAP -- along with full custody of their 10-month-old daughter.

Calls to Freeman have not been returned.

UPDATE:  Now how's this for a change of heart... We just got a call from Watson's lawyer, William Briggs, who tells us his client plans to withdraw his divorce petition tomorrow and that he's reconciled with the wife who allegedly brutalized him.  Briggs tells us, "The couple has reconciled their differences and plans to make their marriage work."

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This story doesn't add up because if she was that vicious with the biting and drawing blood I would have to say she is not a normal person and he is just like her to want to continue with a relationship with her or she must have been on drugs to act so sickly. What a distorted weird couple they both need help for sure even though he says they have reconciled.

1529 days ago


Its cheaper to keep her!!

1529 days ago


Look, this will be my last time reading this sports stuff. Players are to stupid and they get caufht up in some stupid stuff to be so rich. However, I did like this article. ILOVE TO SEE A WOMAN BEAT THE 2HIT OUT OF A MAN, AS MANY OF THEM THAT BEAT MY BUTT UNTIL I GOT WISE AND BROUGHT THAT ACTION TO A SCHEENING HALT.

1529 days ago

Troy Miller    

You stupid people read her police report she filed that very same night before him. When he found out that she retained a lawyer because of his abuse he went crazy took the baby is his car without a carseat speed down a narrow curvy road and went to the police station to file a report. What kind of person does this. Not a very stable person.
If he was so badly bitten what took him so long to file a report? Why didnt he call the police the same night? Or leave the house? My guess he has something to hide.
In her police report you will read that she had scratches on her chest and neck. My guess he tried to strangle her hence the bit mark on his wrist! ( there are photos of the scratches).
You will also read that he took her cell phone the home computer and hid the home phone. She was trapped in her own home with nothing. What kind of person does this? Answer not a very stable person.
I was at there house visiting them when Earl started an arguement with Jennifer ( I phones record everything) he went crazy running around the house saying how many women he's been with, how he's a basketball star ( yea right never was never will be he sucks everyone knows it)
He sat down with me and ask me what I thought. He does not pay my bills like he does for his family and other people he's involved with so I told him the truth. Of course he didnt like a word I said hence the reason why I cant go to the house anymore.
I wish jennifer would have called the police when he was abusing her when they lived together in beverly hills while she was pregnant.
I wish TMZ would get the other side of the story Earl is not a nice guy like everyone thinks.
I phones record thanks apple.

1529 days ago


Leave the bitch, any bitch who bits you and breaks the skin is childish and crazy.

1529 days ago

Troy Miller    

You can take Earl vern and his family out of the getto but you cant take the getto out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1528 days ago

Troy Miller    

You can take earl and his family out of the getto but you cant take the getto out of earl and his family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1528 days ago

Troy Miller    

You can take the guy and the family out of the getto but you cant take the getto out of the guy and the family. They are just that all of them getto. To have have so much money its a waste.

1528 days ago

Troy Miller    

You can take earl and his family out of the getto but you cant take the getto out of earl and his family. They are just that all of them getto. To have have so much money its a waste.

1528 days ago


i believe she was cheating,but he did right by not hitting her.rhiana started the fight wit chris brown but nobody pointed the finger at her.dude is struggling to get his career back to where it was.if he snatched the phone,then he may have jealousy issues.but at least he didnt hit her back. that doesnt make him a punk,because he showed restraint.he probably learned from chris browns mistake.never put your hands on a woman. if she(jennifer)reacted like that,she dont really want you dude.get out while you can.

1527 days ago


Gosh!! If she is cheating on him with a white guy w/ a small w-e-n-n-y, then what is his w-e-n-n-y like.. SMALLIE!!! Get real people!

1527 days ago


I say the bitch is cheating and she got caught with a cellphone come on sista I know you can do better and not get caught with text messaging, trust me if your mate can't look at your phone anytime they want its a problem. Before wanting full custody I would demand a blood test, bitches are trickery. I'm just saying, Mama's baby Papas maybe.

1526 days ago


Jason is going to beat or murderd by a woman. : (

1525 days ago


Her and Rihanna are insane bitches! But at least E.T.'s baby sis knows not to *beep* with anymore guys.

1525 days ago


She's crazy like Rihanna. But E.T.'s baby sis learned her lesson: Keep your hands to yourself.

1525 days ago
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