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Mel Gibson Case:

PR Witness Deposition Set

8/13/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyers have set their sites on someone who spent hours talking with Oksana Grigorieva about what Mel allegedly did to her and a lot more -- her publicist.

Steve Jaffe Oksana
Sources tell us Steve Jaffe -- a master, veteran PR dude -- got subpoenaed to appear for a deposition during the last week of the month. 

And we're told, a dogfight is inevitable between lawyers for Oksana and Mel ... over what Jaffe can and cannot say.

Jaffe -- who served as Oksana's rep for several weeks before resigning -- spent dozens of hours talking to Oksana about Mel, the leaked tapes, allegations that she tried extorting Mel, reports of inconsistencies in her story ... everything, we're told, to "clear up the inconsistencies in the media."

Mel's lawyers want to hear what Oksana said and whether it conflicts with her other statements.  But we're told Oksana's lawyers are prepared for objection after objection, on grounds her lawyers hired Jaffe, and therefore many of the conversations he had with Oksana are protected by what's called the "work product privilege" -- part of the attorney-client privilege.

Sources say Mel's people, among other things, will argue that public relations has nothing to do with the legal case and therefore isn't protected.


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Translation of 2nd link-----

The former common law wife of Hollywood actor and director Mel Gibson Oksana Grigorieva second time turns for help to personal psychiatrist Svetlana Belyaeva. First Grigorieva arrived in mid-July in Moscow to meet with a personal physician, and then it's personal physician, psychiatrist went to America, where he will hold a course of psychotherapy with his ward. I must say the fees have a personal physician Grigorieva good, during my visit to Moscow, Oksana gave new silver «Mercedes».

Posted at 2:21 AM on Aug 13, 2010 by LVX156


She is NOT a common law wife? Impossible. The ink on his divorce has yet to be dry.....right? They were only to be married in her head.
Does it not take awhile, like 10 years to be considered that and in Cali there is NO common law?

" Traditionally, when a man and a woman lived together and held themselves out to the world as husband and wife for a certain period of time (such as 7 or 14 years), the law of the state in which they resided recognized them as husband and wife despite the lack of the formal legalities of marriage.

Most states no longer recognize common law marriages. However, if a couple meets the requirements for a common law marriage in a state that does recognize common law marriages, and the couple then moves to a state that does not have common law marriages, the new state will usually recognize the "common law" marriage. For example, if a couple lived in Texas, a state recognizing common law marriage, and met the requirements for a common law marriage, and then moved to California, which does not recognize common law marriage, California will recognize the couple as being married."
- some site

1497 days ago


@ LVX -- lots of Dingo speculation on last night's (pages 35-44) speculations. Some were pretty funny.

1497 days ago


@Sorntolc - In addition to what MDFIT BananaPatch stated the issue of the first husband not being a drug addict as Oksana claimed, but a respected attorney that she also extorted money from. The fact that Gibson's camp had to petition the courts for full access to her computer. What does she have to hide? If I were innocent I would hand it over and give full access. That she is caught on camera stating her sister did have copies of those (altered) tapes but "deleted" them a long time ago... the list grows longer by the day.

1497 days ago


@ LVX -- lots of Dingo speculation on last night's (pages 35-44) speculations. Some were pretty funny.

Posted at 2:46 AM on Aug 13, 2010 by middleagedcrazy


yay! I need a wake up laugh.

Thanks :)
Good Morning. It is 5:48am on the east coast.
Uggghhh. I could scream like Mel at this kid but something about hospital, girlfriend, can't come in......
I just didn't have the energy to say, "Just email me you dumb c***. That is why I gave you the blackberry" Maybe he was scared. Running on so little sleep.

1497 days ago


This Svetlana Belyaeva character could be weerrry eeeenteresting! Sure would explain the insistence on cheap psychobabble and long-term manipulative behavior by Ms. Oksana (the Poxy Bo Doxy) designed to control her target.

1497 days ago


wow another great night visiting with Noel Neill and who walks into visit Jack Larson. What an adorable couple. OMG
Anyway I wonder if the Russian pysch doc prescribed med to Mel.

1497 days ago



I reading the link posted by you, I believe, about her Mum from the other huge TMZ buggy board.

Svetlana Belyaeva could be a key. Might explain why Mel wanted her in the Rose Garden Mental ward. Nice place though. It is online OX supporters btw.

Team Mel people are not stupid.

I wish it was over and Mel could get on with his life and make more movies. Hollywood is a very forgiving place even if the public is a bunch of brainwashed jerks.

My gosh, I'm sounding horrible. I'm normally a nice lady but it is too early and I just can't stand people like OX. Maybe she needs serious mental help and we do not know this yet. So far I see her as a gold-digging horrible excuse for a woman and Mel was right on about her.

Wonder if this is the start of plan C- OX claims postpartum depression and Mel mean to her for shaking baby like rag doll?
This story is TMZs biggest and they need to keep up.
Love ya Harvey but please keep up.

1497 days ago


Konsie can not even speak proper english, holy crap Mel what were you thinking. She had to cross a huge ocean to get here.
You know what? That makes her a bigger wet back than your nanny.
Anyone would go insane trying to have a proper conversation with her and fragmented Enlish. Don't forget that 20 million she tried to extort, it is up for grabs with solid information leading to more proof of this extortion case.
Your day's are numbered you little senorita russian

1497 days ago


@TellTheTruth59 - He might be a well respected laywer now, but Ox & her 1. husband had a short teenage wedding 20 years ago, probably distubing to their parents from many reasons, most youngsters do things they have to learn from, and good so. The substance is twisted talking about a marriage "with a well respected laywer", think about it! Many things are claimed on TMZs pages with very low content of truth, taking the focus away from the meltdown scenes in 2010.

No one should blame a unmarried women aged 40 that she was not always innocent, though many chauvinistic fundamentalists will do so, refering to her as "an evil whores, putting any blame on her & away from her "customers", thus keeping old patterns alive that should be better handled nowadays. But listening to the dingos around, I realize there's still long way to go. Do something about it!

1497 days ago


The insistence on calling Ms. Oksana a 'wife' in all her liaisons is getting to me too. This person has lived in English-speaking countries the majority of her life. I'm sure she is keeping the accent as 'cute.'

1497 days ago


@ Sorntolc -- Please pay attention. 1st husband was slammed in US media as a 'drug addict' and Ms. Oxana ran screaming into the night to be saved in the West. Someone from the Russian media tracked down the family, who had heard about that description and were not happy.

1497 days ago


The insistence on calling Ms. Oksana a 'wife' in all her liaisons is getting to me too. This person has lived in English-speaking countries the majority of her life. I'm sure she is keeping the accent as 'cute.'

Posted at 3:29 AM on Aug 13, 2010 by middleagedcrazy


I'll say it too but no so lady like. It is pissing me off. She is NOT his wife. Just a baby mama as people say in slang today and not 100% sure that is his baby. I could see how that would break his heart to pieces.

If that shrink gave him ANY meds, they need to haul him/her in. Mel said himself tranquilizers make him crazy. They do my husband the same way. Head meds are not to be taken lightly. One has to be very careful.

His WIFE is ROBYN. Always will be and Oksana can't change that. I'm still hoping she will forgive him and take him back.

That was the biggest mistake of Mel's life. Robyn is an amazing woman and classy. This has all the signs of a classic middle age male breakdown. Adding OX to the picture was/is toxic.

Mel go home to Robyn. At least she will help you heal even if she won't be married to you anymore.

1497 days ago


Bet he has some stories - and they can object over and over again, a publicist isn't going to be protected by attorney/client privileges.

1497 days ago


since the divorce is not settled yet, it would be wise to ammend the property settlement and let Robyn do an eviction.

1497 days ago


My own opinion is that Ms. Oksana made sure that Mrs. Robyn would not be a support for Mr. Mel in this matter. It appears that isolation and manipulation are the goals.

1497 days ago
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