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Mel Gibson Case:

PR Witness Deposition Set

8/13/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyers have set their sites on someone who spent hours talking with Oksana Grigorieva about what Mel allegedly did to her and a lot more -- her publicist.

Steve Jaffe Oksana
Sources tell us Steve Jaffe -- a master, veteran PR dude -- got subpoenaed to appear for a deposition during the last week of the month. 

And we're told, a dogfight is inevitable between lawyers for Oksana and Mel ... over what Jaffe can and cannot say.

Jaffe -- who served as Oksana's rep for several weeks before resigning -- spent dozens of hours talking to Oksana about Mel, the leaked tapes, allegations that she tried extorting Mel, reports of inconsistencies in her story ... everything, we're told, to "clear up the inconsistencies in the media."

Mel's lawyers want to hear what Oksana said and whether it conflicts with her other statements.  But we're told Oksana's lawyers are prepared for objection after objection, on grounds her lawyers hired Jaffe, and therefore many of the conversations he had with Oksana are protected by what's called the "work product privilege" -- part of the attorney-client privilege.

Sources say Mel's people, among other things, will argue that public relations has nothing to do with the legal case and therefore isn't protected.


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The expression is "set their *sights*", TMZ, you morons.

1530 days ago


Can't post much today. Off to an appointment now. Just wanted to say support for Mel seems STRONG from what little I read! That's great. Glad people are seeing OG for what she is. Gotta go! TEAM MEL!

1530 days ago


just follow the money or mercedes

why would Oksana pay to a psychiatrist
with mercedes which she got from Mel?
did Svetlana Belyaeva prescribed for Oksana
some psychotronics drugs which Oksa gave to Mel
to altered his behavior,make Mel morer anfgry or craezy?

Remeber placenta ceremony?
Oksa from her house went to Mel's house to bury a placenta,
which was in her house in her freezer,
why did placenta ceremony have to be at Mel's house?
Maybe placenta ceremony is a lie or cover up like Lucy pimple.
Exagerated, full of lies, twisted to Oksa extortion case.
Oksa make Mel so angry that he calls her
she did record him because she was fearful oh him.
Yet day before Oksa was not afraid of Mel and gladly went to Mel's house?

1530 days ago



regarding a post you wrote on the bug thread (and I think bug's too big - TMZ should start Part 2 thread and so on after 200 posts):

If someone (the Mercedez-gifted therapist?) convinced MG to take tranquilizers or if he unknowingly ingested Rohypnol, he would have been physically defenseless if OG and her associates wanted to set him up for an even more incriminating scenario than we've heard of so far.

OG is ruthless. I wouldn't put anything past her. Was his rage on the doctored tapes a reaction to being shown something OG had with which she was prepared to blackmail him? As opposed to him (possibly) discovering the baby wasn't his?

During the Israeli TV interview video of 21 Jan 2010, MG states that his biggest fear is public humiliation. And he basically lets OG, or whomever, know that he doesn't care anymore, bring it on.

Mr. Gibson, whatever you've had to wrestle with spiritually in order to come to the decision to fight, I applaud you and I do thank God that you chose to stand up to these people. You have the support of many, many people around the world as well as your wife, children, associates and friends. It doesn't matter what they try to slime you with, we've got your back.

1530 days ago


Looks like Poxana might have a problem here. Hollywood is full of whores who do not hesitate to sell out to the highest bidder.
One has to maintain one's lifestyle in that expensive" look what I have" place.
Jaffe is setting his price.
Too bad Pox that you did not try to ensnare him first. That would have ensurde some kind of loyalty but with the Hollywood set,such a thing also has a price on it.

1530 days ago


64 @canook

You and I were thinking the same thing at the same time.

1530 days ago


to cleat the issue with Oksana's physiologist.

it is not HE - it is SHE - she is a woman, not a man
second, in this article 'Wife" means in Russian not like legitimate wife but like "гражданская жена" The termine was established in early revolution time in 1917 was common for couples living together who are not officially married.

1530 days ago


i'm having trouble with my google translating today...

please tell me more about this psychiatrist who was given a mercedes? was it a gift? payment for services rendered? what were those services and when were they rendered?

thanks, y'all!

1530 days ago


"ROL has exclusively learned Mel Gibson’s legal team this week subpoenaed Steve Jaffe..."

So they exclusively learned 5 1/2 hours after TMZ? Lie much, ROL?

Makes me think these tapes were not so exclusive. Early on someone reported that Ox had been shopping out the tapes to the media but none were interested in "paying" for them without hearing them. I believe that was reported here on TMZ but no one ever mentioned it again. Why the silence?

1530 days ago


Diane: it will be interesting to know who shopped them, when and how much they wanted for them.

1530 days ago


Svetlana Belyaeva
in Oksana bio on IMDB writen by Steve Shelokhonov
"Oksana also received profesional help from Svetlana Belyaeva, a famous Moscow University therapist..."

Svetlana Belyaeva bio
1995-2000 Moscow University-Linguistics, communication and speech influance
PAC 5 June24-27, 2004
Pan-Asian Conference 800 teachers from 17 different countries

now for 3 month PR and communication manager

1530 days ago


Steve Jaffe personally told TMZ's Harvey Levin that Oksana claimed Gibson had him under subservience, and intended to "kidnap" Harvey, strip him, take him deep into the desert, break his kneecaps and leave him to die......

Is it possible that Oksana's claim was ACTUALLY a veiled threat on Mel Gibson's life?

Why would she make up such a outlandish story otherwise....a story that would surely cost her credibility?

This woman is a shady character, and I wouldn't put it past her to use these kinds of intimidation tactics.

We need to know what kind of thugs she is acquainted with....if not for Mel's sake, then for the Lucia's!!!!

If I were Mel Gibson, I would be very concerned about letting Oksana take his child to Russia. I can just imagine the kind of plots these crooks would come up with...

1530 days ago


Alicia, yes it will. I wonder if investigators told media outlets that it had to be kept under wraps due to the ongoing investigation and the seal by the court?

1530 days ago


73 @canook

Maybe she really is moving to Russia and needs a publicist.

1530 days ago


1530 days ago
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