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White House Crasher -- Unwanted at Family Winery

8/15/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned White House party crasher Tareq Salahi had a run-in with police just a few weeks ago -- after his own mother called the cops, claiming he was trespassing at the family winery.


According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, it all went down at the Oasis Winery in Virginia -- a place Tareq's parents founded back in 1977. Tareq and his parents have been at war over Oasis for years, because his parents claim Tareq ran the winery into the ground and then tried to interfere with the sale of the property.

But on July 27th -- Tareq's mom called the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office in Virginia and reported that her son was trespassing on the property ... and was "changing the locks on the doors to the winery, and possibly removing items from the building."

Once police arrived, Tareq -- who now stars on "The Real Housewives of Washington D.C." -- advised the officers that he still has an apartment located above the winery and should be allowed to enter his residence.

Cops determined that Tareq was right ... and he was allowed to enter the apartment. The situation ended without further incident.

As for the winery -- Tareq's mother told police it's still involved in bankruptcy proceedings.


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This is the same prick who served beer at this same winery on last weeks episode and was called out by the Brit Kat. Hahaha. I can't stand him nor his wife, Michaele.

1508 days ago


# 17 I agree with you a 110 %

1508 days ago

Throwback kid    

I always said Washington DC was Hollywood for ugly people! This fat loser and his ugly wife are proof of that. I couldn't stop laughing when his wife said they were DC's IT couple, is she kidding? They are a couple of middle age wannabees who don't pay their bills.

1508 days ago


Shame, shame, shame on Bravo for choosing these two AFTER the white house crashing debacle and subsequent substantiated stories of trails of unpaid debts.

How dare Bravo subject the public to their fake self promotion.
I will not watch this series at all.

1508 days ago


Come to the West San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. There are packs of crazy Iranians just like those two. They're all a bunch of drama queens too! We could do a reality show right here every night after the sun sets. Just hit up one of the hookah bars...

1508 days ago

Y do he got    

FALL GUY off family guy...I`d take a FALL down those apt steppies and sue dear mother 4all she worth a winery with a apt above is just lookin4 IT.She should get a crew in there with a chenny saw and waxckss the apt2bits and put in on a trailer and have IT put in his front yard b4 bushe`ss getss a callin to clean up the place and take it over over???

1508 days ago


These people make me sick. Bravo should be ashamed for using them as ratings bait.

1508 days ago


That's why he served the ladies beer in wine glasses, and said it was his wine...then when they called him out, the wife said they "don't keep wine in the barn." Pretty bad if Mom doesn't want you around!!

1508 days ago


They were already being filmed when they crashed the White House!! Bravo was there with cameras, which may have aided them in getting in, so I think it will be on the show!

1508 days ago

Tareq (sike!)    

I am the man! Yall don't even know me! You better ax somebody!!

1507 days ago


All of them support Obama, so that should tell you what kind of person is running our country into the ground! It is a joke up there and they just add to it. The sad part is we are all paying the price for it. Now people can see the type of people that walk around his cloud. If they really were all that, why would you do a show like that? Then again hey are OBAMA people!

1506 days ago


I watch all of The Real House Wives! But by far this one needs to go!! What are you guys thinking? What's next The Real House Wives of New Orleans........... Let's see what the Cajun's are doing? It's time to stop now when you started going to DC. Stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!

1506 days ago


LMAO .... an apartment thats so funny. They need to be in jail anyway for that white house stunt they pulled. She is gross to look at and he is a joker. They are losers and the TV show should throw them off ... $50,000. for each show .. are you kidding me? My 3 year old grandson can act better then they do. Anyone who can't see threw them must be felons too. A ploce escort to a birthday party ... I bet the police feel like fools now ... they have have driven them right to the jail.

1505 days ago

Swimmin' Thighwear TM    

#13 You are so right. Stacey is great and keeps it REAL. xoxoxoxo

1477 days ago

Retired Police    

They are criminals!!! I will then do it. They are the White House Crashers!!! there lawyer, sue me,lol. They are more then crashers, they should be known by convicts for potentially putting the President of the United State in mortal danger. I still want an invitation to be produced as eveidence of that they were really invited. I know it will never present itself. POS's is what they really are. Good Day

1455 days ago
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