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Mel's Babysitter:

He Freaked Out

Before Fight

8/14/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the babysitter for Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva was front and center for the beginning of the now-famous January 6 blowup. 

In the hours before the incident, Oksana went to a basketball game ... leaving Mel, baby Lucia and the babysitter at Mel's Malibu home.

According to sources connected with the case, the babysitter says Mel "began freaking out" while Oksana was gone, "slamming doors, cussing and screaming at someone on the phone."  The babysitter says Mel was screaming to someone on the phone, "I want to f**king destroy you."

We're told the babysitter called Oksana and urged her to come home because Mel was losing it.  The babysitter claims, "Mel was possessed and completely out of control."

Sources say the babysitter was present when Oksana returned home but left before anything physical occurred.

Other sources, however, question the babysitter's claims, because they say she never previously made any such allegations.

People connected with the babysitter tell us she didn't come forward with her story because she's fearful of Mel and is fighting stage 4 cancer and undergoing chemo. 


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OK maybe I am just not rich enough to understand this but why would they need a babysitter if the father (Mel) was home with the baby? I find that strange. But of course I am not rich and afford to pay someone to raise my kids.

1534 days ago


Tell me, how many parents (who have money and can hire just about anyone to provide care for their child)ren) hires a woman who has stage 4 cancer, dealing with chemo to babysit. I wouldn't expect someone dealing with chemo because of stage 4 cancer to be able to deal with a baby that is less than one year old. Picking her up and dealing with changing her, and heaven forbid the baby is fighting the person who is dealing with the needs of the baby. Plus she had a nanny for the baby and I think she would plan to be away when the Nanny was available.
The only thing I think is the lady who is dealing with stage 4, chemo....probably needed money for medical expenses, so she agreed to OG's story for money. OG is finding too many things to that she's keeps saying can produce evidence to back up her story. She will probably come up with evidence when Lucia is having her babies.

1534 days ago


This bedroom argument has turned into Grand Central Station. Next thing will be the basketball coach from the game she went to was hiding behind the curtain and saw the whole thing too. The gardener was peeking in the windows, the cook, mailman, a Rabi and pool boy where waiting there turn to get in out in the hallway. LOL

1534 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Stage 4 cancer??


Honey?? Good luck to you. But here's an idea for you to think about.

Stay home.

1534 days ago


In Oksana's world, men are supposed to obey her orders even she provokes them, no arguments with her. In her world, Men, are tools and are supposed to be used by her in her own way. The lucky man in a relationship with her doesn't agree? Then she can destroy him in her own way.

1534 days ago


Also the Mystery van was seen around the home, Daphne now claims that Mel kidnapped her and had he tied up in the evil cellar, and she had to be rescued by Harlem Globetrotters! They used their basketball skills to fool Mel (who was in his evil pirate costume). Also Shaggy will now come forward if he is
given protection from Brad Pitt who stash Shaggy stole. Zoinks! (Darn meddling kids)

Team Mel

Anti-Meddling kids

1534 days ago


I think that this is an updated version of the "I-want-Jew-Blood-on-my-hands"

It doesn't add up to Ox's insistence that the baby sitter was in the house in her seven previous rendition of the Mel-has-gone-insane-story. Why hasn't this babysitter come forward after the tapes were leaked. That's the first time we're hearing this version. The Children Services Department already concluded that Mel was a great father: surely, they interviewed the babysitter as a first witness about Mel's interaction with his daugther. TMZ needs to locate this babysitter and have a conversation with her and surely they'll find that OX is lying as always.

This woman never gives up. Mel has no other choice indeed but to bury her in jail or the rose garden.

1534 days ago


Then the Spanish Inquisition showed up, and no one expected them. "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

Spanish Inquisition played the Harlem Globetrotters, and put Oksana in the Comfy Chair!

Sponge Bob Squarepants was there too.

At the end Yakky Sax was playing and everyone was running around really fast like on Benny Hill.

Team Mel.

1534 days ago


Mel Gibson is a complete f*cking idiot!

1534 days ago

Why oh Why?    

This all happened six months ago.
SIX months ago!
How many of you remember exactly what you said and did on a certain day half a year ago?
Remarkable what people can come up with, even innocent nannies and babysitters and what-not hiding in the bushes remember every dialogue. Fascinating.

Oh yes, forgot, you can use recordingmachines...silly me! :) :)

1534 days ago


she's only after money and rich men (not the sitter I mean the russian) and she couldn't care less of her daughter

1534 days ago


I think this is just a way for TMZ to get hits. Even if this women was there beforehand, by her own account she didn't witness the fight. Since others allegedly did, her testimony is neither here nor there EVEN if her story is true and it may well be made up. This is a tabloid after all with dwindling news to report on the hottest hot head in Malibu.

Hits = $$.

To the person who said the house sounds like Grand Central. Rich people's homes are often huge. And no report has cited more than 5 people around when the fight allegedly occurred.

And Jimmy the sound engineer wasn't present for this particular incident. He was talking about other incidents maybe a year earlier.

1534 days ago


Where are the mallets? It's time to play "Oksana Witness Whac-a-Mole" ... again...

1534 days ago

Pat D    

Pray for Mel,,,,,

1534 days ago


I cannot believe it!! OG hired a babysitter stage 4 cancer chemo patient - her immune system is low enough not to be able to pick up even a light bag and handle stress then and now more than ever, and OG has known it. There must have been a motive hiring her as a babysitter, but the sole purpose was not for her children but actually as an informant or something like that. OG seems to be more ruthless than anybody could ever imagine.

1534 days ago
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