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Mel's Alleged Mistress:

I Have Text Messages

8/15/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims to have been Mel Gibson's mistress at the time of the now-famous January 6 blowout says she was badgered by Mel's bodyguard to keep her mouth shut ... this according to sources who have been in touch with the woman.

Sources say Violet Kowal claims she was communicating with Mel on January 6 about his blowup with Oksana Grigorieva

In the days following -- January 7, 8 and 9 --  Violet Kowal claims she was contacted by one of Mel's bodyguards.  We're told Kowal says the bodyguard sent text messages, warning her that she couldn't talk about the incident and that she should "disappear" for a price.

And sources say Kowal -- who is now repped by Gloria Allred -- has phone records and text messages.

Sources also say ... Kowal claims to have an email she received recently from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, the Sensitive Case Unit, informing her they wanted to speak with her.  So far, we're told, Kowal has not met with anyone from DCFS.


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Maria Ashot    


Now you know what cargo the yacht is carrying... "specialists."

Squeaky, you aren't using punctuation at all. Reasons? Age? Grade? Degrees?

1508 days ago


That's another parallel then, between Miss Oksana and Miss Violet.

Miss Violet, according to her bio, is also working on a line of clothes. And phone apps. For fitness and fashion, don't ya know.

Maria A -

Wouldn't surprise me if mechanics find something amiss with the steering mechanism. I was wondering in an earlier post when was the last time he drove that car.

1508 days ago


I feel as if I'm slowly (cautiously) joining Team Mel (but I wont give up being gay!!!!)

Posted at 8:32 PM on Aug 15, 2010 by chris

Wow chris, sad for you. You can listen to all that he said and still trash Oksana. It's like you don't support diversity unless it applies to you. And it implies that you don't mind if a woman may be abused, as long as you no one bothers you. He attacked every category that came up in those calls. Do you seriously think he would be your friend? Oh well, good luck to you.

1508 days ago


I am still laughing about the 'phone apps.' Must be a new resume enhancer -- like taping private conversations.

1508 days ago


Crazymom -


At this rate, I might actually begin to feel sorry for Mrs. Gloria.

Not much though.

1508 days ago


Maria if you look how Dalton was set up with Oksa -
Nikita Michalkov invite Oksa and her sister Natasha to gala evening , Cinderella leaving and prince notised her was a set up..
which make me think that sister Natasha is not young Natalia =Oksa daughter

look for some russian around filming Edge of Darkness,
Pitr was saying that OKsa was introdused to Mel to do music for Edge of Darkness
also check CNN interwiev with Oksa - Oksa was talking about working relationship with Mel -maybe she did slip some name

I do no belive in death od illegal nanny-
how nanny could have chemo if she was illegal?
it is very expensive

1508 days ago


Curious, the babysitter that died of cancer was the one that Mel was calling a "wetback" on the call and threatening to report. Those are not poster terms, that was MEL's term. I'm sure you will find an excuse for it but to me there is none.

1508 days ago

Maria Ashot    

Yes, Sweetheart, (No. 1176) - I remember that from your earlier disclosure -- so then it means

(1) L lies & exaggerates about his own direct contacts

(2) "some Russian" was used to bring Whoax onto set... Who was that "some Russian?" Male or female? Supernumerary? PA?

Law enforcement ought to interview / study this individual... If said person is young, look into family & background, the network, the ghetto... People being used to provide Points of Access to very serious mobsters... Not very nice way to thank the Land of Opportunity!

Maybe the day's production records show it, or the ADs know... Someone somewhere knows how she got so close. That person helped.

REALLY A TRAGEDY -- how our FBI spent over a decade tracking lame-o spies in the 'burbs or the IoP AT JFK School of Gov yet look the other way when these far greater threats are allowed to simply seep through our society... like sewer water... reaching into such heretofore impenetrable circles yet!

1508 days ago


Anon......if u had a brain it would be lonesome...
Micheal good luck, you do realize u are talking to yourself when it comes to Anon...

1508 days ago


I'm so sick of Gloria Allred making her living off these whore mistresses. Once upon a time I respected the woman.

1508 days ago


I am not part of team Mel....I am an independent,swayed by not one person. I am aware of Mr. Gibson....I have seen some of his earlier movies...and the Passion of the Christ. I have been made aware via the media, of his 'indiscretions'. While I have enjoyed his movies.......I cannot say that I am involved enough to be other, than a person who enjoys his movies...the ones that I have seen. I have only seen a few. I will say, that I smelled a rat, very early on...beginning with the exposed tapes,which to myself, have a false ring ..and Grigorieva's obvious lack of real concern situationally..[imo] for the safety of her children. If she were indeed in fear of her life, and that of her children,she would have reported this immediately, and left the home. She had the means to do so....It became apparent to myself, based upon her actions, that she had an agenda..
Subsequently,the manner in which she engages herself in this case....reinforces my initial opinion. I understand full well that Mr. Gibson requires counselling.........and I understand that he is undergoing therapy. I have no sympathy for Grigorieva. She has singlehandedly, with malice and greed aforethought, looked after her own interests at the expense of nine children.That is my independent opinion. It is my sincere belief[ opinion] that her knickers are stained........ not for the first time. Frankly, I cannot believe or trust that which she presents. What price...Avarice.

1508 days ago


Anon -

I wasn't at all arguing it was Mr. Mel's term. I'm just a little confused about the interchangable "nanny" and "babysitter' terms. A nanny implies one who stays in the house, a live-in servant. A babysitter leaves when duty is done. Which one was the wetback?

1508 days ago

Maria Ashot    


Someone has the DNA profile of Natalie, and will eventually confirm the relationship diagram... I am sure there are people in Moscow working this angle.

Just like every other disgraceful crime committed by someone from this part of the world, it motivates many good people to get to the bottom of the situation, because it stinks getting stereotyped and all these filth give a lot of perfectly decent people a bad reputation...

And of course we know "Russian" can mean any number of ethnicities.

Nikita introduced Whoax to TD, that is very visible & somewhat high-profile... Except maybe she lied again? Because ALAN BERGMAN in Telegraph interview (the one Sam had been looking for the other day) said it was he who brought her to "a premiere attended by Dalton" and implied SHE INTRODUCED HERSELF. Which is it?

If Nikita introduced her to TD, who got her onto the set with MG?

One possible avenue to cross-check is the list of people who worked on any of Konchalovsky's films or TV commercials in the US/UK (who might still be in touch with Andrei & therefore accessible to Nikita), or someone who has a Brighton Beach girlfriend... Or even boyfriend... My hunch is it would be someone on the younger (more foolish & reckless) side.

Analogy: one of our most admired altar boys in SF, an older teen, went on a date with a FOB "Russian girl, very religious" -- and within six weeks he was dealing hard drugs at the Russian Cathedral. We know this from the kids who became his "regulars" and were caught by the more vigilant parents.

Sad but illustrative.

1508 days ago


Fran -

Howdy darlin'! Fun, ain't it?

beelzebeub -

You said it much better than I ever could. Avarice indeed.

1508 days ago



Those familiar with taking legal depositions know a standard question by the legal team is an inquiry whether the person being deposed is taking any medications, tranquilizers or alcohol or is under the influence of any drugs or substances that can affect their ability to recall accurately the events being discussed. They are asked if they suffer from any condition that could affect their memory or recollection of events.

So bringing up the babysitter's medical condition and saying it could invalidate her testimony is not us being mean. It's procedure.

Piotr Listerman himself said he inserted Oksana on the set of Mel's new movie and put her in his surroundings. I know the girl who played the daughter in the film is half Serbian... from Australia. While she probably is innocent of anything, there could be a whole crowd of hangers on who were around the set too. (When Russia catches a cold, Serbia sneezes.)

A photo four days after a birth of a baby? That's when the milk comes in. It's very painful and one is leaking and there are spots on the dress and... well, Oksana didn't look like she was in much pain in those photos. Just saying...

1508 days ago
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