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Mel's Alleged Mistress:

I Have Text Messages

8/15/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims to have been Mel Gibson's mistress at the time of the now-famous January 6 blowout says she was badgered by Mel's bodyguard to keep her mouth shut ... this according to sources who have been in touch with the woman.

Sources say Violet Kowal claims she was communicating with Mel on January 6 about his blowup with Oksana Grigorieva

In the days following -- January 7, 8 and 9 --  Violet Kowal claims she was contacted by one of Mel's bodyguards.  We're told Kowal says the bodyguard sent text messages, warning her that she couldn't talk about the incident and that she should "disappear" for a price.

And sources say Kowal -- who is now repped by Gloria Allred -- has phone records and text messages.

Sources also say ... Kowal claims to have an email she received recently from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, the Sensitive Case Unit, informing her they wanted to speak with her.  So far, we're told, Kowal has not met with anyone from DCFS.


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Yep, the Dingo story was money in the bank.

DomMichelle, damn...
You are even more beautiful than I remember...


1527 days ago


Maria A -

I'm alive to the conspiracy theory (which is why my first question was when he had last driven the car), I'm simply not discounting the possibility of physiology.

I fully concur Mr. Mel should get a thorough check up.

Anyone know where the dinghy is now?

1527 days ago


Michael -

Some ladies look very lovely when they blush.

I'm not one of them. Stop that. =P

1527 days ago


It is a sad reflection of a human being ,who cannot make a mark or fortune in life based upon his own recognizance.....but stoops to using the success of others to make themselves wealthy or whatever it deceit ,extortion, lawsuit... This constitutes failure.....any short term success cannot be sustained, by virtue of the individuals's lack of ability........and humanity.. Thirty pieces of silver...Grigorieva. Even Judas could not bear himself.....

1527 days ago


Thirty pieces of silver...Grigorieva. Even Judas could not bear himself.....

Posted at 2:46 PM on Aug 16, 2010 by beelzebeub

Judas had a conscience. I fear the same can not be said for Miss Oksana.

In her defense, the world from which she came was one of grey misery. The escape for poor women was, and still is, through a ewalthy marriage. Competition is fierce. And a won prize was never secure as attention and money might be shifted to the never ending line of prettier, younger women. So a woman must grab the prize and squeeze quickly before it slips away.

Miss Oksana is very good at this game. Her triumphs are the envy of many an aspiring Cinderella, such as Miss Violet who seeks to gain by association.

But she grows old and is very aware of the other Miss Violets waiting in the wings. Perhaps Mr. Mel was meant to be her final conquest. Her security to pay off those of dark natures and live the life she felt she deserved.

Now it's all falling apart at an alarming rate.

1527 days ago


Hahah... Maria I was over at the other thread making the same comments.

Fires on the tugboat roasting lamb... can cover up for lasers.


Yeah... everyone can laugh and hoot and holler. We have had US Navy pilots virtually blinded by lasers beamed into their eyes from Russian "fishing trawlers" far below.

1527 days ago


I really REALLY want that dinghy gone.

But even if it goes, what proof is that? Some few can always remain behind.

1527 days ago


There is no defence...poor by what definition.? Those who survived Auschwitz..[ No, I am not Jewish ]...exited with nothing...but skin and bones.....and life.. barely......So many did not escape... Spare me her world of grey misery..I doubt that she would recognize misery if it slapped her in the face. Avarice is her Tit......imo

1527 days ago


Hi Curious,

Re: "...Now it's all falling apart at an alarming rate.

Posted at 2:55 PM on Aug 16, 2010 by Curious"
Sorry, but it's not "alarming" at all. She should have known her place all along - she is not entitled to anything other than a place in a public square if possible for all to have a look and wonder... how this was allowed to happen, how evil made it... all the way to these famous people's beds.... or trailers!

1527 days ago


beelzebeub & mimik -

It is possible to sympathsize without condoning. Please don't make the mistake of thinking I am a supporter of Miss Oksana. Nor condemn me simply because I sought a greater understanding of what would drive her to do the things she does.

I'm a cynical old broad, I take nothing at face value.

I believe Miss Oksana is attempting to extort and ruin Mr. Mel based not on any one thing, but through many hours of digging and corroborating and, to put it frankly, sifting through the ka-ka.

To clarify, "alarming" for Miss Oksana. I'm sure you've seen the recent "stories" from various "sources". Including a so called "testimony" from a woman in stage 4 cancer. That is a pretty desperate move in my opinion. So aye, "alarming" fits quite well for Miss Oksana's state of mind.

My wish is that she be convicted. My fear, based on what I could find, is that she will not survive to go to trial.

I've still enough humanity left to feel sorry for someone like that.

1527 days ago


'Tis Pity She's a Whore -- Beaumont & Fletcher (?) Love that title.

1527 days ago

In L.A.    

All I can say is Run, Woman, Run -- Mental Mel is still roaming the streets as a free man. Crazy Psycho.

1527 days ago


Curious .. I do not condemn you at all...I have been following your intelligent posts...and have a good deal of respect for your opinion..
It is just that...I cannot find excuse...where there is follow a deceitful course of action, which will destroy the lives of others...of whom nine are order to satisfy one's own selfserving needs ...
Grigorieva has not been in a poor situation for years...probably not ever. I could tell you my own story.....but suffice to say.....through absolute poverty , physical and emotional a child and teenager.....I have not prostituted ethic. I will not bother to waste my time in order to ascertain what drives her......As a human matter the prelude.......we all have a choice... It is the choice that we make, that defines us.....

1527 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

Poor Mel, what a mess. In good news, I hear there is a bed opening up at UCLA Neuro....?

1527 days ago


The only people you can trust are your family and friends that have loved you warts and all, a very troubled man, yet taken advantage of by others who know your weaknesses. I feel for you and know you need help, and as for others that are exploiting you leave it be KARMA will come for them later.

1527 days ago
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