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Joe Jackson: I Get No Respect

8/16/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson's lawyer claims, his client has not been treated with "dignity and worth" by the judge in the Michael Jackson probate case.

Joe Jackson
Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, filed papers with a California appeals court, claiming the probate judge was wrong in shutting down Joe's attempt to 86 executors John Branca and John McClain.

The trial judge ruled Joe had no legal standing to object to the duo, because Joe himself was intentionally excluded by MJ as a beneficiary under the will.

But Oxman claims Joe was financially dependent on his son and should therefore have a right to object to the appointment of the men who are making financial decisions for the Estate.

Although Joe is alleging various misdeeds on the part of the executors -- including fraud and embezzlement, which the executors strongly deny -- the lawyer for Michael Jackson's kids claim Joe is actually harming them with all the "procedural wrangling."  Margaret Lodise, the kids' lawyer, says Joe only cares about his stake in the Estate and, therefore, he's "the ultimate dog in the manger."


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Be London    

katie 10, thanks for ur feedback. um, obviously you're not in the entertainment industry so i'll just leave it at that. to say that joe jackson had NOTHING to do with MJ's talent lets me know that all i have to say to you is, "Have a nice day. When YOU try to accomplish something like that, holla at me. Then we'll be on the same level." :) all it takes is voice, genius and pure raw talent ... bahhahahahhahahaha!!!

1531 days ago


Rodney Dangerfield - "Boy I tell ya, I get no respect"!!

1531 days ago


Joe, and all of the brothers and there wives have been living off Michael's money for over a decade or more.. They all should have been cut off a long time ago.. And wtf is the wife that 2 of the brothers both married and had kids with doing living off of Michaels Estate money by living in Michaels Condo since Katherine told her that her and the kids had to move.. They all need to get jobs and there own income!!!

1531 days ago


Ah, don't worry Joe, you still have the meal-ticket we all refer to as "Janet". If only Michael hadn't been smart enough to keep you.... oh yeah.

1531 days ago


"Always wanting something for nothing
Especially what they don't deserve
Reaching in my pocket
I just got to stop it
Even though they got a lot of nerve"
(Michael Jackson)

1531 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

WTF do you expect when you look like Jane Mansfield with a mustache and a dark tan?

1531 days ago


Well it was a long time coming, but the time has come for Joe to actually get a job. He has a good run there.....

1531 days ago


You wear your life on your face, they say. It ain't pretty, is it Joe? Perhaps one of your other well-adjusted children will pay for your needs...

1531 days ago


Joe Jackson is getting the respect he deserves....NONE !!! The creep is a parasite and a cruel, bullying parasite at that. He got what he deserves...NOTHING !! Tough doo-doo Joe. I'm sure that Katherine is giving him money though. I trust Branca and McClain and obviously Michael did too so let it go Joe....

1531 days ago

solar panel    

Well done, TMZ, you've found the one and only photograph of the living Satan.

Satan lives in LA. Well! I figured it would be that famous wedding chapel in Las Vegas, so I had the geography pretty close!

1531 days ago


Respect? You should get raging disrespect.

1531 days ago


And who gave you the right to shake my family?
And who gave you the right to shake my baby, she needs me
And who gave you the right to shake my family tree?
You put a knife in my back
Shot an arrow in me!
Tell me are you the ghost of jealousy
The ghost of jealousy

Many on here are condemning Joe and I can't say he doesn't deserve some of it, but just so you know, Michael had fully forgiven his Father and moved past his antics. And IMO, he wasn't in the will because Michael knew Katherine would help Joe as she always did.......
-#31: MJackson: Thanks for the "Laugh of the day" with that quote from Jermy. I suspect he still thinks that based on his actions on the reality show. Talk about DELUSION!!
-#36: I feel you Zoe#1, but actually, Jackie, Tito and Marlon did NOT live with Katherine. Randy and Jermy did at one point, but now Jermy has a house with his current wife, and Randy's in an apt. with a girlfriend. Both Jermy and Randy have CHILDREN and an EX-WIFE who lived with Katherine, but she asked them to leave last month...not sure if they're still there..........
-#40: Kim, thanks so much for the link!! I LOVE to hear about Michael getting his due!!
-#82: Hey Brigha! You know how I feel about this one. That Trust gives Branca and Co. WAY too much power. I just wish we could get hold of the '97 Trust to see if it's setup the same--including that NO CONTEST CLAUSE......
-#91: Katie10, re-read the 2002 Trust. It states that Branca and co. can give themselves raises WITHOUT COURT APPROVAL, can SELL or LEASE any Estate assets if necessary (NEVERLAND, SONY/ATV, MIJAC, etc.,) and they can also DELAY PAYMENT TO BENEFICIARIES if they deem it necessary.....
Remember, they gave themselves a raise just months after Michael died. Now, I'm not saying they're not looking out for MJ3's best interests, but I wouldn't bet my last dollar on it. Supposedly, we're to believe that Branca visited Michael ONE WEEK BEFORE HE DIED, and was rehired on the spot. Branca was a part of Sony and loyal to them which is why Michael accused him of embezzling Michael Money into off-shore accounts--a fact that was never proved, nor was it DISPROVED.....
As for the 20% charity, I'm not hopeful for that either, with 10% going to MusiCares, an organiazation that Branca was the chairman of,and the other 10% possibly going to Nanny Grace's fake charity..........
As for Michael's success without Joe and the brothers, I totally agree--Michael was a genius, whose gifts were FROM GOD, not man.
I firmly believe that genius like this will rise to the top no matter what.
Remember, Joe raised the rest of the children to be stars also, but the only one to come close was Janet........
No Peace till Justice!

1531 days ago


You get no respect because you deserve no respect. Any parent that mooches off the kid deserves nothing. You should be ashamed to say you were dependent on Michael. You are a golddigger and should be dead by now. You are useless and worthless. He left you out of the will purposely because he doesn't want you to get a cent of his.

1530 days ago
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