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Lindsay Lohan --

Early Release

8/16/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out Lindsay Lohan will indeed be getting out of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital ... as early as this week, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Our sources say Lindsay's doctors have not written their final report, but they have already concluded her psychiatric problems are not nearly as severe as first thought.  We've been told there were indications Lindsay was bipolar but that proved not to be the case.

In addition, the doctors do not believe the drug dependency issues are as severe as first thought.  As we reported, Lindsay had big issues with Adderall, but the docs don't think it requires much more inpatient care.

Bottom line ... sources say it's "very possible" Lindsay is getting out this week and will begin getting outpatient care. 

One obstacle --  the judge must approve early release.  We're told once the doctors write their final report, Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, can go back into court and ask the judge to spring her client from her 90-day rehab sentence. 

If the medical professionals think releasing her is a good idea, the judge will almost certainly go along with it.

Stay tuned...


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Nooooooooooooooooooo! Keep the devil in her cage!

1527 days ago


Maybe they should put her parents in rehab for psychiatric testing! She'll be out clubbing with her mom before long... just wait and see. I hope they keep her the full 90 days so that maybe she can really learn something.

1527 days ago


hope she runs over her mother before hurting someone else.

1527 days ago


hey , i am glad to hear that she will be out soon , and maybe daddy will be going in. yeah , she has had a drug problem , but i think that she can deal with it . it is not really a good idea to go back to new york frankly. she should stay in los angeles . her biggest problem is to deal with life better without using drugs , to self medicate . i know people might think that she beat the system and this is celebrity justice , but i do not think so. everything got blow up , granted i do not think what dina was saying was kosher but i can understand how she will defend her daughter to the very end. now her daddy is just a pathetic individual thou , mother ,not so much as her daddy. there is a lot of love for lindsay out there , despite the hate blogs out there.

1527 days ago


this is not good she needs to stay longer. but check out my site become a member and leave a comment. thanks

1527 days ago


checkout become a member and leave a comment.

1527 days ago


Let's take a poll - After Lindsay is released:
How long befoe Lindsay takes her 1st drink/drug? Seconds_____ Mins_____Hrs______
How long before Lindsay is in trouble? Days____ Weeks_____ Months______ Never_____
How long before Lindsay & Dina back partying? Mins____Hours_____Days_____Never_____

1527 days ago


You've GOT to be kidding me...o.k. if she gets many people say she'll have her pic taken out of the first nightclub she walks out of that same evening?. I can't believe this, she hasn't served jack.

1527 days ago


If the judge agrees to let her out after only one week, he might as well sign her death warrant. Keeping her out of the clubs and off the drugs for a few months is her only chance to get her life back.

1527 days ago

Anony Moose    

Lindsay: "Here's a little extra cash doc, am I all better now?"

Doc: "Psychiatric problems? Not at all. Bipolar? Nope. A drug addict? Not even close. You don't belong here. Be free, try not to do too much coke your first night out, your tolerance is a little low. Have fun!"

1527 days ago


Okay, so we've now found out that she isn't overly ill mentally and has no genuine addiction to drugs (I am assuming her daily use of adderall may have been excluded from such a report). So now she has no excuse for her horrible behavior both personally and professionally. Good to know in case her enablers ever try to play the sympathy card again like they have done so frequently.

1527 days ago


You gotta laugh, peeps here think they know better than the doctors!! LMAO! If Lindsay is let out its because doctors believe she doesn't deserve to be there! The medical team in UCLA are not the best in the USA but they are the best in the WORLD!!!!! Maybe its time for people to realise Lindsay was right all along, she had a medical condition for which she takes medication. GET OFF HER BACK! Her father is a total leper, riding on Lindsays back, getting a free ride and earning money by talking about her. Its time gossip sites stopped entertaining him. Michael Lohan is in court this week AGAIN charged with physical violence, no wonder Lindsay is afraid of him, he's crazy. GOOD LUCK LINDSAY.

1527 days ago


This is sad. Although I am not a huge fan of Ms. Lohan, I still feel for her as a human being. Professionals coddling her will certainly not help matters in the long run. Sure, she might get to go home sooner, but is this really the best thing for her? As someone who has been in recovery and worked with addicts/alcoholics, I know for a fact that doctors and counselors NEVER would release someone and say, "Eh, you're not as bad as we thought, kid...take care!" EVERYONE who enters rehab entered for a reason, either through a staged intervention by family and/or friends, personal choice, or at the requests of the courts. Regardless of the reason, the fact that one ends up in rehab is evidence enough that the person needs help with their issues/addiction. Sure, everyone CLAIMS they don't need to be there, especially in those first few weeks when denial is at its peak; however, anyone with experience in the field knows that every person who enters rehab is right where they are supposed to be. It's sad that Ms. Lohan is being passed off as an exception to this rule when everyone around her, including us, the viewing public, can see her life spiraling out of control. Interference with work, trouble with the law as a result of using, and an inability to stay away from her drug(s) of choice all point to the fact that Ms. Lohan has a problem. You’d think those trained in the field of addiction would see this.

1527 days ago

Peter Sc    

It was a waste of the taxpayers money from the very start. It was all about a judge trying to promote herself a the tough judge.

Give her some more days in jail and then let her probation be over with. We have an economical situation to take care off. The media industry needs to get moving again. She needs to get back to work and a part of her work is to attending night clubs to sell her movies.

Second Europe has been hit by floodings even worse than Pakistan. This weekend most of Copenhagen was swept away. We could use relief expeditions really bad and it is hard letting the news about the floodings reach the frontpages when Lindsay is in jail or rehab because then she holds the headlines:

1527 days ago


Ok so if she isn't a drug addict and not mentally ill, then what is the excuse for her recent behavior? If they let her out, I give it a month max before she od's

1527 days ago
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