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Dr. Frank Ryan -- Autopsy Underway

8/17/2010 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Ventura County Medical Examiner is currently conducting an autopsy on Dr. Frank Ryan ... to determine, among other things, if drugs or alcohol played a role in his death.


As we first reported, Dr. Ryan -- a famous plastic surgeon to the stars -- was pronounced dead yesterday after an apparent car accident on Pacific Coast Highway. 

Ryan's manager David Weintraub tells TMZ, "I've known Dr. Ryan for ten years ... he's never drank, never smoked, he's never done drugs."

TMZ has obtained a photo (above) showing the area where the Doc was discovered by emergency medical responders yesterday. The photo was taken this morning -- and it already appears that the wreckage has been cleared.



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Please update us on the dog.
I don't really care about a plastic surgeon that should have had his license yanked for operating on the mentally ill but the dog was innocent!

1526 days ago


TMZ - I wish you guys would follow up on all these accidents (Mel, Kim K, etc. etc. etc.) to determine if driving and texting caused the accident. I am constantly seeing people drifting out of their lanes while looking down and it is infuriating. I have never read a text important enough to cause a fatal accident. Such banal crap. A little drifting on this road at those speeds is fatal.

1526 days ago


A 1995 Jeep Wrangler? Not the safest car on the road.

1526 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Why was he driving a 95 Jeep Wrangler...what a POS car...This sucks hate to her about ppl getting killed...keep us posted about the dog...

1526 days ago


#16-Maria ..You had a point at first because I find it disturbing to see so many nasty comments about someone who has passed away. I wonder what kind of childhood some of these nasty posters had. --or maybe that's the point; they're just children. I would think though whether they're kids or just negative people; they should know better.

You became just as bad for attacking the Dr's patients. He was excellent at his craft and it attracted the rich and famous. In that scenario everyone got what they wanted. Heidi's surgery doesn't make her sentiment any less sincere. It's a sad day for this gentleman's family. ..And a sad state for our society when people are taking shots at this man instead of being respectful of him, his family and this very sad occasion.

1526 days ago


Texting? Certainly the CHP will look to check that - not that it matters. But wouldn't surprise me. This quack was a self-serving media whore!

1526 days ago


So Sad. I hope he wasn't texting when he had his accident. People please don't text and drive. Its like drinking and driving OR sleeping and driving - get my meaning. What a sweet pix of his dog. I hope the dog will be ok. RIP Dr. Ryan - My sympathies to his family.

1526 days ago


So a dumba$$ loses control, crashes and dies because he is too self-absorbed in his "me, me, me" world by using his cell phone while driving? Who cares. He made a living making vane, egomaniacs look a litle better...and was so great at it that he was driving a 15 year old piece of crap SUV wannabe.

I hope the pathetic s*** who actually waste their lives "following" people on twitter got their jolies from this.

1526 days ago


Harvey and TMZ lazy crew you should start reporting some relialible news.
Who knows this dude except few people from celebrity circles?
TMZ sax!!!!!

1526 days ago


BaadBoy, I am not talking about his patients, I am talking about this is not a time to hear about them, it is a time to grieve over the loss of a human being and I am tired of magazines, etc, making it about "Hollywood". Though he was their doctor and he was proud of his work, as I said, it's not about them. It's about what the family reads about how great of a son, cousin, brother, etc., they had. Nothing was mentioned in my statement about her "surgery", only that it wasn't about her, not at all. So, if I offended you by my comment, for that I am sorry, as I said, it's about him and his family, not more.

1526 days ago


MUSTANG...are you aware of how many people in their 20's have heart attacks...just because he was 50, meant nothing. Stop talking about your ideas of the cause of this horrible accident, leave that to the police and medical examiner, I believe they know more than any of you. I am so angry today at the reading of these idiots on here, this was a human being. Why is that so hard for you people to understand?????? SHUT UP!!!!!!

1526 days ago

A'Dreema Monet    

assuming his dog went with him so very sad and sweet at the same time.

1526 days ago


I won't go so far as to say this is karmic payback, but you have to question the morals and greed of a man willing to butcher an obviously disturbed young woman in her 20s with 10 or more different plastic surgeries (Heidi Montag).

1526 days ago

Dean Hill    

California plastic surgeons have managers?

1526 days ago


This is really sad! A very talented and productive individual who contributed so much to this world has left us.Cretins like Michael Lohan and the rest of his gene pool get to pollute our society and will live to their ninety.Something is very wrong with this world!

1526 days ago
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