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Dr. Frank Ryan -- Autopsy Underway

8/17/2010 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Ventura County Medical Examiner is currently conducting an autopsy on Dr. Frank Ryan ... to determine, among other things, if drugs or alcohol played a role in his death.


As we first reported, Dr. Ryan -- a famous plastic surgeon to the stars -- was pronounced dead yesterday after an apparent car accident on Pacific Coast Highway. 

Ryan's manager David Weintraub tells TMZ, "I've known Dr. Ryan for ten years ... he's never drank, never smoked, he's never done drugs."

TMZ has obtained a photo (above) showing the area where the Doc was discovered by emergency medical responders yesterday. The photo was taken this morning -- and it already appears that the wreckage has been cleared.



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I have personally met Dr. Frank Ryan, and he was a sweetheart, and did awesome work, (not on me) I don't even know what all these fools are talking about. Also, people have a heart and stop with the cruel comment. Is this your behavior when one of your loved ones dies?
Me and my daughter also visited the Bony Pony Ranch, where we met him, and he was very nice to both of us, and we are not Hollywood famous people. He still treated us like Gold. His ministry of removing gang tattoos and having functions at his ranch for innercity children, was awesome. He did tons of nice stuff for people. So let's just pray for his family and close friends, even fans. Thanks.

1506 days ago


To number 15, I agree totally with you I feel TMZ finds all the haters to be a joke to them. They should really sit down and think about what they allow to go up on their site. They have the worst reputation.

1506 days ago


New word for 2010: "Tweeticide"

1506 days ago


Why would there be lifeguards, and where are they in this picture? Looks too rocky to go to the beach there..anyone know what is up?

1506 days ago


#14 Thank you for your kind words of wisdom and sympathy.
#10 As for need help. You have no idea what a comment like that means to a family who has experienced first hand the tragedy of suicide! The fact is that tweeting from the top of the dune on foot is one thing and he had to walk all the way down to get into the car, buckle up and turn the car on. A jeep wrangler, a stick shift, only 2 hands, let me tell you something, he wasn't that stupid! Who's to say that from the looks of spot on the highway that he wasn't swerving to avoid someone on the other side? Our family happens to have a history of heart attacks early on as well. Why can't we wait for the results of the autopsy before sladering a good man? It's too bad the media can't wait for the timetable of the records from his phone before putting all this crap out there as gospel fact. It' also to bad they can validate comments from so called ex-live in girlfriends(NOT) before it's all over the media. The fact is that we lost a really nice, kind, gentle, generous, smart and talented man in a family who has tragically lost too many caring and loving members already. Our hearts are broken, no only for our Aunt Kate but for all those who knew and loved him. It would really be nice to think that most human beings on the earth had a little compassion but I guess not from all the unbelievably nasty comments I have cried over every time I turn on the computer.

1505 days ago


#66- I'm so so sorry for your loss. I lived at his Ranch when he had all the animals there :) What a gift it was to be a part of that place, and of his vision. He was always so kind and welcoming. Please give his love to his mother from me. I'm so sorry. Hugs.

1505 days ago


It is so disheartening to see people commenting on this story so casually and recklessly. Dr. Frank Ryan was a human being. He had family. He had pets. He had so many friends. He helped a lot of people. He was kind and generous and hospitable. Please, be careful and thoughtful with your comments... you're talking about a *real person*, who's friends and loved ones are grieving a tremendous loss.

1505 days ago


All of you are so shameful that write such horrific trash. Frank was a friend and an amazing individual. A brillaint surgeon. He was very giving to others and a remarkable human being. I like the one who wrote that TMZ should edit such awful words. Frank helped so many people and did so much for young people who needed help. He gave back 110% to his community. Frank had a heart of gold and my heart is so sad for his wonderful and loving mom. Frank made the world a better place!

1505 days ago


Frank Grew up in Toledo, home of the Jeep Wrangler. Maybe just showing support for the home town. He grew up a mile from where the thing was built.

1504 days ago


First of all his last tweet was at approx. 3:15 and the accident happened at 4:30. So, there is NO way him texting caused the accident. It is anyones guess what happened. He could have passed out after such a intense workout or something else. What matters now is the fact that he is a human being w/a family that could be reading these messages. There is no need for rude,nasty comments. For all any of us know he could have sat at the top of that hill for who knows how long after he tweeted the picture before he got into his car to drive. His jeep did not have a top on it so Im sure there was tons of impact between the rocks and his head. I am sure alcohol and drugs were noway involved. This guy had everything going for him and I feel very sorry for his dog and his family.

RIP Dr.Ryan

1500 days ago


"All I care about is the dog"
You must be kidding--at a time when someone loved, is lost.
I would hope that his mother (who is a personal friend, who raised her son-alone, on hard work and faith) would be spared reading your idiotic comment.
Please find the connetion to our "shared, frail humanity" and begin caring about those around you. Your life will change, and this sorry, broken world will as well.

1494 days ago


Plastic surgeon to the stars or not Dr Ryan also did a lot of charitable work such as using his ability as a surgeon to remove gang member’s tattoo on youths trying to change their life etc and did not deserve to die this way. He had just been away on a walk with his beloved dog Jill and was probably on his way home. If you look at his Twitter page you will see that the so called “last post” was posted hours before his car actually went of the cliff. Don’t believe everything you read and this guy deserves better. After several years of medical school and setting up The Bony Pony ranch he was at the prime of his life and should have had the opportunity to enjoy life in his fifties. RIP Dr Ryan.

1481 days ago
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