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Howard Stern Rips Dr. Laura: 'She's Such an A**hole'

8/18/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern ripped Dr. Laura Schlessinger a new one this morning on his radio show -- calling her an "a**hole" for the way she handled her racist controversy on "Larry King Live" last night.


It all went down on the "Howard Stern Show" on Sirius/XM -- where Howard picked Dr. Laura apart for saying she's quitting after her n-word rant ... and also schooled the doc on exactly how her "First Amendment rights" actually work.

Just listen ... it's awesome.



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Howard Stern cannot sa y one word about any other talk show host! He is a crass, vile , despicable human.
He has made his cash by catering t o voyeurs, sadists, masochists, pedophiles, and any other deviant on earth.
And some of the acts he has had on his morbid talk show have degraded humans , and turned them int o animals.

1494 days ago


@19 Why are you so worried about what the younger generation of Black people call each's like when women were called bitches, it used to break a womans spirit now some women will just look at you and say Yes I'm a Bitch so what! You take lemons and turn them into lemonade to keep from getting poisoned by hurtful word...Besides they leave the "er" off, the word is unacceptable and if you feel the need to use it because "THE KIDS DO IT" you have a problem.

1494 days ago


She probably was going to get fired and she quit instead! Finally! All I remember of this awful, prejudice woman who is NOT a real doctor is the following: Several years ago, I was in Sand Diego and I happen to catch a part of one of her shows while driving! I never have forgotten that call and her advise because it was shocking and utterly inhumane! A married man called asking for advise. He reported to her that he wanted to lead an honest life and be happy. He was gay, but had kept it hidden and was married to a woman and had kids, but he wanted to get divorce as he had fallen in love with another man. He called asking for advise on how to make that transition into truth and. The woman told the men that marriage had to be protected and that since he had already successfully lied and deceived for years that he could continue to do so. She told him, he had to do that for the sake of the marriage and the family!!!! I was so upset as I cant imagine all the untold pain he had lived through with the pretend heterosexual life and what his family had gone through coping with that kind of deceit. Also, the amazing level of courage the poor guy had to find to be able to reach out to this woman only to be told to go back in the closet. I knew then what kind of harsh, prejudicial and racist woman she is! I later learned the "Dr" is not real, she holds no doctoral degree in anything! So, just a racist, prejudice, judgmental woman that profits out of people's guilt, emotional vulnerability and pain. I can't believe it took this long for her to be in trouble! She is dresses her prejudice in family values and many fell for it. Please make her go away from the airwaves forever!

1494 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I don't like Stern or Laura. Good riddance to "Dr." Laura! Buh-Bye!

1494 days ago


Dr. Laura makes a GREAT case for staying out of the sun and moisturizing!!
Yikes it hurts to look at her.. a lot..!!!

1494 days ago


Well, Stern is no stranger to "racist" and "offensive" comments! He is no stranger to being "hypersensitive".

1493 days ago


a**hole to a**hole I hope that these people don't breed anymore. Stern can suck my balls, he is one vile human.

1493 days ago


I would much rather see Howard gone than Laura gone. I never hear about Laura unless she slips up once every few years. Howard is ALWAYS making an ass of himself!

1493 days ago


Gotta love Howard!

The right-wing hypocrite 'Dr' Laura is disgusting. I'm sure she'll slide down to Faux News like all the other mindless neo-con ditto monkeys.

1493 days ago


Edward, Post 28: I highly doubt Howard would ever want Dr Laura's ratings, considering that when he was on terretrial radio, his ratings trounced hers.

Craig, Post 42: how long have you been gay? Howard is very accepting of gays and minorities, while Dr Laura is not. Who's the vile one here?

1493 days ago


she is such a bitch with a holier than thou attitude and nothing to back it she even a Dr?

1493 days ago


Well,..............she's a pig!!

1493 days ago


Howard's sidekick Robin is the smartest part of his show and, for me, the only reason I can stand to listen to him more than 5 minutes. Her parting comment, I felt, was spot on: "People think their First Amendment rights are being violated if someone has a different opinion about what they've said."

It's so much easier than everyone is making it: So WHAT if it's not "fair" for some people to be able to use the N-word without repercussions while others cannot? It's not "fair" that there are landmines in war-torn countries. But if you avoid them, you stay out of harm's way.

1493 days ago


They're both boring.

1493 days ago


I think DR. LAURA is a joke. She is such a hypocrite!!! Why doesn't she go take more naked photos of herself. LOL Not that anyone would want to see that saggy old turkey skin. YUCK! GO AWAY DR. LAURA LOVELACE!

1493 days ago
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