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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer

and Prosecutor in Court

8/18/2010 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The lawyers and the judge have just left chambers and are in the courtroom.  The judge is closing the courtroom to reporters and others not involved in the case -- again, because Lindsay's medical issues are being discussed.  The judge should allow us back in to get the final result.

Before we left the courtroom, the lawyers mentioned the date August 25.

Holley, Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers and Judge Elden Fox are in chambers.  Judge Elden Fox will not allow cameras in the courtroom -- probably because Lindsay's medical condition and medical records are being discussed.

Lindsay Lohan
's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, is at the Beverly Hills courthouse right now ... and we're hearing the doctors may have weighed in on releasing LiLo early.

Lindsay Lohan in Court
Holley is in Judge Elden Fox's courtroom and the judge is about to take the bench.

As we first reported Lindsay's doctors at UCLA have decided she's not as bad off as first thought and she will almost certainly be released early.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers just showed up in the courtroom.


No Avatar


Free Lindsay! Get her ass out of the nut house!

1528 days ago


who would have thought???then she will do her million buck interview and talk about how bad she had it..blah blah blah i spent 12 days in jail it was horrible i had to do rehab blah blah blah..she didnt get none of her sentece got another slap on the wrist.

1528 days ago

dan rafeal espn boxing    

Good for Linsday. God forbid she goes 90 days without some powder.

1528 days ago


ugh!!! lindsay needs to stay in Rehab. No good for them to let her go early. she will do drugs again. what a loser!

1528 days ago


The sooner she gets out that hospital the better.
The interview could be in OK mag next week

Hopefully the very professional D.A doesn't oppose Lindsay becoming an outpatient

1528 days ago


Sure Lindsay is doing good now becayse SHE'S BEEN KEPT AWAY FROM DRINKING & NON-PRESCRIBED DRUGS. How long before she's back to her old destructive self?

1528 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

wow, I guess the circus will be back in town real quick! Too bad she didn't take advantage of the offer to get well.

1528 days ago


I give her two days before we see drunken falling again.

1528 days ago

My two cents ;)    

wow!!!! so lilo gets out and gets to go back to her blow & booze binges. she is an amazing actress but like i said before u can't fake dead..When she dies Dina is going to blame it on the media, the courts, tmz and everything EXCEPT Lindsay's addiction. i bet in less than 11 months lilo is going to be found dead from mixing prescriptions, booze and coke..WATCH

1528 days ago

solar panel    

None of this circus is going to make a bit of a difference to how Lohan behaves, I figure. She hasn't had time to integrate with any of those people or environments, and it's all nostalgia. She'll get right back into the party life and be dead in a car accident by November. There will be strong indicators one way or the other soon after she gets out of system control. Happy Halloween!

1528 days ago


Shawn Chapman Holley should get some award after this.

1528 days ago


Letting her out of rehab early is the same as signing her death certificate, if she gets out early she just go buy a burial plot she will be right back to where she was and more than likely worse in NO TIME!

1528 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Hey people... you settle down on hating Lindsay now.. I think lindsay should be out, since she went in jail drug dealers are having to turnm over their Escaldes to the finance comapnies cause they just aren't selling enough blow, besides didn't you hear? Lindsay has signed up to go into the U.S. Army Lindsay has decided to take on the drug war head on and insists on being put on the front line *sniff~ sniff * in the drug war. and if she is captured, she may be captured and forced to do their Blow... But she say's she is not afraid

1528 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

And besides that my neighbourhood Pharamcist has missed 2 condo payments since she went into the slammer....We need Lindsay out to get the economy rolling again, bail bondsmen, lawyers, police officers, and the guy who cleans up her ralph all need lindsay back so they can keep working...Lindsay is awesome for that area of our economic recovery

1528 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Dina is the cause of almost all of Lindsay's problems. No one likes her father, but he is the ONLY one who has tried and tried to get her straight. she will be dead in a matter of DAYS after getting the drugs and alcohol after not having any in a while. She is an "actress" and can say and do anything she thinks will get her back on the street!! Of coarse Dumb Dina will blame everything on everyone except her self!! REPEAT - DINA IS THE CAUSE AND EFFECT!!

1528 days ago
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