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Method Man -- The Explosive Shot to the Face

8/19/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video ... of the moment some dumbass at the Gathering of the Juggalos fired a beer can at rapper Method Man -- striking him in the face and opening a pretty nasty wound. 

As we previously reported, Meth plans to "sue the motherf**kers" responsible for the incident -- but he was unclear if he will go after the event organizers or the person who tossed the object.


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Rufus T. Firefly    

Stop being a such a huge P*U*S*S*Y Method Man and suck it up. So you got hit in the face with a beer can. Didn't 50 Cent get shot in the face?

1535 days ago


yeah and I didn't hear 50 whining like a little bitch.

1535 days ago


nothing but a chicken **** ***** throws a bottle at someone on stage, the only reason why they do is b/c they have a small **** and are jelous someone has done better witrh thier life then they have, they live in thier parents basement and are nothing but leaches that suck. yup.

1535 days ago


That's ****ed up. What a bunch of lowlifes.

To the second comment, I'd like to hear you say that after that happens to you.

1535 days ago


yes a bunch of lowlifes...whoever threw the beer can...and rest of them, shows they have some serious issues, just enjoy the dang show have no right to do harm to anyone whos done nothing to you!

1535 days ago


Maybe Lindsay Lohan can appear next year. A projectile upside the head might do wonders

1535 days ago

Ben Gleck    

Where was Dr Laura that night ?

1535 days ago

Dave, Glendale    

MM just weakened his case by continuing to perform. the judge is going to say "wait, you got hit and kept on going, yea, i dont think you were that injured or afraid of the crowd, get the eff out of my court room."

1535 days ago


Somebody really needs to consider waiting for all of these meth-head Juggalos to fill the venue up and then locking all of the exits before spraying them with gasoline and lighting them on fire. Serious.. what good could these morons ever make with their useless lives.

1535 days ago


From watching that video it looked like 2 cans where thrown and they saw who threw at least 1 of them. It also sound like Meth wanted to go into the crowd and beat somebody's ass and Redman stopped him.

1535 days ago


@Dave, Glendale

stfu. He's probably thinking of his family and about getting paid at the end of the night without any arguments. That doesn't change the FACT that he got assaulted on stage by someone in the coward (are you really that dumb?).

He got assaulted by a one of those white savage youths, a.k.a Juggalos.

It's funny, Eminemm is safe at a concert with a 100% black coward, while Meth is assaulted by in a white coward. Who are the unruly savages?

1535 days ago


LOL They are Lowlifes But Method Man Continued to Perform, While I don't see this show as any form of Entertainment , Rap Music is Viewed To me to be just as No talent Crap that's being Shoved down the throats Of Youth's You Play With Fire? You Get Burned.
Too Bad So sad. :)

1535 days ago


Sorry but I had to laugh at that,I played in a band in my younger days and we got stuff thrown at us,no big deal.We sucked and you learn how to dodge stuff pretty good.
The guy who threw it should look into playing baseball...sign the man to a contract

1535 days ago

Sin D    

That's messed up man. Method Man here is what you need to do: Speak with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister as to how to deal with this.Saw him hit with a BIC lighter('84-86)only to have his band stop playing, had the "house" lights turned on, and then successfully talked the crowd in to whoopin' the s%$t outta the dude who threw it. Mass cheering followed.

1535 days ago


Goodness, #12 this really isn't a black/white issue. I can name SEVERAL venues where black youth have run amuck, but leave it to people like you to point fingers and pull a race card where there is no relation. By the way Emminem is white and his concerts are a myriad of races/cultures.

I think it's sad that he got hit with a bottle, he was just doing his job. Maybe those concerts should be a little more regulated.

1535 days ago
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