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Oksana Grigorieva Leaves Court

8/18/2010 9:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva got more than she bargained for today -- a marathon court session lasting seven hours.

We shot this video of Oksana leaving the courthouse in downtown L.A. just before 5 PM. 

We're told among the items on the court agenda today ... a petition for increased child support, yanking baby Lucia's passport, and attorney's fees.


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If this woman thinks she is ever gonna get sole custody, she is living in a fantasy world. Wish she would go away.

1464 days ago


I am not bad curious.

Just honest and trying to help out my peeps at TMZ with some spygear!!

They need it. It's not like the video was that great. Spy gear glasses can't be that much worse!


1464 days ago


I guess it may be time for Oksana to get a real. Outside of the porn industry, what would she be qualified to do? Any suggestions, fellow posters? I'm sure her people are reading.

1464 days ago


Anyone recall seeing Radaronline's new "editorial" page crediting some guy named DAN (no last name) before today. Can't say I can.

Just under the "editorial" there is a block of links for those illegally obtained and fabricated tapes along with a banner of them on the right side.

They take down a photo of Oksana in the courthouse BUT they continue to post material that is under court seal and illegally obtained?


1464 days ago


Did Judge Gordon lower the boom on ROL?

I can't believe after being told by Judge Gordon they were violating the law photographing, they actually POSTED and then took it down.

Anyone know if by doing that they allowed it to be cached?

1464 days ago


Mel requested the baby's passport be pulled to keep her from going to Russia, where Oksana had lined up an apartment outside of Moscow. Source was Russian news. Her intention is to keep him from ever having contact with his baby daughter. That is the goal of her entire case. Prove how abusive he is so she can have Lucia to herself. And get more child support as a result. Wicked, vindictive, spiteful.

Posted at 6:37 PM on Aug 18, 2010 by Paula Schultze

Surely she wouldn't be stupid enough to get an apartment in Russia!?! Really??? Although I do believe if things didn't go her way she would run with the child. I hope they take the baby's passport or there's a good chance Mel will never see the child again. She needs to realize that just because her relationship (if you can call it that) didn't work out Mel still has the right to be a father to Lucia. If she was any kind of a caring mother she would understand that and not just be after money so she doesn't have to worry about supporting herself for the rest of her life. After reading her bios I believe she sets her sights on a target and goes after them at all costs. She doesn't care who she has to step on or hurt as long as she gets money. I don't believe it's Mel's career that is over I believe it's hers, as well as any more relationships. Men will run from her now.

1464 days ago



Bad in a good way, darlin'. =D

1464 days ago


Hi Everyone
'Back working today so no posts until now. If Oksana has been severely spanked for violating the gag order (as I suspect because Judge Gordon is no fool), then we are not necessarily going to know what happened or even what didn't happen but what Oksana would like us to think happen (you can tell the difference by who the "sources" listed are "close" to).

Now this silence is a disadvantage for Mel after all the weeks of crappy, slanted posts from her camp--his camp should be allowed a few corrective posts I think.

Team Fair Play!

1464 days ago


I almost forgot the link. Sorry all. And I got to tell you it seems ROL is shifting the deck. When I first keyed in Oksana G. and court hearing this is what came up:

When I went back to grab the link, it was buried but still there.

Very odd too - when I open the page, it actually is designed to PRINT. WHY would an ONLINE outfit like ROL do this? Going to have to ponder this.

1464 days ago


Hey Tara21!

Mr. Mel's not had much of a problem with silence so far.

If anything, I think the disadvantage comes from not letting Miss Oksana pay out more rope.

1464 days ago


hmm. Storyburn may be like Solar Panel and know something we don't?

Where is SolarPane anyway? He is late! My tin foil cap is malfunctioning and needs a tune up with his post! and where is Abe? The MIA list is long!

1464 days ago


Hi Curious--his silence has served him better than anything else he could have done under the cir***stances. But after all the Ok-slander that her camp has been dishing, I would love to hear that she got an excellent judicial spanking and I think Mel's camp should be able to dish that good news. But maybe I am just being selfish because I WANT TO KNOW. Yes, I do.

1464 days ago


Like Miss I-Must-Be-In-Zee-Limelight-I-Am-Arteest would really disappear back to the Russia she avoided for 17 years...

Not buying the Russian press, but if Miss Oksana did indeed "buy an apartment in Moscow" as reported, how did she pay for the darn thing?

She won't work so she has no income. The child support she receives is supposed to cover the kids' needs, not hers. And by the Gospel of the Tapes she has "not one penny from [Mel]."

1464 days ago

Paula Schultze    

I don't see why not trust what the Russian paper says. It can't be that slanted compared to ROL. But who knows? Maybe Mel just didn't want to take any chances, so he asked the court to hold the passport for Lucia until this is over. You can't leave California anyway in a child custody dispute and take the kid with you. And afterward, you need the other parents written permission to leave the state.

1464 days ago


Tara21 -

Me too!

Oh well, needs must we suffer until the Sheriff's office hands things over to the DA.

I may have a nervous break down by then. =D

1464 days ago
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