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Heidi Montag Sex Tape

Pre and Post-Op

8/21/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... whether you prefer your Heidi Montag enhanced or au naturel, there's something for everyone if the Heidi sex tape ever hits the market. 

Sources close to the deal tell TMZ that the proposed Heidi sex tape would include footage from both before "The Hills" star had extensive work done and after. So in some of the footage she probably makes a lot of different facial expressions and in the rest ... not so much.

As we first reported ... Heidi's soon-to-be ex, Spencer Pratt, is shopping around a Heidi sex tape to Vivid Entertainment that supposedly "makes Kim Kardashian look like an amateur."


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Of course nobody at TMZ has actually seen the "tape"..neither has anyone else. And we all know Spencer would never lie. The pair will continue to play the media as long as their are gullible people that continue to believe the absurd.

1532 days ago

Oil Man    

Good spanking off material one way or the other.

1532 days ago

Ms Kris    

1st off TMZ what makes you think a person with a brain would prefer either Heidi? Dumb as a stump no talent & no taste in men

Can anyone tell when the 15 minutes are up? For both of them SAY GOODBYE TO HOLLYWOOD

1532 days ago


Plastic whore, is what I see. A no talent, reality show, celebrity wannabe, that never was/will be. Good luck getting any roles outside of some stupid Wayans parody movie.

1532 days ago


She looks like a lunatic with those huge boobs.

1532 days ago


I'll admit I never liked her, thought she was vapid, but I must admit she used to be a pretty girl. it's pretty sad that she did that to herself on purpose.

1532 days ago


@ post 57 by GDslayer

tl; dr

as for the before & after -- I vote before.
the porn will be an internet freebie within 1 day of vivid releasing it.

given the choice, I'd scoop her sister Holly Montag without a 2nd thought.

Of course, a more important question would be, if you could get Heidi and Holly into a 3some, would Heidi 2.0 & Holly now be considered incest?

1532 days ago



Oh man.

Those're stunning photographs clearly showing what a dramatic and not-at-all for the better changes to her physical appearance.

Despite that lantern jaw when she smiled her smile and eyes just made thatjaw fade to the background. And I much more appreciate her natural form than the overinflated one now.

In fact, now she just looks horrible. Oh well, it's what she idiotically chose. At least I don't have to wake up to her every morning.


1532 days ago


Her face looks weirdly a robot version of a Stepford Wife. And her breasts look like beach balls that were glued onto her body. I know how women feel about her, what about men? Still good enough to boink?

1532 days ago


This is just a prime example of karma if it's true! But if not I think it's sad that Spencer Pratt always feels the need to say women have sex tapes. Team Lauren ftw bitches!

1532 days ago


She wasted money to get butchered. Women are always prettier when they look like themselves. No cosmetic mangling is necessary.

1532 days ago


The difference is, the Heidi in the first photo could have been taken seriously in the entertainment industry--IF she were willing to put in the work. The Heidi in the second photo will never be taken seriously.

1532 days ago


She looked great before. She was beautiful, young and natural. She looks much older now and resembles one of those blown up dolls. It's an awful thing she did to herself. Who gets surgery to look older? Ridiculous!!

1532 days ago


That's really sad.

1532 days ago


What insanity!! Really - why would anyone want to turn themselves into a side-show attraction!! They should toss her into the Pacific Ocean and she would never make it back to shore - those things (boobs) would keep her in a static position since trying to swim would be futile - just bob around in the same spot!!!! Looks like Playboys "Little Annie Fannie"!!

1532 days ago
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