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Jayson Williams' Wife -- He's Loving Prison Life

8/21/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For former NBA star Jayson Williams, doing hard time is like a trip to Disneyland -- at least that's what his estranged wife thinks of Williams' now extended sentence.

Tanya Williams hit up an L.A. mall on Friday where she said Jayson thinks his current prison sentence for the accidental shooting of his limo driver is "the best five years of his life" -- and added that Jayson doesn't talk to the two daughters they have together.

Shortly before we taped Tanya, Jayson pled guilty to DWI in New York City -- a move that got him an additional year behind bars. Tanya filed for divorce last year, but it's still pending.

Update: A rep for Jayson tells TMZ, "Jayson has made numerous attempts to talk to his daughters and has written them. If she is allowing them to speak to him is to be questioned."

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Gloria Unread    

Something tells me that the reason he's so happy to be in jail is the fact that he *doesn't* have to deal with the wife every day.

I can easily see her b**ching at him, and his way of telling her off is saying 'Well, this has been the best five years of my life!!" It doesn't mean he's actually enjoying it in there, he's probably saying it to piss her off.

1490 days ago

just me    

oh yeah! he's a loving man.... loved to kill again i bet

1490 days ago


If he is in prison how was he given a year for drunk driving,or is he in one of those special jails where you do as you please.I agree #1 he is happy to be away from her

1490 days ago

Chun LI    

I call BS on this. He probably cries every day like the punk b*tch that he is.

1490 days ago


Awwww yeeeah, an' it look like she done found herself anotha thug, she be thuggin'.

1490 days ago


Her boob buttons are beautiful.

1490 days ago


I love her nipples.

1490 days ago


I think he is punishing himself

1490 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Wow whatever their relationship is her comments were simply unnecessarily mean because she is obviously bitter. I do not beleive that he is a happy prisoner and he will be one for another year. It is not a hapy time having lost your freedom. I am sure he is not doing hard time. But it is a emotionally daunting stretch especially if that not usually your home away from home. It does not matter who you are and status in society.

And for her daughter sake. Please lady stop placing more kiddle for the fire. The relationship between their father and themselves is just that. In prison the best thing is to keep children out. To go through the physical and emotional process of visiting an imate and then having to leave is simply said and unnecesary. If anything he should have a diary and share it with his children when he comes out.
It is a selfish move using your own children against their father in any ill mannered way. Whomever his is they will find out for themselves. Women on the whole who are ignorant like that shows the (no matter their color or stature) ghetto attitude will not never leave.

1490 days ago


to all the above comments regarding him being away from his wife you are wrong. she stood by him and he was pretty abusive to her ......emotionally and verbally. now she is done. it amazes me the a**wipes that comment without a 2nd grade education. she is a classy and educated woman. if it was one of those jersey or orange county housewives there would be sympathy. Miscreants.....

1490 days ago

Jersey Stand Up    

I don't understand this chick. Just a couple of years ago, she put up a whole website defending Jayson Williams and stating how she was going to stand by him through this no matter what! The website was so in depth and descriptive of their love for each other. Next thing you know, she's filing for divorce and now she's here talking smack? Why go through all of that in the first place if you can't hack it?

1490 days ago

Jersey Stand Up    

@ Ty - Yes, she is a well educated woman (a lawyer). However, there's no point in standing by your man at first and then turning your back on him later. It's either or. No one said marriage was easy because it takes commitment. I just don't understand her issue but she needs to get it together for her sake and the sake of her children. That's the bottom line.

1490 days ago


Golddigger ain't never loved Jayson. And that prancing Norwood next to her is her brother. As is AJ Calloway from BET.

High class family.

****riding. They doin' it right.

1490 days ago



1490 days ago


@Jersey Stand Up, I agree. I don't understand the flip either. Oh yeah I do, the money is gone. It's so easy to stand by your man when the money is flowing and he's pumping money into a restaurant that you run into the ground from mismanagement.

And that is her brother Norwood. He's so far from a thug. He's more like 'fabulous'.

$20 Ty is Tanya Young. Typical of her to talk down to people since she thinks she's so high and mighty.

1490 days ago
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