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Heidi & Spencer -- Busted in Costa Rica!

8/23/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are getting divorced and Spencer is threatening to release a flurry of sex tapes that  feature his handiwork with Heidi, along with some girl-on-girl ... so it's more than telling that a paparazzi agency shot video of the two of them together Sunday at a resort in Costa Rica, frantically separating so they would not seem in cahoots.

Spencer Pratt Sextape - Costa Rica
Spencer told TMZ over the weekend he was in Costa Rica to turn over two dogs to Heidi but she wanted nothing to do with him.  The video suggests otherwise.

Spencer says he's given Heidi an ultimatum -- either tear up the divorce papers and do a reality show with him, or he'll release the sex tapes. 

So we ask ...

UPDATE: Heidi and Spencer were also spotted together in Costa Rica on August 18. The plot thickens ...


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YES TO #4!!!!

1529 days ago


I dont think that was Heidi, That womens breasts where way too small to be Heidi (maybe 2 years ago)... Sorry TMZ but I think Spencer Pulled a fast one, and was put in the lime light once again ...

1529 days ago


As long as people keep clicking on storys about them and posting comments about them, tmz and the likes will continue to post stories about them.

If you want them gone, ignore the posts about them.

1529 days ago


That wsn't much of a video TMZ....
But as far as a SEX Tape I think that's why there in Costa Rica to film the tape.. MAybe it's never been filmed and they want perfect a edited version. This nasty guy will talk this Ho in to anything if it gets them attention. And I am sure he told her she will be like Kim K. and Paris Hilton if she did it..
Enough of these s*** bags.

1529 days ago


OMG! If only every other media outlet would follow the example E! set last year by banning Speidi news. This is getting rediculous now, it's like we're all just enablers if we continue to show an interest and YES@#4

1529 days ago


YES, YES, YES TO # 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1529 days ago


S***. Attention whores and s***. I don't know why people are still even bothering to give them any attention at all. EVERYTHING they do is a scheme to get more publicity.

They're both in on it and they've probably been planning this for a year since the buzz from their "secret" wedding died down. Now they need a new ploy to get people to talk about them. Stop talking about them...maybe they'll GO AWAY!!

1529 days ago


this is just sad with a capital SAD

1529 days ago


YES to #4!

1529 days ago


These people are major stars so we need even more info on them,
say no to #4 hell no.

1529 days ago


I'm pretty sure thats not heidi, look at her chest. I think tmz had been played, or maybe Heidi is there and they throw in a look alike to throw everyone off. I had recently heard spencer was with a heidi look-alike.

1529 days ago


YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

#4 YES!!!

1529 days ago


It's been said that it's not Heidi but, a look-a-like. How do we know it's her? Hard to tell with the hat and running around like that. Though, I wouldn't put it past either of them to plot this out to make 5 million, if that's the offer from Vivid. That's serious money and I bet they would jump at that offer. Both of them sleaze bags. Btw, why are you giving them the publicity they so crave? Aren't their 15 minutes up yet or at least isn't Vivid buying it? Don't give it to them TMZ. Makes you look trashier then you already are!! You're better then to post these dumb videos of no proof it's Heidi under that hat and of all people to start hiding from the cameras? Somethings not right!!

1529 days ago

what He said    

These two are so comical I can't quit Speidi(Mostly Spencer) he is so nutty!!

If Anybody LOVES SPEIDI and wants TMZ to kiss their blonde asses...please vote a resounding "Yes to #4"....YEs #4.....As IN SPeidi 4ever!!!

Viva Speidi!!!....Yes to #4!!!

1529 days ago


I thought the same thing....boobs looked too small, lol.

1529 days ago
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