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Rachel Bilson

Bikini Cowgirl

8/23/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Wearing a cowboy hat and an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie red and black bikini, fomer "O.C." star Rachel Bilson heated up the beach in Hawaii this weekend.



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And a size 14 on a white woman may be fat, but on an African American or Island woman it appears as an average size. Not fat or skinny. Certainly not the case on all, but most.

Plus most people of non-color consider anything curvy and not a beanpole as fat. Beyonce is not fat. Monique is fat. The red head from Mad Men is not fat. The chic from Hairspray is fat. It's perception, but some ppl are so outrageous about the facts.

1487 days ago

Will to Self Motivate    

I agree with Vanessa's post @22. Women of color who are a size 14, DO look sexy and not fat. Somehow, it just WORKS for them and most are very attractive.

Also hear you on how white society wants their white women skinny as a bean pole. Personally, as a white woman, I find bean poles to look like walking skeletons. It's so sad that many think they are attractive. My opinion - not attractive AT ALL.

1487 days ago


She's beautiful and classy, and a wonderful actress.
I'm happy for her...

1487 days ago

julianne rose    

i don't think so

1487 days ago


Her body isn't very impressive. She doesn't look like she's ever seen the inside of a gym.

1487 days ago


I can has cheezburger?

1487 days ago


To Joyce:

Sweetie, get real. I have naturally small breasts. When I gain weight, they stay the same size. I think all the women who respond to small breasted women with comments like "maybe she should eat more" must all be idiotic obese women. I could gain 100 lbs if I wanted to and my breast would still be a size A. Get a clue sweetie, we all see through you.

1487 days ago


yeah all women that are skinny should just get fat so the rest of you cows can feel good about not putting the junk food down and going to the gym. Maybe she doesn't want to push up her tits with a different bikini. Maybe her self esteem doesn't hinge on big tits and fat people putting her down on TMZ. And no sir, you can not has cheeseburger. As a matter of fact you can has salad. Not everyone wants to be big, some of us want to live a long healthy life. Don't try to force your chubby chasing ways on people that love a fit body.

1487 days ago

lexy hates bilson    

She should gain some weight b/c she looks disgusting. She likes like one of those kids in those tv ads for starving kids in 3rd world countries. For all you losers who are starving yourselves and up-chucking to look like this...remember why it is that men love women like J-Lo and Kim Kardashian and they'd take these women any day over this. Rachel looks like boy in a bikini!!

1487 days ago


Honestly, I would not even call her "skinny". She looks healthy to me. There are girls that are 5'10" that have measurements like hers. Maybe those girls look sickly. But, Rachel is like 5'1". I think that she has a cute little body. Yes, her boobs are small and she is definitely wearing the wrong top. But, those of you saying she is too thin are obviously jealous. She does not look like she is starving by any means and to suggest that the only way to be thin is to starve or throw up is ridiculous. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, along with some exercising is all that it takes. You'd all know that if you'd put down the cupcakes and get your butts off of the couch.

1487 days ago


woah what's with all the hate?
some of us can't help being skinny. and having small boobs comes with the territory. and let her be white. she'll stay cute and beautiful if she doesn't fake bake!

you haters are ridiculous! Women should NEVER apologize for their bodies. try focusing on getting your self esteem built up so you don't look like such an ass!

1487 days ago


lexy hates bilson- shut the **** up. there are women who are just naturally skinny. heck im not starving myself but im still skinny.

1487 days ago


I'm sure Rachel would really regret all the food she denies herself from eating if she knew what a negative reaction her appearance has on TMZ. Why bother?

1487 days ago


com'on people ! she is Olive Oil ! her body is skin and bones she looks sick and stravin ! is this considered sexy now ? have a look at Ice T's woman ..I think her name is Coco

1487 days ago


She looks cute and healthy. She's thin, but not too thin. Why all the hate?

1487 days ago
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