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Michael Bay Sued Over Pistol-Whipping

8/24/2010 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Michael Bay's lawyer Marty Singer tells TMZ ... "The lawsuit is an absurd and fabricated claim.  Michael Bay has never had private security or a bodyguard.  On the evening in question, Michael was having dinner with 6 other couples at an adjacent restaurant and never even went to the club."

Michael Bay
has been sued by two men who claim Bay's private security guard pistol-whipped them unconscious at a Hollywood nightclub.

Michael Bay Sued

In a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ ... Joshua Stewart and Paul Klimczak claim on August 24, 2008, they were at Kiss Nightclub when they got into a scuffle with a man they claim is Bay's private security guard.

According to the suit, the man was intoxicated ... yet the club -- also a defendant -- continued to serve him alcohol. 

The suit claims club security kicked the plaintiffs out along with the security guard, placing them in close proximity with each other.  The dispute continued outside the club when the plaintiffs claim they tried to just walk away.  It was then, they say, when Bay's security guard struck them in the head with a handgun, rendering both of them unconscious.

The plaintiffs were taken by ambulance to a hospital, where they were treated for broken teeth, broken bones, facial contusions and other injuries.  They say Bay's security guard left the scene.

The suit, which seeks unspecified damages, does not reveal what started the fight.

Bay, who has directed "Transformers," "Armageddon," and "Pearl Harbor," is being sued because the guard allegedly was under his control.


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Fake. If Michael Bay was involved it would've been in slo mo with a lens flare with a useless hot chick diving from an explosion.

1524 days ago


Two years ago? Who waits that long to file a TRUTHFUL suit?

No one. That's who.

1524 days ago


ROFLOL!! And they waited 2 years to sue?! If the bodyguard as well as the plaintiffs were kicked out of the club because they were intoxicated and causing trouble unless Michael Bay was with the bodyguard, he has no responsibility!! The club you can understand, but won't it be interesting to see who started the fight and over what hm?! Perhaps the 2 year wait was to ensure memories were faded and no cctv footage was still around - or am I just a sweet li'l 'ol cynic lol!! Of course if the incident was that bad the cops had to have been called and there would have been cctv then as well as witness statements as to who the bodyguard was with, what started it all (apart from the alcohol of course)! I mean as Michael Bay's security guard, if Bay was there even if the bodyguard fled the scene SOMEONE knew his name hm?! So why the wait?!!! There were two of them, the bodyguard if intoxicated couldn't have taken them both on and held them down pistol whipping them at the same time - so why didn't the other one get help hm?! Unless they were the aggressors and he took both of them on and they got the worst of it of course lol!!

1524 days ago


This is getting really stupid. Everyday someone somewhere is coming up with some cir***stance where they believe they have an opportunity to sue. The Disney woman, x number of former celeb girlfriends, boyfriends, their girlfriends, grandmothers, dogs, cats. Everyone wants their 15 min. I guess some are legit but the rest are going to clog the courts, but everyone will know their name.

1524 days ago


This is hilarious. I know Michael very well and I can tell you he never goes out with security. Another BS lawsuit. Why can't we get rid of this glut of lawyers? Maybe I can hire one to be my gardener.

1524 days ago


This is what happens at the bar when you start saying there should be a pearl harbor part 2, even Michael Bay gets pissed off LOL

1524 days ago


2008? Is there a statute of limitations? This man you guys claim is Bays private security guard, what's his name? How do you know for a fact it was Bays private security guard? Per your statement the Club Security threw all 3 of you out. Bays so called security guard took a hand gun (how do you know it was a hand gun?)rendering both of you unconscious. Who called the ambulance? Being the both of you are unconscious, how would you know that Bay's so called private security guard left?

The ever popular...unspecified damages and won't say what cause the fight.

Enjoy Court.

Sounds like extortion.

1524 days ago

Throwback kid    

This guy is soooo overrated, his movies all suck unless you are a 12 year old boy

1524 days ago


Leave Michael Bay alone! Won't someone think of the children?!

1524 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Bay is a total condescending A------!
People who have worked (not talent) with him, including Post, know it only too well. It wasn't until he was under Spielberg, that he stopped "grandstanding"

1524 days ago


Bay is an arrogant douchebag assh*le, so I totally believe this. I hope they nail his arrogant ass for millions.

1523 days ago


He is a ****!!!! I worked with him before and hes a rude lil controlling bitch......

1523 days ago



1523 days ago


#14 SuperGirl But you weren't so angry with his behaviour or manner that you quit in protest and ditched your wage were you?! You let him pay you, you didn't do it for drugs, sex or love did you hm?! So he's rude or controlling, so what, he's the one making the film come together or you wouldn't be working on it hm?! Most of the directors, producers and film makers of the best films around have been called either controlling or rude, they're not there to pamper to your feelings and they are the one's who get the snarling bite of the studio on their ass if they go over budget, or time!!

1523 days ago


I've heard this guy is a real douche!

1523 days ago
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