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Bank Sues Levi Johnston -- What's In Your Wallet?

8/26/2010 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Political hopeful Levi Johnston is gonna have fun explaining this one to the voters -- dude has been sued for allegedly pulling the ol' stifferoo on a 4-figure credit card bill.


Capitol One Bank just filed legal papers in Alaska, in which they claim Levi never paid $1,178.06 in charges he made on his Capital One credit card last year.

The bank wants Levi to fork over the whole sum plus interest ... at a rate of 19.90%.

Levi -- who just filed his letter of intent to run for office in Wasilla -- has yet to return our calls.


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What? Does Anyone assume this guy is a wholesome human being and citizen? I got a bridge to sell you then.

1497 days ago


This guy is another Obama-s*** freeloader. That said... 20% interest? F*** You CAPITOL ONE!!

1497 days ago

solar panel    

The Palin crew are full of crap!
Alaska and Russia already know that.
Canadians and Japanese out at sea
And Yukon Swedes with African teas
Ukrainians and Haida, Koreans and Hawaiians
Cherokee and Cree, Inuit and Algonquins
Everybody everywhere doing what they will
Knows Palins do their thinkin' like
BP cleans oil spills:
In denial!
In denial!
In denial!
In denial!
In denial!
In denial!
In denial!

1497 days ago


I wish everyone would get off Sarah's back. What has she done to any of you? Instead you sheeple just follow the presidents agenda to turn us into a socialistic society. They are taking our freedoms away one by one. Take a good look, its already happening with the help of the media. Can't wait for NOVEMBER.

How many vacations has Obamanation been on this year? 8
And where is the fiddler at while the country burns? on vacation!!! AGAIN

1497 days ago


Although Levi insists he only does fish, he still can attract the interest of sisters today but he has 'early fug' face and in 10 years or less will be totally finished, that is no sister will look twice at him. SO Levi should 'make hay while the sun shines' and forget about fish and concentrate on his homocita admirers!

1497 days ago


I can't believe he only has a %19 interest rate!!!

1497 days ago

Ben Gleck    

Did the "Palin Family Lawyer" call TMZ again with this story ? A petty amount but then the "Palin Family Lawyer" seems a little petty too.

1497 days ago


You guys crack me up with your extremely loose political 'facts' and generalizations. You have a president who has inarguably achieved more in 2 years than most in an entire term, all the while doing it under a cloud of a recession. Ended the war in iraq, healthcare reform, financial reform, banking reform, about to start on immigration reform, on and on.

Yet you complain that he has "taken too much vacation." Right. Look that one up too. He has had less vacation time than both Bushes and Ronald Reagan comparatively.

I don't have ANY problem with people who genuinely differ with his policies and can explain why, but I'm sick of halfwits who don't know the difference between a filibuster and a ghostbuster suddenly pretending they are political scholars and rambling halftruths that they heard some biased pundit say. At least fact check your reasons for being so pissed off, from a credible source, so you know what you are talking about. Not too much to ask there.

1497 days ago


Only 19%? Those effers are charging me 29.9%!!

1497 days ago


I see the Palins are violating the court order already

1497 days ago

Loving Levi    

I would bet every one of TMZ's reporters owe credit cards more than this amount.

1497 days ago


It figures that he uses Capital One. Capital One, the official credit card of white trash.

1497 days ago


It figures that he uses Capital One. Only white trash uses Capital One!

1497 days ago

Ben Gleck    

Capitol One shouldn't be giving credit cards to teenagers.
Capitol One is a predatory lender.

1497 days ago


Stupid Republicans and their ridiculous arguments. You might notice that he went on vacation AFTER he signed in the new bill to protect people from predatory credit-card companies.

Speaking of predatory, I wonder what ever happened in that Wasilla town after mayor Palin ordered the town sherrif to stop paying for forensic rape-analysis kits? Speculatively, lot of pressure to make sure someone close to the office went free, you betcha'!

1497 days ago
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