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Rachel Uchitel Flaunts Bikini Body -- Tiger Hunting?

8/25/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One day after Tiger Woods became a single man ... Rachel Uchitel -- the mistress who wants him back -- spent her Tuesday flaunting the goods on a beach in Malibu.


As we previously reported, Uchitel told a very close friend that she's willing to "give up everything" to get back with Tiger.

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Sociopaths are Sad    

It's really easy to judge, especially since she really doesn't have the greatest body...her butt is very saggy and she looks like she tries way too hard.

But comparing her to Elin is preposterous. Elin is a cold, hard, gold-digging nanny. And I just get this feeling that Elin and Tiger had/have very little in common personality-wise. Whereas I get the feeling that this skank and Tiger had a heck of a lot in common personality-wise. The same sexual tastes (which goes a long way in a relationship), and they just seem to be a better fit.

Relationshps are NOT ALL ABOUT LOOKS. A certain level of attractiveness is necessary, of course, but it's NEVER enough to keep anyone interested (man or woman). Very shallow people on this site.

And as for "doing better"...to do better would be to consider the WHOLE PACKAGE. Elin is a NANNY who married a BLACK LOOKING golfer (who she felt was beneath her) FOR THE MONEY. Personally, I think any man should be able to do better than having a woman marry him for his money especially when the woman thinks she is above him.

1520 days ago


who ever called this woman a FATTY must be on some anorexic trip. She doesn't look like she got an once of fat on her to me. In fact, if she was in my family - we'd call her too Skinny. And to call her chunky. Cheez - whoever you are - you must like your women with NO ARSE AT ALL. FLAT AS A PANCAKE. That is very unattractive, to me. Even women Caucasion women desire a bit of ARSE these days.

1520 days ago


None of the guys posting here will ever be with a woman this hot, and none of the women here will ever be this hot. That's fact! Deal with it losers :)

1520 days ago


fat pig.. your must be very proud that there is not one person on earth that knows you other than being a whore.

1520 days ago


fat whore.. you are used goods.. why in the hell would ANYONE ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH EVER WANT YOU.... You should be very proud that noone in this entire world knows you other than a whore.

1520 days ago


i don't wear a bikini because I look like that. All saggy. I'd be embarrassed if I were her, showing all that cellulite. And I am older than she. Tiger what were you thinking??

1520 days ago


i don't wear a bikini because I look like that. All saggy. I'd be embarrassed if I were her, showing all that cellulite. And I am older than she. Tiger what were you thinking??

1520 days ago


Her ass looks kind of weird... but not nearly as bad as her horse face.

1520 days ago


I'm sure he wasn't think about you **** R OCHOA. For all of you losers out there, this is what a woman looks like when she's not shot in a studio with perfect lighting and airbrush in PS afterward!

1520 days ago


Tiger is through with her. He can get much better.

1520 days ago


OMG!!! WTF Man? Another long cellulite filled flabby flatazz trailer ho bimbo! All that money & she can't get a gym membership & a bikini wrap to cover that plate of mashed up!! You know it's pretty sad when chicks loose all respect for themselves & use their bodies for attention. Sure we all look, but we don't bring those women home to meet our parents or marry them! I know Tiger didn't go out like that, damn bro!

1520 days ago


lolz haters. understand guys that that booty has been golfed at, batted on, and trashed by half of guys in hollywood and the sporting world.
that booty is battle-tested and with the amount of games she got satisfying these cheating, hungry hollywood and sports guys, i'm not surprised why the booty looks like that - sacked and delapidated!

1520 days ago


TOO bad we can't see into her vile soul. Strutting around in a bikini will only last you so many more years. Then she is going to look like the old hag that she is. I don't believe in hell but too bad there isn't a whore hell!!! Ugly skanky trash. I hope Elin goes on to live a VERY happy & blessed & loved life.

1520 days ago

The Rural Juror    

Slap her thigh and ride he wave in!

1520 days ago


Its not about being a hater tardo - she is not very attractive and should cover up that ass.

1520 days ago
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