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Tiger Woods

Talks Divorce

'It's a Sad Time'

8/25/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods held an incredibly candid news conference today -- the same day Elin Nordegren's People interview came out -- saying he "understands that [Elin] is sad" ... and admitting his golf game's taken a back seat lately.

Tiger faced cameras and reporters today for the first time since his divorce was finalized two days ago.

During the news conference for a New Jersey golf tournament -- aired on ESPNews -- a reporter repeatedly asks Tiger if he still loves Elin.  Check out his reaction.

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Anthony, you and Tiger are the racists!!

Tiger is black yet has he had one black girlfriend?! NO! He's a racist!! THat's why!! He likes white women for status!! There are plenty of gorgeous black women, like Halle for example. NOT ONE BLACK woman in his harem! He's the racist! He's the one who seeks the trophy ...dont' you get it it's plain as day, so obvious, not one black chick.

He pursued Elin, and it was a quick courtship. SHe didn't even know who he was! He asked for the introduction, what a prick.

THe racist is Tiger.

The racist is also you for FAILING TO BE OBJECTIVE HERE. Tiger pursues the blond, and never ever loved her, yet had her bear his progeny? Don't u get it? Why would you have kids w someone you don't love!

You're racist for failing to see the obvious, and making excuses for Tigah's sickness. Name ONE WHITE celebrity who had 100's of skanks SO EARLY ON IN HIS MARRIAGE, NAME ONE!!

We are disgusted by the behavior, not the race. But you are obsessed with the race, and say we have a double standard. So if that's the case, name the white celebrity who did this same thing so early on in his marriage...NAME IT!!

1517 days ago


the one thing that is so creepy about Tiger is his emotional detachment from what he did to his marriage and his kids...even in his press conference about his infidelity...he is so emotionally blank...so empty inside...he probably had to have s e x with a million different skanks to feel anything...they way he avoided the love question about Elin tells me that he never really loved her at all. He really is a sad person more than anything else...to be so empty and so void of any emotion...that is what is truly tragic.

1517 days ago


There is always an excuse of over the top white racism. In TW case , it is because he cheated on his wife with so many women. Whatever!!1 Like that could possibly excuse calling the guy to be LYNCHED? !! Do any of you retards understand the meaning and fear that word strikes in the heart of minorties in this country? No, obviously not.

Again like how white opposition to Ground Zero mosque has nothing to do with racism or scapegosting? Let throw out the constituition because we WHITE psople are offended. Amazing!!1 You people are pathetic. I sure hope that cabby who was stabbed today because he was a muslim apprecaited that it was not a racist attack!! LOL

It is time to call out you racist mother ****ers and send you back to the hell hole lives that you are trying to escape from. Pathetic losers!!!

1517 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

this douche-bag is only sad he got caught..

1517 days ago


I don't care if he's black, white, brown, yellow or orange what he did is despicable plain and simple.
I'm sorry but I don't recall any other celebrity who slept with so many whores outside of his/her marriage.
It has nothing to do with race but rather with principles and values.
Moreover he sold a fake image to the public pretending to be someone he never was. That's why the public is so mad at him.
He made millions and millions thanks to his endorsements.
Would he have been so rich if everybody knew what a real dirtbag he was ???? I don't think so.
He was admired, respected in a game dominated by white people and he threw it all away for SKANKS. He did it by himself and nobody else is responsible for his actions.
Put the blame where it belongs. He's an adult but he rather seems like a little spoiled brat who believes the world revolves around him.
He was raised to be a golfer not a human being. His parents must be soooooooo proud of him now.

1517 days ago


Of course he doesn't love her. The only person he loves is HIMSELF.
He couldn't care less about his ex wife and the mother of his kids. He's such a dirtbag .... He makes me want to puke.
What a nasty self centered lowlife classless poor excuse for a man. And people making excuses for him just because he plays golf.
What a sad sad sad society do we live in !!!!!

1517 days ago


You want me to name one WHITE celebrity that had 100's of hos early in his marriage: MICHEAL DOUGLAS. Now that was not so hard. I thought of that example in one second after reading your challenge.

Hell, Douglas had so many that he was the one of the first celebrities to go to rehab for "sexual addiction" . BTW Douglas was following in the footsteps of his beloved father Kirk, who apprently was the houndog of all houndogs.

See how stupid you sound. There are a myriad number of whiete male celebrities that have been doing this ****. NONE of them have been exposed to this vitriol. No one is excsuing TW's behaviour but this crap is excessive. he did what rich white men have been doing for ages. his problem is that he did not know there was one set of rules for WHITES and another for the blacks. Now he found out.

Do not try to excuse the open racism espoused on this board with pretense of moral revulsion over his(TW's) behaviour. That card will not play, ahole!!!

1517 days ago



This is too easy. Get your facts straight and stop parroting the gossip rags meme. TW made money and got endorsements because he is the BEST GOLFER of all time. he made money because he wins at least 25 % of the time he enters a tournamnet. he has broken nearly every record in existence in the game save Nicholas major streak. He never made a dime becasue of his family image. Name one commercial where he referenced his family life. you cannot. It does not exist.

BTW a golfer who cheats on his spouse is news? Obviously you know nothing about the history of th game. Walter Hagen, one of th greaest ever to play tha game, was such a houndog that he was barred from enterng some tournaments because of his sexual activites. This was back in the roaring twenties. More recently, there was lee trevino, Tom watson and of course John daly. There is a long tradition of this sort of behaviour in golf. please check your facts before you expose your ignorance!!!

1517 days ago


Why do we care? Marriages collapse in this country every second. Divorce is as common as pimples. Especially for celebrities and high profile athletes. His feelings are hurt, her feelings are hurt, what can one expect when they married the wrong person and weren't into it to begin with. They both walked away with a ton of his money. Once he gets over feeling sorry for himself he and his game will be bigger than life. If I were him, I'd stick to hos but, Tiger, protect yourself. Lots of skanky diseases out there.

1517 days ago

Tiger fan    

You all are some racist pitiful people on this site. Probably wimps hiding behind the keyboard. Move on Tiger, I'm glad your done with the fakes in your life.

1517 days ago


Yeah Tiger, protect yourself and wear a condom from now on --- which you did not do for your wife's health and the children you brought into the world while they were in their mother's womb while having unprotect sex with an army of porn stars and prostitutes.

After all Tiger, protection for yourself is of the highest priority. Forget about everyone else. A wife and children aren't important, eh?

1517 days ago


Anthony, right on Brother! I mean, I can't BELIEVE how these ppl are dogging this man. So much self hate has to be directed at someone I guess...

1517 days ago


Tiger is the one that doesnt like blacks LOL ...

1517 days ago


Tricia has been schooling Anthony and you other racist ...

1517 days ago


Alogonquin; Another ****ing lie to be exposed.

Elin talks about how she found out that TW was cheating. Do you read? She found out about his cheating by finding the condoms he had in his trousers. So you see, ahole , he was protecting his wife and child by using protection.

Now, if you want to believe the skanks who sold their story to the tabliods, then TW, according to them, was not using protection. But somehow I think they had a motive to lie in order to satisfy the pervrse curiousity of the (barely) reading public. Just maybe. LOL

1517 days ago
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