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Larry King, Ryan Seacrest -- Radio Silence

8/26/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry King and Ryan Seacrest have been secretly plotting to relaunch Larry's radio career ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... Ryan is talking to Larry about producing/distributing a new Larry King syndicated radio show, as part of a mega-media deal Seacrest is creating.  BTW, that's how Larry became famous -- radio.

Ryan, whose radio deal with Clear Channel is up in November, has been around town talking to big wigs about creating a multi-media empire, including TV and the Internet. 

Ryan was at dinner last night with DreamWorks Animation Chief Jeffrey Katzenberg -- and we're told they were discussing the plan.

Those damn rich people ...


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Larry King has been crawling up Ryan's a$$ for months on his Twitter page. Just crawl all the way in and STFU, Larry. Nobody gives a crap about you anymore anyway.

The larrykinasaurus should be on display at the natural history museum, not on America's airwaves.


1527 days ago

Ray J.     

Ha, now that's a good one. King's got one foot in the grave - at least on radio, no one will see him falling asleep during an interview. Seacrest and Simon Cowell are on the downlow - that's why he's getting all these opportunities.

1527 days ago

bubba black    

Ryan ought to ask all the people Larry stiffed when he left MIAMI how much HE STILL OWES them...think again R
just ask Neil Rogers

1527 days ago

Austin Rob    

I find Ryan Seacrest ultra-bland. Glad to know it's not just me. He is so ho-hum. I always used to tape Idol so I could forward through his comments/nothingness.

1527 days ago


Here's a thought, why doesn't Hollywood quit playing the freaking games they do so they might get some decent interviews by people who won't give them the time of day because they ask stupid damn questions and try to link them to baggage some fat cat agent/publicist keeps showing down our throats. You know, the ones without any talent. Geez, anymore the public figures out the posers and the PR GURU games before the media finally realizes the crap hit the fan and dried on the walls long ago.

1527 days ago


Anything to hurt Clear Channel, the Fox News of Radio.

1527 days ago


Katzenberg. Isn't he the guy who is closing down the Motion Picture Old Actors Home? Doubt that he likes old people unless he sees them as good for his bottom line. No Deal.

1527 days ago


Larry King going back to radio where it all started? Well, they say you come into the world with a diaper and you go out with a diaper. ...

1527 days ago


Larry King looks like an emaciated catfish!

1527 days ago


Hey Ryan...Silly ***_t, ****s are for chicks!

1527 days ago


Hey Ryan, Silly F_git, d_cks are for chicks.

1527 days ago


Ryan's 15 min of fame has lasted WAY too long, loooooser, foreget him and move on.

1527 days ago


Larry actually tried to shake hands with a paralyzed Christopher Reeves, then went on to discuss Reeves' sex life. I have no clue why he's still on the air.

1527 days ago


Do you haters always wait for new articles so you can display your filth? Are you so lifeless that you have to put down everyone? What brings on this hate for Ryan? Or is this a way to express your jealousy of such lifestyles of Ryan Seacrest, etc?

1526 days ago

Kevin S    

Larry never got famous on radio, he was an overnight jock.

1526 days ago
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