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Erin Brockovich

2,600 New Problems with CA

8/29/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The real Erin Brockovich (aka not Julia Roberts) may have a tough time lawyering her way out of this one -- according to the State of California, the famed corporation-destroyer owes $2,600 in back taxes.

According to the documents, obtained by TMZ, Erin Brockovich, Inc. -- which Erin personally runs -- owes $2,621.55 in unpaid taxes from 2007 and 2008.

Attempts to reach Brockovich were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile -- somewhere else in California -- Julia Roberts is probably doing something really cool and rich person-y.


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Tragic..she had it made until a series of unfortunate incidents. Life sucks sometimes.

1480 days ago


What?? Your actually posting she owes a measly 260...0.00 bucks??? She could drop that at dinner and not even notice. That's more of an oversight than anything... Common guys this is cheesy trivial.... If she owed 2 mill..... Ok, then we have a story.

1480 days ago


Why in the F*** is this news on TMZ?

1480 days ago

sloppy seconds    

wtf? who f'ing cares! $2800? seriously? OMFG! i lose that much in my couch! doesn't mean anything in this case! stfu TMZ! quit trying to make something out of nothing! I owed $21000 to the IRS last year due to an accounting irregularity! Geez! This is the kind of stuff that PROVES you're just groping for a story. Get a life! This lady helped more common folk than you ever will!

1480 days ago


$2000? That ain't about sh*t!

1480 days ago


$2,60...0.00? Puhlease! She should call Wesly Snipes and offer to do his taxes because that jackwipe is going down!

What people don't understand is the fact that it is not a jailable offense to not pay your taxes. It only becomes a crime when you fail to take the time to file a return like Mr. Snipes.

1480 days ago


$260...0 is nothing, probably an oversite. Why would you consider this news!!??

1480 days ago

Jim P    

Gee, I would hope you guys had enough brains to realize that you really aren't considered a true news venue. Then, to write about a woman's back taxes of only 2100 dollars, which, to many, means nothing, especially a lady who helped so many poor families get millions; doesn't say much for you. It looks like you're trying very hard to make news. You're suppose to report the news, not make it up. Come on!!!!

1480 days ago

South Beach    

A couple THOUSAND? That's it? Accounting oversight, Jesus.

Come ON Harvey, between this and the Pitt/New Orleans video, you guys are REALLY looking LAME as of late.

1480 days ago


I am sick of stories like this? 260...0 makes news????? Come on.

1480 days ago

Sean O'Brien    

TMZ you really posted a past due tax notice for 2k

Slow news day!!!!! Come on do some digging and get the real dirt we all love!!!!

1480 days ago


Who cares? Her handbags probably cost that much.

1480 days ago


This is pathetic attempt to get readers. No wonder no one takes TMZ seriously. What a joke of a so called media outlet you are.

1480 days ago


I've had to owe $3,000... who cares. That's nothing, you freakin' morons. Get some real gossip.

1480 days ago


Who cares? Can't believe that you guys are actually posting this.

1480 days ago
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