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NBA Star -- I'm Starting My Own Dream Team

8/29/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Milwaukee Bucks superstar Brandon Jennings wants to hop on the newest NBA trend -- and round up a group of his superstar friends to play on the same team ... a la LeBron James.


Jennings -- who was hanging out at the HAX Gym in L.A. a few days ago -- tells us, "Everybody's trying to team up now to try to beat Kobe."

And after calling out Miami and Boston, dude continued, "So I guess me and Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry should all call each other in the next two years and try to hook up and play on the same team."

Jennings doesn't think all the teaming up is good for the NBA -- adding, "You lose all the competition."

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Sin D    

Ok so how did LA get closed down 'tnight? Plague? Quake? Strike? Ohio was more exciting here tonight...sad.

1515 days ago


Why compete when you can just rig the ring?

1515 days ago


All I have to say is this: Magic, Kareem, Worthy - Duncan, Ginobili, Parker - The Dream, Cassell, Drexler - and last but not least Pierce, Allen, Garnett... Lil boy Jennings, know the history of the game before you say stupid things like that... And Kobe didn't win that championship for LA, Artest did... If Ron Ron didn't show up we would be in Boston for the opening tip of 2010/2011...
And people forget these players have a goal and that is to win a championship, and if you had that opportunity any of us would jump on it... And if that is not your goal Brandon Jennings, tell your GM so he can hive your spot to a kid that has that goal and you can go play rec ball with that horrible form on your jump shot...

1514 days ago


#3 - there's a BIG difference between owners putting together teams and players themselves getting together to make the plans. Pierce, Allen, and Garnett didn't get together for a "summit" and discuss how if they joined forces they could rule the NBA...the Boston front office made that drastic recruitment move after they lost out on the Greg Oden sweepstakes.

Wade, Bosh, and LeDooosh all got together and made the decision themselves, and of course took it to the team of their choosing. I mean you're seriously going to tell me young black guys would rather play in icy Cleveland or exotic Toronto rather than the beaches of Miami where there is hispanic booty all over the place?

So yes, he is RIGHT...players getting together to put together their own dream teams decreases the level of competition in the league.

1514 days ago

Donald Ray    

TMZ, tell your 'reporters' to stay away from pro sports, as they don't have a CLUE. BJ is just finishing his ROOKIE season and you guys call him a "superstar", REDICULOUS!

1514 days ago


#4 You have nooooo idea what you're talking about. If you remember correctly Minnesota had a GM by the name of Kevin McHale that just so happened to be a former Celtic. He basically gave Kevin Garnett away when there where better offers out there. As far as LA.... Gasol used to play for Memphis. Memphis in turn had a GM by the name of Jerry West who just happened to be a former lifetime player and GM of the Lakers. This trade to LA from Memphis was 100 times worse than the latter. Gasol was totally GIVEN away. NBA has always been about a select few teams (only 8/9 teams have ever won the title). It was the players turn and right via free agency to take LESS money and WIN rings. Why keep seeing LA or Boston win?

1514 days ago


He was being sarcastic.

1514 days ago


Ok I can understand what #4 is saying but think about this... KG, said he decided to agree on the trade because they got Ray Allen, so it may not be a sit down summit but it looked like a three player joint effort... And also what $20 mill dollar player has ever had a GM trade him to a team the player wanted to go to any ways with out that $20 mill player agreeing on it... I will bet you included in their contract is a clause that says they have to agree on trades...

I think people are made these guys were smart enough not to pull a Charles Barkley and wait til old age to join with some stars and chase that dream... And lets not forget there are 31 other teams in the NBA... Competition aint went down, it just got better for TV... Now we want to see who can even beat this team, and I bet the 31 other teams are thinking the same thing...

1514 days ago


way to be sarcasted jennings! i hope! lol http://realexclusivenewsnba.blogspot.com/

1513 days ago


Jennings way to be sarcastic! i hope lol http://realexclusivenewsnba.blogspot.com/

1513 days ago


thissss is f***ing comical. i went to HS with this kid. he probably walked away from this laughing his ass off.

1513 days ago

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