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Paris Hilton's BF

Pulled Gun on Intruder

8/27/2010 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the man who allegedly attempted to break into Paris Hilton's L.A. home this week was thwarted by Hilton's boyfriend ... who pulled a gun on the suspect before the dude could get inside.

Law enforcement sources confirm ... Hilton's BF -- Vegas nightclub kingpin Cy Waits -- told police that he and Paris heard loud banging noises coming from downstairs around 6:30 AM Tuesday ... so he grabbed his gun and went to check out the situation.

We're told Cy claims he spotted Nathan Parada peering through a window and carrying two knives -- a large kitchen knife and a buck hunting knife.

Cy immediately went outside -- with his weapon drawn -- and ordered Parada to drop the knives and lay on his stomach.  We're told Cy kept his gun pointed at Parada until cops arrived.

Law enforcement sources also tell us Parada told cops that he had purchased a Star Map on Hollywood Blvd. hours before the incident ... because he wanted to find out where Paris lived.

We're told Parada -- who was booked for felony burglary -- is currently in custody on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Sources close to Paris tell us ... ever since the incident, Hilton's security team has installed several new cameras around the home ... as well as infrared technology designed to spot intruders. Paris has also hired two new bodyguards to protect her around the clock.

According to our sources, Paris has told friends, "Thank God Cy was there, he saved my life."


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Colonel Bleep    

gimmeabreak#47- She was given everything. She's never earned anything on her own. Clearly you are jealous of her. You just admitted it. Obviously you are one who will never earn anything. Get a job and a life loser! Stop posting nonsense.

1515 days ago


I always thought the Star Maps were a bunch of BS.
Guess they're real.

1515 days ago


I womder how many men Paris has screwed in her life. More importantly, what would attract a guy, with money of his her? she really is just an average skank in designer clothes.

1515 days ago


Way to go Cy - Xs is the best club in VEGAS check it out and get in VIP

1515 days ago


@ 49 Colonel Bleep

Your a boldfaced liar! She put together her Brand and the products it sells without a penny of inherited money and she has sales of about half a billion per year. She has so far earned more than she will inherit. The whole world knows how sucessful her perfume line is and that is an example of her business sense.

Go tell your hater B/S lies to the people who live under the rock with you.

1515 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

Spot #53- You would never have heard of this brainless tramp except for her name. She would never have started ANYTHING without someone else's help and money. What is her "Brand?" You are another uneducated jobless pea wit, that has no business posting here. Paris Hilton will always be a brainless skank with losers that idolize her. So go ahead and idolize her. You are a moron.

1515 days ago


To Post #53 - Spot _ I don't understand when you say she used her own money and not inherited money. Where did she get the money to start her own brand and the products she sells? Did she have a job? Was she delivering papers or working at Starbucks? I think any money she had before selling her products and starring in that silly reality show was either froma huge allowance or from inherited money. If I'm wrong, correct me.

You, Colonel Bleep and gimmeabreak are all taking this way too serious, to the point where you guys are attacking each other. Hey, it's almost the weekend. Relax and enjoy it.

1515 days ago


@ Coolonel Bleep,

Your obviously insanely jealous that no one was there for you when you needed help to build your own brand that now brings in tens of millions of dollars a year in net profits. Deal with it loser! /snicker

1515 days ago


I am sure everyone is used to loud BANGING noises at Paris' house.

1515 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

gimmeabreak#56- It has nothing to do with money, because by your own preoccupation with it, you clearly have none. Do you? Paris Hilton has incredibly low self esteem. ANYONE who needs to become famous by performing in her own porno, where she FULLY displays ALL her talent(very little in fact), is a genuine nobody looking for attention. "One Night In Paris" is available ALL over the Internet for free. Watch it and then tell me what a brilliant business person she is. Until then, get on craigslist and look for that elusive job making burritos at Taco Bell.

1515 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

too bad he didnt succeed, then we wouldnt have to read about this c&nt anymore!

1515 days ago

don't think so    

So, does her perfume smell like a stinky *****?

1515 days ago


Pulled a gun but did not pull the trigger what a *****. He could have done us all good one but know he chickened out. Now my taxes have to pay for care of this wierdo.

Gutless dudes in Hollywood who knew?

1515 days ago

Mr Texas    

maybe they should move to Texas....we wouldn't have to worry about a trial because he would be dead.

1515 days ago

don't think so    

She has no talent especially in the sack...I watched her retarded porno and made my man turn it off in 3 minutes, it was that boring! LOL..She is a racist, wonky-eyed spoiled brat who has done nothing positive for the world, even after her arrest. Nobody is jealous of Paris and her Valtrex ass-my life is much more full and meaningful than her fake reality, I am not surprised her man did not shoot her after he found out she has the gift that keeps on giving...

1515 days ago
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