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Paris Hilton -- 'It Wasn't My Purse'

8/28/2010 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton wouldn't be caught dead with the purse that contained cocaine -- and that will be her defense in her Las Vegas cocaine arrest ... TMZ has learned. 

Paris Hilton Cocaine in Purse
Sources who have spoken with Paris since her arrest on the Vegas strip late last night tell TMZ ... she insists the purse -- with what we're told contained a small amount of cocaine -- was not hers.

As we first reported, she's hired powerful Vegas lawyer David Chesnoff to handle the case ... and he already got her sprung without posting bail.

You'll recall Paris used the "the-drugs-weren't-mine" defense in South Africa last month, after being detained by police. No charges were filed against her.

As for the Vegas case, as far as we know she was the only woman in the car that was stopped, but she had been partying at a club prior to the bust where other women and purses were present.


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Also, another thing to add to my previous post....she's up tweeting, as if she's happy as a clam. Without a care in the world. Wanting everyone to think this arrest is nothing to worry about and yet, her boyfriend isn't going to be so lucky as he was BUSTED for a serious offense of DUI and not just drinking but, smoking marijana and driving which I would imagine is pretty serious offense in Vegas and she's acting as if she could care less about his welfare. Wow, I guess she's not that into him or what?!? If I were him...I'd be pissed! Thanks girlfriend of mine for being so worried for me. Then again, we all know, she only cares about herself.

1515 days ago


Why do you think she's so skinny??

1515 days ago


Throw the bitch in prison. None of the average working folk would get this many mulligans!!!
"She was released after authorities determined she was not a flight risk"

And how is she NOT a flight risk?!?? She has lots of money. She has private planes. Nevada isn't her state of residence. That is the very definition of a flight risk!

1515 days ago


She's just as guilty as using the word knifes instead of knives just as she is using cocaine.

1515 days ago

William Sowles    

"Those who rush to judgement, often repent at their leisure."

1515 days ago

Cynthia J    

All you self-righteous, totally SOBER, Pontificating idiots don't have a clue what went on with Ms. no talent Pari**** Hilton's situation. Yeah, "smelling Pot from a car" sounds like probable cause for pulling them over. If I were 28 years old and facing the discouragingly dishonest Govt. we are ruled by--I might snort a few lines myself. Our Country has become a cesspool of money-grubbing, hateful theiving Pigs--there is no hope. Wake-up people.

1515 days ago


I'm sure her purse was a high designer purse worth thousands of dollars, you just don't get those mixed up!!! As someone who carries a designer purse with my my entire life inside, I can assure you that you would never lose track of it or get it mixed up with someone else's purse!!! She'll get a plea bargain for her to tell the court/cops who she bought it from.... They don't want Paris, they want the info on the dealers she bought it from. She'll give up the info to stay out of jail... Just WATCH!!!!

1515 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

I have seen enough episodes of the TV show Cops to know that people don't buy these excuses. All the time the person that gets busted says,"That ain't my drugs. That ain't my car." They get locked up anyway. She is a dumb, spoiled rich bitch.

1515 days ago


if the purse is not hers then it belongs to Cy?

Coke in purse, he tested stoned

Just sayin.....

1515 days ago


I dont mean to be be ugly towards Paris or her family, but I have to say for such a rich beautiful women she is absolute s***!

I know someone that saw her in SA at the WC with a dubie in her hand, both inside and outside the Soccer Stadium, I know for a fact that the Police are as corrupt as hell and a fifty rand note would have got her off scott free,

I sincerely hope this time she is punished just like any other Jow Blow on the streets should be if the same offences are committed!

She is a mess and a total embarrasment - what the kiddies and some adults alike see in this women - as with Voctoria Beckham is beyond me, although I must admit they make me laugh and keep me entertained.

My two cents worth from Holland

1515 days ago


Nicky Hilton has been looking awful skinny lately, maybe Paris took her sisters purse to the club. Still, she shouldn't get off though because if it was anyone else that excuse would not fly.

Posted at 8:28 AM on Aug 28, 2010 by lisa

bullflop, i saw pictures of her from an austrailian fashion show and she looks fine. that leopard print dress was !!!!!. i don't really mean it, because she sure wouldn't pick me as a second choice. but, i wish her boyfriend would somehow screwup so bad she would dump him.

1515 days ago


Is this the best she can do with that charmed life of hers?
What a waste of money and genetic material!

1515 days ago


Your only hope would've been if the cop was following you and got a face full of smoke. Then hope he inhales! Oh well, there's always next time.......

1515 days ago


Not her purse? Meaning, it was stolen?

1515 days ago


With all of that money Paris can always buy her way out of a pickle. It just amazes me that she doesn't get that lazy eye fixed.

1515 days ago
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