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Christina Hendricks

Racks Up at the Emmys

8/30/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

"Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks showed off her two big awards at the Emmys last night.

The 35-year-old beauty really is a huge star.



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Freddy digs UFC    

Geeze a lot of hate from ugly fat women here. Some broad even said Christina looks older than a 86 year old grandmother. Really. Stop hating. Christina is one of the most gorgeous red heads ever. And any man you ever land would happily cheat on you for 1 night with this woman. FACT.

1451 days ago


Implants and the one of her right is higher than the other one.

1451 days ago


One of those weighs more than Kelly Ripa.

1451 days ago

Mc Bride    

Stop hating everyone. I'm in love.

1451 days ago


How quaint, she brought her own cup holder!

1451 days ago


Are you guys serious? Do you see the face this cow-dog has? Most all red heads are fugly. I have natural large breasts, with hourglass curves too but I ain't fat like this. Natural breasts don't look like that (I know she's fat all over the rest of her body which makes guys fall for it and think they're real but you can tell they aren't real because they don't giggle and breasts that big have to giggle like jello natural breasts are mostly of fat and you can see where the implant ends it looks like a balloon at the very top real breasts don't do that. They are only 2 inches away from her collar bone that is a dead give away that they are false. They rest way above the armpit real breasts never rest past the alignment medial to the armpits. Real breasts are never that uneven unless a woman has a medical condition, but this is a common condition with saline breasts implants. So to you people who are fine with plastic surgeries pay me no mine I just don't want the people who hate being lied to, to fall for this.)

1451 days ago


I get that she's well endowed in the chest area, but her dress is just ill fitting.

1451 days ago


she could have really solid real ones which can be stacked up that way, they would be real heavy too, not all big boobs are heavy enough to cause any back problems or sagging, small boobed women just love to imagine the troubles all big breasted ones ' must ' have, lol, yeah, imagine instead having large ones that are not heavy, not especially saggy, causing no troubles with back or anything, and are just lovely and noce to cuddle - like mine - hah!

1451 days ago


Talk about jealousy here! This woman has a perfect body. It's a shame small chested women are quick to shout "implants" at any women with more than an A cup. With her naturally and gorgeous curvy body, anyone with a brain can tell her boobs are real. In real life boobs are not even. This here is what all women should strive to look like. Not some bean pole with hard volleyball t!tties.

1451 days ago



1451 days ago


Her implants are ridiculous.

1450 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

look at the expression on her face as she er displays them- now if a male coworker stares at them- or er notices them- then she gets to sue him and win for sexual harassment??? And I bet while she is modeling them as they fall out of her dress she wants to be treated as an equal and respected for her er mind not her er body not as an object???? Nobody wants to be around when she ages- the attention will fade and so will her ability to light up a room with her errrrrr mind.

1450 days ago


Christina Hendricks looks the way a woman is supposed to look. I hope she gets more roles after this, it's nice to see a woman in Hollywood that doesn't have a 12 year old body. I'm not normally jealous of other women, but I wish I had a curvy body like hers. I really hope the tide turns in Hollywood soon and more women are celebrated for having curvy bodies like hers.

1450 days ago


Those aren't real. Real boobs aren't square.

1450 days ago


personally I Draw the line at C-cups but you can't control nature.... how fortunate for her

1450 days ago
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