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Jesse James & Kat Von D -- Swappin' Spit

8/31/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New couple Jesse James and Kat Von D packed in some serious PDA during a romantic weekend in Texas -- taking walks, holding hands, kissing  ... and riding on motorcycles without helmets.

It's always a risk to ride without protection. 


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I think you are right on your comment and I agree that Kat Von D us mistress number 4.

1458 days ago


Kat Von D + Michelle (Bombshell) McGee + Jesse James = Sex Tapes Nazi Style

1458 days ago


Watch... she'll be shocked when he cheats on her. Cuz he's a dirt bag and she's a moron.

1458 days ago


I think they look good together.

1458 days ago

L. Collier     

Get out of Texas and go back to LA. We don't want you here,
only Sandra. Why did you follow her you creep?

1458 days ago


I'm still in awe on how this man has switch his feelings off so fast. Less than two months ago he was begging for a reconciliation with Sandra and saying she was the love of his life and that he had a huge hole in his heart, and now he is in a relationship with another tat-ho. How do you do that? what kind of man does that? how do you stop loving someone so fast?He is a very cold hearted person. and on top of everything taking the woman to Sandra's backyard, its incredible! And this woman should have also had the decency of not letting Jesse take her to Austin knowing this whole situation. They're two of a kind.
All I hope is that Sandra doesnt let him see little Louis, specially if Jesse is surrounded by these type of people.

1458 days ago


He's creepy he looks like Ed Gein...

1458 days ago


Kat Von D has become such a wh*re since leaving Miami Ink. She's had a different bed partner every year since she moved back to LA. She sold out to Hollywood, she's a tramp, she kicked all her friends to the curb...she's nothing but a loser. JJ deserves her and she deserves him. Trash attracts trash!!!

1458 days ago


It's all about publicity. I think the reason he married Sandra in the first place was for publicity. You can't judge someone by the way they look. But his actions tell me all I need to know about him. He lets his child form a bond with Sandra, then he goes and screws up. He is selfish and doesn't care about anyone but himself. Any woman would be crazy to be involved with him after this. I hope Sandra finds someone who loves her and treats her with the respect she deserves.

1458 days ago


Well... the only thing people can do to show their disappointment with either of these two trolls is to stop watching LA Ink and/or contributing anything towards any project that either of these two are involved with. Anyone who watches LA Ink knows how Kat treats those who have put their lives on hold so that her life is made better. She is selfish, manipulative and thinks the world should revolve around her. It may not make any impact, but I have watched the last episode of LA Ink. As a woman, Kat should be more respectful to a sister (who raved about this P.O.S. at the awards show) and reject his pathetic A$$! It only shows how truly weak she is. She has now settled for a low-life cheater who cares nothing for his family or else he would make a true attempt to stop the embarrassment! Nothing against tattoos, nothing against true love... TOTALLY AGAINST CHEATERS!

1458 days ago


In Texas, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED to wear a helmet!! And really, people, who cares if Jesse is moving on? HE blew it with Sandra....

1458 days ago


So sad for both of these two love birds. He'll grow tired of her very soon. Jesse is remember, u member, a "sex addict." and Kat an ex-drug addict. Jesse needs sex on a total different level. What's with the pot belly KAT? Better watch out because if I recall correctly he did get his ex-Janine pregnant and left her while she was still pregnant with Sunny.....

1458 days ago


This dude definately has a type. He likes them cheap and slutty. Why he was with Sandra is a mystery. Sorry, but Kat is gross and her makeup sucks.

1458 days ago


Nice match! He continues to prove he was never worthy of Sandra. These 2 are nasty!!

1458 days ago


EEEEWWW......germ carriers........

1458 days ago
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