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Paris Hilton --

My Girlfriend's Coke

8/30/2010 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton is telling her friends the cocaine Las Vegas cops found in her purse was not hers -- it was probably her girlfriend's.

Paris' close friends are telling TMZ ... Hilton now says one of her friends recently borrowed the purse in question and "probably" put cocaine inside.  Paris says she got the bag back but never checked the contents.

It's slightly different from the "It's-not-my-purse" defense, but it's the same theme.

Paris is telling friends, "I had no idea the cocaine was there.  I swear on my life."

According to Hilton, she was eating sushi at the Wynn hotel with boyfriend Cy Waits, sipping a little wine.  Paris says she was tired and Cy offered to drive her home and then return to the hotel to work.

Paris is telling friends, "It could be a setup.  Everyone knows how against cocaine I am."

And there's this ... Paris is saying she believes the cops who stopped the car were "star-struck and blew the whole thing way out of proportion."


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If any cop tried to sell the story, fire them immediately.

1515 days ago


Seriously? Maybe God will take her up on that offer of
"swearing on her life"

1515 days ago


you are the most unluckiest person I know and you hang around people who use just to many drugs. Give it up you druggy you know it's your crap as soon as they piss you, your going to come up dirty. Everyone knows it's your you just look dumber saying it's not.

1515 days ago


Stupid Rich people. Always losing track of their cocaine.

1515 days ago


Why was she not given a urine/blood test when the coke was found?

1515 days ago


if it's in your purse, you are in possession...of course Daddy's money will get her off. (maybe they will send her to the slammer for 2 days and she can have another breakdown.)

1515 days ago

Jeffrey Bradley    

Uh, so what? If it is in her purse, she is in possession of it. She needs better friends if they are putting coke in her purse unbeknown to her. Sadly, this will probably work. For her at least. Let me try that defense, and see you 10-20.

1515 days ago


She is so gross. Go away Paris!

1515 days ago


She's such an *******.

1515 days ago


She such an *******.

1515 days ago


Lets hope we get some more pics of her crying her ass off to jail!!!!

1515 days ago


As if any LVPD officer is "starstruck" by seeing yet another fake blond celeb has-been! Vegas is full of drugged out bimbos...just another routine traffic stop. Gotta love how all of Paris' "close friends" are all selling out every conversation with Paris. Nice to have such loyal buddies!

1515 days ago


You probably should have used that story from the beginning, Paris, because I found at least three photos of you on the internet where you were holding a sparkly clutch bag and it looks to be the same one in each photo, and I bet it's the same one you had that night.

1515 days ago


Name names Paris. Who is the friend? Who are you going to blame for this one, not that any judge will believe you. I am sure you know better than to name an actual person because then you will be open to slander charges.

You are such a bitch. I hope your grandfather disinherits you once and for all.

1515 days ago


I thought it was a 'lohan breath mint'

1515 days ago
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