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Sam Ronson -- Focus of Criminal Investigation

8/31/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a criminal investigation underway in connection with the fatal attack involving Samantha Ronson's dog.

Sam Ronson's Dog

Officials from the County Department of Animal Care & Control tell TMZ there is a criminal investigation underway to determine cause of death for Tiger, the 3-pound Maltese that was killed after Sam's bulldog, Cadillac, got out of her apartment unit yesterday.

We're told Ronson -- who was sleeping at the time of the attack -- is the subject of the criminal investigation.  

An Animal Control official tells us they will be looking at the circumstances of the attack and Cadillac's propensity for violence.  As we first reported, Cadillac had attacked another dog a while back and had actually just come home from a 3-week socialization program.

Animal Control tells us this could be a 2 to 3 month investigation.


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dirty diana    

the dog needs to be put down...... instead of being shipped to the east coast!!! what does she think , it won't bite east coast dogs?!?!?

1517 days ago

Deryk Devanz    

She's responsible for her dog sleeping or not.
And how did the dog get out? By opening the front door?
Either way, Looks like Sam will have to pay up!
That's Celebrity Justice for ya!

1517 days ago

Allen T    

It will probably take 2 to 3 months to determine which one is the dog and which is Ronson.

1517 days ago


Murderer!!!!Kill the dog the same way! get a tiger to rip the dam dog into pcs. Then procescute the owner for animal crualty
and give her a year in jail

1517 days ago


This is S.O.P with a fatal animal to animal attack. Let's not blow it out of proportion, TMZ.

1517 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

See what happens when you hang around Lindsay Lohan!!

Just effing with ya but, karma is a b*tch when you laugh at other peoples pain. It was YOU laughing at Tila getting hurt wasn't it?!?! I don't like all but, when you laugh at other peoples pain...bad things will happen to you and you just got hit upside the head with KARMA!!

Posted at 12:56 PM on Aug 31, 2010 by Dani


what does karma have to do with it? it's not like ronson was the one that got hurt... not even the dog

i don't know what your definition of karma is...

1517 days ago


We DONT want to killer dog over her on the East Coast..WTF! Deal with your problems the right way Sam...Take care of your business! SKANK

1517 days ago


****!! Caddy will probably be put down instead of this skinny ass hole! TMZ thx 4 NOT censoring like RadarOnLine, thank you!!
Hoooooray 4 MAX, DAX, MIKE & CHARLES!!!!

1517 days ago


@ Squeaky Shoes

Laughing at Tila getting hurt, now she's going to get hurt with a criminal investigation and possible law suit...damages...possibility her dog will have to be put down due to being too vicious and dangerous. She's going to hurt now, herself and people are laughing at her pain.

1517 days ago


SamRo just can't win.
Not biologically a man, so she gets no respect like other men.
Couldn't be less feminine, so no one's ever gonna treat her like other women.
Best bet for her is to hook up with Rosie O'Dyke... she's always looking for new clam.
Sucks to be you, eh "sister"?

1517 days ago


A two to three month investigation into why; one dog roaming free and another dog also wandering free got into a fight and the much smaller one ended up dead.
California is bankrupt, in debt up to the eyes of a giant, and they have money to burn on this type of nonsense.
Sam, be fair, bury the other guy a new dog and get a cage for your dog and keep him in the cage or on a leash.
Voters in California, do something!

1517 days ago


Like a lot of new dog owners, Samantha should have read a book or stuff on the internet about dog breeds BEFORE she went looking to buy one. She should have read the whole book about the particular needs for that dog breed too. If people would just research dog breeds before they buy that cute puppy, a LOT fewer dogs and cats would end up being euthanized or abandoned on the streets.

If Samantha wasn't willing to do all the usual things you need to do with the bulldog breed then she should have never gotten it in the first place. It's usually the dog OWNER who could have prevented situations like this maltese dog getting killed.

Read this about bulldogs from the above website:

If I were considering buying or adopting an American Bulldog

My major concerns would be:

#4 ANIMAL AGGRESSION. Many American Bulldogs will not tolerate another dog of the same sex. Some American Bulldogs have strong instincts to chase and seize cats and other fleeing creatures. If anything goes wrong in the breeding, SOCIALIZING, TRAINING, HANDLING, or MANAGEMENT of this breed, it is capable of seriously injuring or KILLING other animals.

1517 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Sam's dog was only imitating what it saw Sam and Lindsay doing to eachother!

1517 days ago


I'm not going to blame the dead dog for what happened. Ronson's dog did the killing. He needs to be put down and Ronson should have to pay for this in some way, either with money or jail. That 3 lb dog could have been a small child.

1517 days ago


if convicted, does it mean jailtime for skeletor? they'd better make special prison cell for her coz she/he could easily squeeze her way out of it. better not, just put her in a kennel!

1517 days ago
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