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Dog-Eat-Dog Victim Had a Future in Modeling ...

8/31/2010 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger -- the 2-year-old Maltese allegedly killed by Sam Ronson's bulldog yesterday -- wasn't just some mangy mutt ... she had a career going for herself as a professional doggy model.


Just last month, Tiger -- 14-years old in dog years -- hit the runway for the "Pattern for Paws" charity dog fashion show in West Hollywood ... but it also appears she hit the bottle.

Tiger, seen above next to a glass of chardonnay sauvignon blanc, had her vices like any up and coming model ... but she also had spirit ... a spirit that was silenced far too soon due to unnecessary dog-on-dog violence.

Last night, Sam Ronson -- whose doggy Cadillac is accused of carrying out the alleged murder -- tweeted the following message, "I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am."


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ami smath    

Ha Ha Ha, losers

1522 days ago


What's really funny is the tweet ahole Ronson sent out before the messages about the dog. It was making fun of Paris Hilton getting arrested for coke.
Karma is a beyotch.
Your dog probably attacks because it has mental problems from having a miserable b*tch for an owner.

1522 days ago


Poor cute little dog, what would have happened if it were children? I can't wait for you to get sued.

1522 days ago


Maybe Sam could be sent out of state? How many rabid biotches can CA have running around mad in the noon day sun?

1522 days ago


Kinda ****ty for you guys to be making fun of that dog. If my dog was mauled to death I would be devastated. That dude sam would get a busted nose from me that's for sure.

1522 days ago


Was that bulldog provoked by that little dog? If not, then why would the bulldog attack?
If there was no reason at all, then Ronson's dog should be put to sleep forever.
By the way, as far as I am concerned the same goes for people who kill without any reason. Don't put them in jail or try any rehab: just put them to sleep forever. It saves us a lot of money.

1522 days ago


I agree with comment #6. At least the part about pet behavior being a reflection of their owners. I know this isn't a scientific observation - but I've witnessed the truth of this all my life. I think the fact that Sam Ronson had a dog that would kill in an apparently unprovoked attack says a lot about Sam Ronson.

1522 days ago


Is that dog even real??

But whatevs... I hate dogs!

1522 days ago

Mr Baxter    

I smell a lawsuit.

1522 days ago


That dog suffered a painful death. Ronson should be sued because the next time it may be a child who is mauled.

1522 days ago


when good dogs go bad......stay tuned

1522 days ago


So sorry for the owner of Tiger the Maltese! What a beautiful dog!
Ronson is a horrible pet owner for not monitoring or controlling that bulldog Cadillac. Where the heck was Ronson?

1522 days ago

Howard Beale    

You are correct, Sam: There are no words to describe how sorry you are. However, there are other words like "sleazy," "toxic" and "skanky" that get the job done.

1522 days ago

Snow White    

Who cares? This kind of stuff happens in every city, every day. Why go on and on about this one? Slow news day?

1522 days ago


"Dog eat Dog victim had a future in modeling" - I'm outraged how this story is reported. There is absolutely nothing funny about what happened to this little dog. This dog was not an object or a toy. This post reaffirms the widespread belief that dogs don't deserve empathy and therefore supports a view that leads to abuse. Such a thoughtless and unloving comment reflects badly on the author and TMZ.

1522 days ago
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