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Axl Rose Storms Off Stage after Flying Bottle Incident

9/2/2010 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Axl Rose shut down a live concert in Ireland last night to yell at the crowd after multiple people fired bottles onto the stage during their performance ... and it was all caught on tape.

Rose -- who literally called for his band to stop playing their instruments during their first song "Welcome to the Jungle" -- warned the crowd that he would pack up his stuff and leave if they kept up the shenanigans.

Of course, the crowd started to boo ... and Rose eventually walked off stage.

We're told the crowd was pissed because the band started their show more than 90 minutes behind schedule.

Eventually -- after several concert officials apologized to crowd -- Rose and company came back on the stage and finished the show.


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1. Axl has always been late...amzing he is still relevant.
2. People are stupid.

1511 days ago

Sad sad    

Axl knows how to get media attention. This is nothing new. People keep throwing stuff on stage because they get a reaction out of him. He's always an hour to 2 hours late. As far as the bottles go Why should he stand up there and get hit? I don't fault him for leaving. He actually warned the crowd first rather nicely. They continued and he left. I wonder though why he goes on so late. Maybe he has performance anxiety.

1511 days ago


I've been to a lot of concerts over the years and seen some of the best acts in rock. And Axl trumps them all. Like a few others have said, it's GNR - there's a 20-30 year precedent of them being late and causing trouble. That's what built the reputation of rock n'roll. Deal with it. Definitely worth every penny I spent to see them and I'd go see them tomorrow if they were coming by. Much better than Velvet Revolver.

1511 days ago

Axl has been pulling the late stunt for years...I saw him in Philly where the band was supposed to come on stage at 9:00pm and they didn't come out until 11:30pm. What a shame he ruined one of the best bands.

1511 days ago


Does Axl actually think it's still 1990?

1511 days ago


as a band member myself whats the big deal 90 minutes is nothing...more time to party..these guys put on one hell of a show and it takes preparation to go in front of 20 or 30 thousand people.In my book Slash sucks and he did not make the band,,the band made him..90 minutes big deal

1511 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Who are these pathetic fans who still pay to see that fool. Whoever pays to see this gig deserves to get ripped off.

1511 days ago


What is with all the bottle throwing idiots? I'm getting tired of hearing about these fools. Someone ban bottles already. Yes, they were late - so walk out - or boo them. Throwing stuff is the physical violence of monkeys. You put yourself into a position to wait, so get over yourselves. Tools.

1511 days ago


time to change to paper cups.

1511 days ago


He actually sounded good in that short clip. His singing voice has been nonexistent for years; he hasn't been able to hit the high notes for some time. However, GNR should not make their fans wait that long and they shouldn't throw bottles.

1511 days ago


wow, some things never change! in the mid nineties axl was notorious for showing up late, walking off stage in a huff, ending concerts early after playing only a song or two, or just not showing up for concerts at all! back then he used to blame his drug, alcohol, and mental problems...but these days I'd say its probably just because he's a washed up old douche! if you can't take the heckling don't try to work in show business dumbass!

1511 days ago


Friend was at the show last night, started 90 mins late and they played 3 1/2 songs! house lights went up after gnr's walked off so most people left, 40 mins later they came back on to finish the gig. Cheapest seat in the venue was 72 euros- what a waste of cold hard cash.

People also need to understand that a lot of people were using public transport to go to the gig and the last bus in Dublin is at approx 11.30 weeknights, so prima donnas showing up to start the show at 10.30 when they should have started at 9 are going to piss people off.

1511 days ago


Its all about respect...And a bit growing older...Axl wants to play for you all...I doubt he has to...I guess its even a bit lame for him anymore...we all grow...But if the music is truly in your soul that shines threw..who wants to get blasted with anything while they are preforming..But then again you were all just having fun out there...We all need to be a bit more selfless and by pass the selfish..Rock On

1511 days ago


Wasn't his 15 minutes of fame over years ago?

1511 days ago


1.Don't throw stuff at the performers.

2. Performer should be on time.

3. If people throw stuff, don't be surprised if the performer(s) walks.

1511 days ago
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