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Axl Rose Storms Off Stage after Flying Bottle Incident

9/2/2010 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Axl Rose shut down a live concert in Ireland last night to yell at the crowd after multiple people fired bottles onto the stage during their performance ... and it was all caught on tape.

Rose -- who literally called for his band to stop playing their instruments during their first song "Welcome to the Jungle" -- warned the crowd that he would pack up his stuff and leave if they kept up the shenanigans.

Of course, the crowd started to boo ... and Rose eventually walked off stage.

We're told the crowd was pissed because the band started their show more than 90 minutes behind schedule.

Eventually -- after several concert officials apologized to crowd -- Rose and company came back on the stage and finished the show.


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What people don't understand is that Axl Rose has been doing this for decades. Back in the Guns 'n' Roses days they would take 90 minutes to set up their shows too.

When they toured with Metallica and Faith No More, they did the same thing. Metallica went on first, and everyone was having a good time. Then everyone had to wait 90 minutes for Guns 'n' Roses to come on.

Tell me how irritated you would be if you had to wait that long for a show to start. And when the crowd was either half passed out or tired and not going crazy for them like they were Metallica, Axl got mad and threw down his microphone 3 different times in the show.

I really don't blame these people for getting irritated. People pay a lot of money these days to see a show (and especially in Ireland -- having lived there, tickets are expensive).

Axl Rose = douchebag

1519 days ago

Steven Adler    

This is exactly why Def Karaoke Jam wrote the song about this guy...

1519 days ago


I would've loved to see GNR in their prime (the real band, not Axl and his hired help), but I still can't advocate throwing stuff at the band.

1519 days ago


Buckethead could have filled in during the 90 minute wait and still have plenty left to upstage this prima donna.

1519 days ago


I'm not saying you should throw bottles at live acts. But I can sympathize with their frustration. Hell, even back in the Guns 'n' Roses days I could see him acting like a primadonna because they were so big back then. But he doesn't have that same fame now to act like that.

Your fans buy your albums and they're the ones that will help your comeback. If you piss them off and treat them like crap then you bite the hand that feeds you. Totally unprofessional and seems like he has no plans on ever acting professional since he's done it for all this time.

1519 days ago


What do you expect out of Axl? No one in the hard rock/heavy metal world can stand him. He's been like this forever and if the crowd was dumb enough to expect anything else that is there problem.

TMZ, you get points for not mentioning Guns n' Roses by name. While Axl has the rights to the name, this band is the Axl Rose band. G'n'R ended in the early 90s and could only exist again with Slash and at least one other original member.

1519 days ago

D Vann    

We seen G & R years ago. Axl, without doubt, is the most ungrateful performer we had EVER seen. The show began almost 45 minutes late and he was always leaving the stage like a brooding child! What a class act.....NOT!! This was simply a waste of energy, time, and MY money. Slash rocked tho!

1519 days ago

Brian Griffith    

This brings back memories from the original G&R. I have a friend
that toured with G&R replacing Izzy Stradlin on the European tour right after Izzy left the band. My friend (JOIE M.) calls Axel "******* ROSE" and it is well deserved. AXEL oversized ego & childesh tantrums destroyed one the greatest bands of my generation. THANKS ******* ROSE!!! You should be the member of the new G&R with
a Bucket over your head!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME LOSER!!!!!!

1519 days ago

80's man    

yall got nothin better to do than talk about axl? that guy got more ass than every one of you losers combined!

1519 days ago

JD Larson    

It's a shame that GNR broke up. They will never be the same without Duff and Slash. They were the biggest rock band in the world. I would not pay to see them now.

1519 days ago

Billy Idle    

Skrew Axehole Rose! He will soon be singing a different song when nobody buys his crap. Fans will turn and the money tap will squirt dust. Money grubbing promoters will put a fork in it and move on. Pretty soon people will be saying Axehole WHO?

1519 days ago


Axl needs to practice what he preaches. "Wake up, It's time for GNR to die" Just Saying...

1519 days ago


Many years ago, I saw them play and ******* Rose threw a bottle into the crowd. He didn't care who was hit by it, he just flung it off the stage. Mind you, this was a glass bottle. Twenty years later, the same thing happens in reverse. Oh well. Whats's good for the goose....

1519 days ago


too bad the bottle didn't hit him square in teh mouth to shut up the no talent bum.

Another waste of a human

1519 days ago


Ehh, I was there so lets try getting some facts straight. They were 90 mins late. Unacceptable. There is a curfew of 23:00 in the O2 Arena in Dublin for noise pollution in the local community so everything has to shut then. Axl decides to wander on at 22:30. People were of course annoyed. 75 Euro a ticket. Someone throws a water bottle (plastic) and not at him. He behaves like a Diva and starts giving out.

Then decides to walk. Cue much deserved booing from outraged fans.

Axl, you;re getting 75 Euro from each fan, thats hard earned money in these times so stop being a wailing Diva and just get on stage in time...

1519 days ago
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