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T.I. and Tiny -- His and Hers Mug Shots

9/3/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shots taken by T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle -- right after they were arrested on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood late Wednesday night. 

TI and Tiny Mug Shots

As we first reported, the newlyweds were arrested around 10:18 PM after cops say they were in possession of a controlled substance. We're told the substance in question is ecstasy.

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i feel bad for t.i and tiny if he hears 1 more time that his wife is ugly. you know he picked her for a reason and maybe it's not her looks tiny is very intellegent and she does have a good head on her shoulders they thugged their relationship out this long they were just meant to be. alot of chicks are mad cause they think t.i could have done better but i feel that he loves her and the chicks thats hating there's a reason why he didn't pick you think about it lol

1505 days ago


Hey, Tiny looks like Phil Spector in his mug shot! (With hair, of course)

1505 days ago

Patti Walton    

Here for all the world to see, are the mugshots of T.I. and his wife, Tiny. I am very disappointed in T.I. for his lack of sound judgment and hopes he will finally really and truly turn his life around. He needs to lose this woman also until she turns her life around also. I would like to know why TMZ posts mug shots of all famous celebrities here on their website with no problem at all -- yet, where in the world is the mugshot of CONRAD MURRAY after his arrest? Why does TMZ not have his mugshot to show to the world, and why, if there is one, has it not been released to any media outlet by LACS or LAPD? Very strange, indeed, TMZ.

1505 days ago


TI And Tiny are going down becuase they aint white like paris and Lindsey. Lindsey is white and rich and so is paris, so they get off. TI and Tiny are the wrong color so they going to jail for a very long time

1502 days ago


Why is there a difference made between African American celeb's and White Celeb's.......for example Paris and Lindsey got off with a slap on the wrist, they are going to try put T.I and Tiny under the jail. What is good for one should be good for all. How many times are the white celeb's going to get off with just a slap on the wrist??? I'm just asking

1500 days ago

sasha evans    

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...STOP F*CKING HATING...none of you were there, who was there??? not one person who posted an ole' hating lame ass comment!!! I am not saying it's right but my goodness PEOPLE the majority of you wanna be that chic cuz she got the n*gha. S.T.F.U. yea i said it shut the f*ck up!!! that's for you hating mofo's. and T.I. come on baby, you know people wanna see you fall from grace guy (thats the only way they would have a chance to get close to where you are) Come on baby still in there now lets do it, dust this sh*t off and keep it moving. Tiny, a man is only as strong as the woman behind him...get it together mama. take care stop hating folks, read a book if you dont have anything else to do... Latte'

1499 days ago

sassy t    

no let me tell you what pisses me off. here i am a wife a mother a cake maker and a singer, that is trying to make my career as hot as his and hers put together. God has really blessed them i am so tired of people like them coming up and messing up. the bible says the wicked will be last and the just will be 1st. so its all the in the bible...

1499 days ago

Netta Harris    

it's all tiny. i'm sorry but it is. she's prob the one responsible for tip gettin locked up the first time...stupid ****ing hag. i mean come on she always on drugs. she was found with drugs the first time he got locked up. it's sad but look at her back when she was singing to her now pic. this clearly shows us what drugs can do to a person. tip hasn;t changed...i'll let him smoke weed. **** i would smoke weed too if i was stuck with BABE. but he doesn't do that extra ****. the evidence is there in front of all your faces. he ****ed up once with guns. but thats it. tiny ugly ass is an embarassment to him. don't u people catch the slick comments tip makes about her? he deals with her the same reason why i deal with my mistake. the kids. i got 4 and it's not that ****in easy to say dueces to the one you been with for soooo long and got kids hoping mommy and daddy stay together. It's tough. the only way i would leave my husband would be if tip finaly gets rid of tiny. then me and him can hook up and run my empire. he is the realist mofo in the game right now just was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. i kno i have been and am still fighting bs ass charges in court for **** that had nothing to do with me...just my name on the lease. so stop hating on tip. it's not his fault. it's tinies...and bitch i hope u readin this because i'm waiting for you to come here so i can catch ur ass on the streets. you want to run game on the best? u got karma comming to give you a beatdown u should of got a long time ago. think ur nose ****ed up now?

1492 days ago

Ms Yola    

It sounds like a setup situation by the feds. Very fishy....Those pills being tested can easily be switch when being tested. What a f--ked up situation for these guys.

1492 days ago


Get a brain and a life people, there is an apparent problem here and who are you to judge on looks, (love has no face) or anything for that matter! As someone that has been there and done that, i say to Clifford & Tameka, "i feel your pain and can fathom with your wrong decision", this to shall pass, be strong and believe in yourselves, there are real people with real problems out here, aside from your celebrity status, i'm here for you and can give you hope and advice, not as a fan but as a friend. The strong survive and the weak prey, so PRAY for others not as fortunate!

1475 days ago


like omg i cant even think about this happening

1467 days ago

jade rose    

people pleez. yeah they both should know better for their kids sake if nothing else but how the lady looks has got nothing to do with it stop hating because t.i can see deeper than the fake hair and boobies with the zero iq he meets everyday he does a video shoot. Mama was probably there for him before he even became a name remember tiny was the brains behind tlc's Waterfall. But girl needs to learn from this and not make the same mistake

1463 days ago

John Doe    

She looks like Miss Piggy. Oink...oink :)

1463 days ago


I want to believe that this is a set up, I saw TI do an interview on TYRA show, and he swore he made a mistake and will never get in trouble again. Tyra was so impressed with his intellect, wonder how disappointed she is with him? should I believe he is so stupid to get caught with drugs, whilst he is on probation?, I do believe it is a set up. The truth will come out I hope.
I love TI, he is an intelligent young man, and we should pray for him.
God speed TI, I will be praying for you my son.

THAT WIFE OF HIS, MAAAN the chick is ugly with a capital U, but it is, or was his wife, he must love her, beyond her ugliness, there must be something good, but now with this drug bust, I don't know!

1463 days ago


ur show is the **** u an her r working it boo

1031 days ago
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