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Chris Klein to Judge -- I'm So Sorry

9/3/2010 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Klein just pled no contest to one count of DUI and was sentenced to 96 hours in jail ... after apologizing for what he did.

We got this pic of Klein at the courthouse this AM in connection with his June bust on an L.A. freeway where he was driving with a .24 -- three times over the legal limit.  He was driving at 3:00 AM with his dog in the vehicle.

Klein was sentenced to the minimum for a second DUI offender -- 96 hours in jail ... time he has already served. He could have received up to 1 year in jail, but the judge recognized he had taken steps to get better by checking into a rehab clinic where he stayed for two months.

Klein, who was in court with Blair Berk -- who seems to handle 90% of celebrity cases.  The judge also imposed 4 years probation and required Klein to drive a car with an alcohol interlock device.  And he must attend an alcohol ed program.

Klein said to the judge, "I apologize for my wrongdoing and I really appreciate the court giving me the opportunity to prove how seriously I took all of this."


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96 hours ?
THREE times the legal limit
Blair Berk is awesome

1456 days ago


Blair Berk will continue to book 90-100% of celebrity as long as they continue to get off. I do think Chris at least voluntarily went into rehab and seems to have taken it seriously. Hello.....Lilo!

1456 days ago

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Holy snowballs! 96 hours for your 2nd DUI. What a crock of poop.

1456 days ago


This shows how vindicative and harsh Judge Revel was
This dude was 3 times the legal limit and all he got was 4 years of summary probation and he has to attend an alcohol ed program.
Also when he is allowed to drive again he has to an ignition interlock device.
Nothing about no alcohol or being subject to random testing or being put on formal probation or being sent to court ordered rehab when he has already completed 2 months.

Lindsay did go to rehab TWICE after each DUI and her plea deal was contigent on her completing the program at the Cirque Lodge.
It wasn't like she got another DUI or tested positive for drugs when she violated her probation. She actually completed the program within the deadline just failed to attende every week.
All her progress on probation was ignored.

1456 days ago


Wait a minute, Blair Berk also repped Kiefer who, like Klein was also on probation for a previous DUI, and Kiefer got 48 days and Klein only got 96 days?!

1456 days ago


Yeah all he gets is a 96 hours in jail. What utter bull**** is that. He should get more than that. People who drive drunk know that is wrong. They are not children. WTF?

1456 days ago


Chris Klein wasn't on probation when he got his DUI Kiefer was.
Also Kiefer served the full amount of time because he paid for a private jail instead of going to a county one.

1456 days ago


All the celebs get a pat on the back sorta speak 96 hours in jail but yet us common people get pulled over booked and spend a lot more time in jail because we don't have that type of money I think its BS and wrong hey they are human just like us but yet they have the money and the high profile lawyers to get them a plea deal so they can be on there merry way I wish I WISH that one judge would just step up and say look YOU DID THE CRIME NOW YOU DO THE TIME and not 96 hours in the pokie.

1456 days ago


Maybe He has some unresolved issues about losing Katie to Tom Cruise.
I mean,how would You feel if You fell in love with a girl and all of a sudden some mega star decides He wants to marry her and brainwash her in his cult?

1456 days ago


Probably some unresolved issues.
Maybe some about a certain mega star swooping in and stealing His fiance.

1456 days ago


I don't think Klein was in probation for his first DUI. I think the first DUI was 4 or 5 years ago, so he was off and if he had a great lawyer, got his record expunged. Hence, this would be seen as a first offense from a legal standpoint.

1456 days ago


#5- It was stated that Lindsey must go every week and she not only failed to do this but didn't even seem to care. She to hurry to finish the classes in time because she knew the judge wasn't playing around (she had time to party and go all over the world though).I think the person that got off the easiest was Nicole Richie. How the hell did she get an extension for having kids when she was able to attend numerous hollywood premieres, charity works, etc. She turned her life around but she isn't above the law.

1456 days ago


All I have to say is that Chris manned up and took responsibility for what he did. He voluntarily went to rehab for 30 days and then asked for 30 more day (from my understanding) That speaks volumes to a judge.

1456 days ago


He's from Omaha, a city full of drunks. This isn't surprising.

1456 days ago


don't drop the soap douschbag

1456 days ago
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