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Lindsay Lohan Stroller Accident

No Harm, No Foul

9/3/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An eyewitness to the alleged Lindsay Lohan "hit-and-run" tells TMZ ... the photogs who sold the after-the-fact video are lying.

The eyewitness -- a photographer -- says Lindsay was leaving her apartment building Wednesday (not yesterday) and was turning onto Holloway Drive with a green light.  The photog says Lindsay "ever-so-slightly tapped the stroller -- like 1 mile an hour." 

The photog says Lindsay pulled over, asked the nanny pushing the stroller if everything was okay and was told everyone and everything was fine, so she drove off.

The story conflicts with the photogs who shot video after the incident.  One of them -- Brayan Jaime -- told TMZ ... Lindsay ran a red light and called the impact "a major hit" ... causing 3 wheels on the stroller to leave the ground.  Jaime says Lindsay fled the scene.

So far ... no one has gone to the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department to file a report.


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Dear Lindsay,
We just want to let you know a little something that is going on with your neighbors. The Mommies introduced themselves to you via this site, because we have been assured you read here.
We do NOT want to torment you Lindsay. We do not wish you harm or have ANY interest in seeing you legally prosecuted or punatively inflicted with any more suffering than you are already going through. We are woman and we know no one is as strong as you are trying to be, and now you have neighbor problems, and we don't care if you booze, or if you sleep with girls or boys or both, or shave your head like Brittney or flash your bobbies at you PO. OK. We don't want to change you, we want to live in the same city with you and not be afaid of taking an afternoon walk because you are going bezerk in the neighborhood OK. We are part of the people that are interested in seeing you go to some type of in patient facility, so that you will be protected, in addition to those around you. Girl, everybody knows where you live and your hiding out and refusing to address hitting a babystroller, with a baby in it, a toddler in tow, and a very scared woman who is afraid to come forward because she is afraid of you. Mexico SUCKS these days you know Lindsay, because people demand COCAINE. We are not here to tell you you are a terrible person, that is between you and God,and possibley you and the state of California. Lindsay-Lou, we know damn well why you are NOT speaking. You cannot say that a pack of mothers in your neighborhood are UNREASONABLE for asking you if this story is true. Are We? We don't want an interview, We wouldn't peddle a word you say, until you have seen God with your very own eyes, we aren't really that interested in YOU. OK. And "seeing God" is possible Lindsay, if you take the time to look, and you are of humble heart.
You know you are not welcome in a lot of places. Studios, shudder.
I can't say anything about what is going to happen to you, we are not interest in running your life, making your choices that DO NOT EFFECT THE POTENTIAL SAFTEY OF CHILDREN.
Dina, why haven't you said a word, when you always have plenty to say. We are your Frik-in Sisters. Lindsay is our neice, if not our daughter too. You are not dealing well as an instructor or aid. We do not judge you, wild ones are hard. But you both have to stop fighting that this situation is somehow OK, and we're all now going to be neighborly and just get along in a getting along with ya way.
Lindsay, we do NOT want to overwhelm you. You need LEGAL councel, we don't want to mob you, or drag you on Jerry Springer, we want you to tell us what happened and what's next as far as neighbor saftey. This is reasonable request. This is a small neighborhood and you are a walking time bomb.
Please be reasonable. Issue a statement through Holly. And LISTEN to her Lindsay, you're buddies aren't going to keep you out of prison.
Where is your therapist, where is your shrink. These people are not your friends, they are not your bosses, they are your CONSULTANTS. You need to listen to what people say, and think it through. You are running on impulses, and the Mommies can tell you unanimously that, damn it, you kids slam your head into walls..HARD, when you do that.
You aren't an ******* Lindsay, you are IMPAIRED for reasons they don't seem to know. You may very well have literal holes in your brain from using Meth. Your judgement is off the wall poor, beyond chance. You are doing something wrong somewhere. This is not all just happening to you. Pay attention, figure it out.
Mommies are watching you, with cameras and we intend at this time to leave you alone as much as possible and give you some time to get your head a little in order. Your career is done, for now, and you are not welcome in "Hollywood" in the residential crowd. Take the time to not basque in the heartache of your rejections, but try to figure out a way out. Reflection and BLAMING are luxuries for Analysis. You need to take care of urgent priorities and quit worrying about your damn tans and those silly lips. Priorities on things that will MOVE you forward. It is not your career, at this time.
We humbling request a response to the Mommies through Holly, don't get on the lawyer carrosol again. We have no time for games, and it is our dearest desire to perhaps ROLE MODEL for YOU how women in our society today can handle serious problems while still remaining "Ladies". We are your sisters, your aunts, and your Grandmas, and you might even have an Uncle Jerry in the batch, you just never know.
Lindsay..Please, we don't want to interogate you,we don't want an interview. JUST ONE QUESTION PLEASE:
What do we tell our children tommorow when they want to go out for a walk and then stop and ask, "Is that Lindsey lady here?"

We are sorry to hurt you sister....but we are MOMMIES. If it ever happens for you, then you will know why we are insisting that you are fair with us.

We will try to give you a few days without contact, so that you may rest and THINK.
Lindsay I can assure you that not one of us here wants to HARM you, O.K.? This is just something Good Mommies HAVE to do.....Please note Dana.
We are truly sorry for the anquish you must be in. The sooner you deal with things before you Lindsay, the sooner you MOVE ON!
We pray for your healing and the protection of all.

1455 days ago


I didn't assume anything you said YOUR 40 million dollar movie, what does that say to you? I am not saying she didn't bump the stroller, I am asking where is the proof? That video showed nothing for people to jump all over her. You want her to prove she didn't do it. Thats not possible. If I had a picture of you on a street corner and said I saw you picking your nose and eating it. Prove you didn't.

1455 days ago


No problem with holding off on a guilty verdict, she will not be proven INNOCENT until she is QUESTIONED. This is not a point of law, it is point of social issue.
There are no claims of anyone being a director here. There are many in position of "power" in industy that effect Lindsay. You assume a lot.
This isn't about LINDSAY so much as it is about no one seems to be taking these allegations seriously, this isn't a media report about Lindsay walking out of a plastic surgery center with a bandage on her nose. These are the utmost henious allegations, and a "normal" person would not ignore them. Lindsay sues everyone for insulting her, The Etrade lawsiut, she wants 100 million dollars because the name Lindsay was used. If these allegation were foundless, wouldn't Lindsay and her team be screaming they will hang the bastards for this? If Mr. Spielberg had these rumor going on around him, they would be addressed. It is called being a responsible member of society.
You are mistaken if you believe that those who are insisting upon QUESTIONING this issue have made up their minds that she is guilty. That is not the issue at this point. What is questioned now, in a most intelligent way, is why isn't ANYONE in camp Lindsay addressing what happened? This isn't a fluff story, these allegation have great influence on the outcome of her civil suit in regards to reckless driving. What are her chances, now, you 'suppose of that case going in her favor..REGARDLESS of the outcome of this story? You see, people hear gossip and either miss, or dismiss the RETRACTION. Lindsay reputation is ruined because whether she did it or not, people are questioning and realizing, that she very well might HAVE, and when they make that realization, they no longer really want to be her friend. Now, that isn't nice of people, maybe terrible immature and foolish, but that is the way the world works. I am sorry that there are so many people standing around Lindsay in LA simply not having ANY idea of what to do with this wild panter that roams the streets and now is allegedly nibblings at the heels of children. Wouldn't a few witness coming forward with a story that be cause for investigation? At least a little peek-see?
Lindays kind heart is currently overcome by significant impairments in logic and judgement, and just because she is nice, or pretty or a amazing actress, talent model, etc... SHE IS NOT WELL. She is not functioning in society.
I would very much like to thank Jerry Lewis for his BOLDNESS in stating BLUNTING how repulsive Lindsay Lohan and others like her are to society. I am well aware that young people without much experience in being threatened by Monsters in society fail to grasp the signifant impact of socially destructive behaviors.
It only through the BOLD and BRAVE who are willing to stand up and INSIST, Hey, I don't like this, this is not OK, who will ever make a difference in situations THAT MUST CHANGE., if one can possible be made at all.
Miss Lohan, no body wants to HURT you, we only have QUESTIONS for you.

1455 days ago


So, now it's OK for Princess Linsey Lohan to Tap a baby stroller, with a baby in it, with her car? What is wrong with the people of California? We know the police have Stars in their eyes and will let the Females off on any charge they want, but are they Really going to let the addicted (and in denial) Lindsey Lohan get away with EVERYTHING? I know she's going to pretend that she was "having her college time" but in fact she's not. She is a 24 year old Woman, not a college girl with no outside experience that is having her first time away from home. She's a (now dangerous) addict and she needs to have to pay for what she does, Just like Everyone else! Stop giving her favortism, and letting her buy her way out of everything. Let's arrange a protest if it turns out that she Did hit that baby. What if she had killed it and/or the Nanny? THEN would they finally punish her, will she Finally be treated like the criminal she Is, just like any normal person would have been? They already let her off on running a stop sign! The day after she got out of the pretend Rehab! So, she already started back to her old "no one can touch me" view of the world, with the Los Angeles Police assisting her. Nice.

1454 days ago


Regardless of the fact she only "tapped" the stroller, there was still a baby in it. When are people going to realize that situation could have been MUCH worse than it turned out to be? At what point did it become okay to not pay attention behind the wheel of a car? What happens next time when she kills someone? Then will people realize that shes a menace and shouldnt be driving. Shes got enough money, she should have someone drive her!!!

1454 days ago


Wonder if the nanny is legal and that's why there was no report filed....hmmm?

1453 days ago

jaquasha dean    

white people have major issues! not me though

1453 days ago


Well, screw you all low lifes.

1443 days ago

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1130 days ago


If the mother pushed the baby stroller into the crosswalk just as a car is slowly turning right at that intersection, I can see how that could happen. The problem is, was it obvious the mother intended to cross the street in that direction right then and Lilo failed to yield to her as a pedestrian, or did the mother decide to try to cross the street as Lilo had already started to make her turn? You're supposed to yield to a pedestrian, but sometimes people stand on a corner for a few seconds and you can't tell which way they are going to go, or if they are simply standing there waiting to meet someone, or waiting for a bus, then they suddenly step into the street to try to cross.

900 days ago
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