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Lindsay Lohan Stroller Accident

No Harm, No Foul

9/3/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An eyewitness to the alleged Lindsay Lohan "hit-and-run" tells TMZ ... the photogs who sold the after-the-fact video are lying.

The eyewitness -- a photographer -- says Lindsay was leaving her apartment building Wednesday (not yesterday) and was turning onto Holloway Drive with a green light.  The photog says Lindsay "ever-so-slightly tapped the stroller -- like 1 mile an hour." 

The photog says Lindsay pulled over, asked the nanny pushing the stroller if everything was okay and was told everyone and everything was fine, so she drove off.

The story conflicts with the photogs who shot video after the incident.  One of them -- Brayan Jaime -- told TMZ ... Lindsay ran a red light and called the impact "a major hit" ... causing 3 wheels on the stroller to leave the ground.  Jaime says Lindsay fled the scene.

So far ... no one has gone to the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department to file a report.


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One: Why the hell does Lindsay Lohan have a license?? That's just asking for an accident to happen or someone to be killed.

Two: How the hell do you "tap" a baby stroller with your car??

Three: Why the hell was this woman frolicking in the road with her baby?

'the hell??

1518 days ago


can this bitch just die really would any one miss her

1518 days ago


Form what I know and understand...Once an Addict...always an addict. Nuf said.

1518 days ago


How can you justify what Lindsay did? There is harm. She is so reckless but so lucky no one was seriously injured. This girl is a total mess. She should be locked up in rehab for a very, very long time. She has not learned one lesson. In my opinion she is worse off now and will eventually kill someone with her car or herself.

1518 days ago


lolol well never really know for sure but hey if she did hit a babystroller ... that is soon to be on RICH baby!

1518 days ago


I watched the video many times and there is nothing there that shows she hit the stroller. It just happen to be a reporter that saw this. Like I believe then to. There out for a story even if they have to make it up. The girls had enough problems without making **** up. I was all for her doing her time but damn people do you see anything on that video that shows she hit that stroller? Does that lady pushing it look like she is upest because someone hit her babay? If it were me, or any of you pushing that baby and they were hit no matter how easy it was we'd be raising hell.

1518 days ago


Would somebody please notify Lindsay Lohan that regardless of what the cops are doing to look into this mess, she has inspired many many MOMMIES in her neighborhood to equip themselves with camera and voices, that will not allow this out of control wild-child to mow down our kids.
No one wants to hurt Lindsay. She has just activated a subculture of great stregth. If neccesary, MommiesAgainstDangerousPeople will surround her apartment building like peasants around Maria Antoinette.
Miss Lohan needs to make a statement. Her lack of coming forth on these charges, the lack of any statement from "her people" or probation, or legal councel is disturbing to many who are now gathering to see what we can do, to protect ourself against this assualt.
Could somebody get it through this girls head: The Mommies are going to hold you accountable. We only want to know: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. And we will find out.

1518 days ago


she is so serious every one is all over her when she is only human like us.. give miss sexy a break jeez..

1518 days ago

Jay Adler    

As heinous as hitting a baby stroller sounds thank god no child was in it. Consequently, from what has been described, she might have to make restitution on the unit and they can be expensive.At this stage of the game, Lindsay hitting anything while driving is under the bright light. I have commented that she should have remained in rehab until the doctors signed her out. I think she broke out to soon so she could rejuvenate the high life.

1517 days ago

Jay Adler    

There are a few things that may be conflicting with regard to this accident. Firstly, Lindsay Lohan should not be hitting anything in the road as informal advice. I am reading on other cable news feeds that there was a Nanny pushing that stroller, that makes sense and that Lindsay left the scene and made no police report. In New York State you are not required to report minor property damage to the police and usually the two drivers can make a deal.Anyone leaving the scene of say #200 and no one around may end up a traffic offense. I read that the Nanny was walking in shock. Very often claims flood in days later but if someone was hurt you must remain until the police arrive.

1517 days ago


Regardless of what happened, if she's smart, she will lay low until November and then head to the South of France with her own Chauffeur and take a year off. Really, it's not rocket science... I don't understand why all these kids stick around for their own Sh*tstorm.

1517 days ago


PLEASE go into an inpatient facility to complete your probation requirements. The next time you fart, it's prison.

1517 days ago


Many around you in this industry are aware that this current situation has basically blacklisted you. I say this not to discourage your dreams of rebuilding your career, but at this time, you must realize, things must change for you. Restablishing your career should a LONG TERM GOAL.
We who are concerned about you and others on the streets very much would like to appeal to you to consider returning to an impatient facility while you try to deal with your ever increasing life problems. We know you tried to make it on your own. Inside scoop is you were involved in this accident to some extent. At this time Mel Gibson is less toxic than you, as far as industry pulse.
There are those that will not settle for "bumping" a baby at all. You need time away from the constant media, temptations and overwhelming requirements of your probation. Please find a modest, quiet in-patient facility to complete your probation requirements. The is 100% unanimous survery that suggest your next minor offense of any kind will land you in prison for years.
It is your choice on how you are going to end this madness.
God Bless You.

1517 days ago


It's starting to look like Lindsay is relly somehow involved, and the best story going is that she did make contact, but it was "only 1 mile an hour. Honest."...Um, does California have some legislaton/regulations on ACCEPTABLE PSI impact on children, regards,.....kilogram weight or something? I am really missing the picture here on why this all OK with you people in LA.
Lindsay did something very very wrong, regardless if itA was a little bump, or she flipped that kid to Brentwood. A little bump is NOT OK.
I can almost understand how it happened. Poor girl has got to be under more stress than Gandi himself could bear.
BUT WHY LINDSAY did you think is was still OK to keep on driving after such an....ERROR? A BOO-BOO? Are you kidding me?
California is utterly insane!!!!Keep your flipping movie stars, mates!

1517 days ago


Frank for once take your head out of your ass before you speek. Did you watch the video. IT SHOWS NOTHING, what part of NO THING don't you understand.

1517 days ago
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