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Tiger Woods -- Armed and Dangerous

9/5/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It takes some serious arm muscles to play mediocre golf -- and Tiger Woods sure has them.

Tiger struck the sleeveless version of the $100 million pose on Thursday in a hotel in Providence, RI -- he's in town for the Deutsche Bank Championship.

Tiger was tied for 87th place after the first round, but is seven shots back going in to Sunday.

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Foxy Lady    

And a massive hard **** to match!

1478 days ago

simon says    


1478 days ago


Not that he is built or anything but just looking at him you cannot draw a strait line to the hole!.

He cheated. Get over it. Heads or tails, your husband is too!.

1478 days ago


I think he may be the victim of an old Norwegian curse. How do you say karma in Swedish?

1478 days ago


Anyone know who the guy is that is next to Tiger?

1478 days ago


Tiger your all washed up go play miniature golf with your kids, instead of f-ing whores like Rachel.

1478 days ago


Not a fan but he put Golf on the map.. so he fell from grace.. he handled his personal life poorly .. like most Evangelical preachers and politicians .. but the boy still single handedly breathed life back into the game of golf and he has plenty to be proud of.. his lapses of judgment in the bedroom don't take any of that away.. even though most bitter TMZ posters would love nothing better than do exactly that.

1478 days ago


What a sad and pathetic society we live in !!!!! Completely morally bankrupt one.
Just because he can hit a golf ball with a stick we have to worship this guy. He is one of the most disgusting "men" I have seen in recent years but still he did nothing wrong because he can play golf.
He didn't cure cancer or save lives.
Wake up and those who defend his actions are no better than this pig !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1478 days ago

Norberto Paulino    

That picture is fake, do a better job next time TMZ.

1478 days ago


"#45 "Al" A strong, healthy family is the backbone of the country. So it's just fine with you that old nasty Eldrick had sex with legions of unclean women --- without using a condom --- while he pretended he was a family man. Wow! That doesn't say much for your morals and the morals of those who defend Eldrick. The guy is a phony, a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. He shouldn't have gotten married and used Elin to make himself look good. He could have stayed a bachelor and no one really would care if he humped 5,000 prostitutes and porn stars."

How many people in this country have affairs each year? More than 1 million? More than 10 million? How many of them pretend to be family men (or women) at the time of their affair?

There are plenty of other sports stars who have been unfaithful, including other golfers. And plenty of other sports stars who have done things that are much worse than this.

As far as "a strong, healthy family being the backbone of the country", I've got to laugh. If that's the case, then the country has about as much backbone as a jellyfish. It would be nice if everybody had a strong family, but that has never been the case in this country, or anywhere else.

1478 days ago



Duh people get it together its not like he all of a sudden grew muscle.. he has always had it just doesnt show it off much now tmz gets a pic and everyone thinks hes on roids or some ****.. he benches 300+ for a reason.. hes been working out his whole life

Posted at 12:42 PM on Sep 5, 2010 by chris

Actually, Chris, it is new muscle. Tiger didn't do much but workout while he was in seclusion. Golf is one of the few sports where a muscular build is a handicap, tennis is another example. Flexibility and the "whip" effect are hindered w/ muscle tissue. If you need proof, just look at his recent performances, not to mention the lack of any successful AND muscular golf and tennis players.

1478 days ago


"Wake up and those who defend his actions are no better than this pig "

I think that you're failing to recognize the difference between defending his actions and simply saying that other people have done a lot worse things.

Furthermore, I firmly believe that a lot of the criticism of Woods is racially motivated - starting with comments that simultaneously criticize Woods and Obama.

1478 days ago


Apparently it was a slow news day for TMZ. Whenever they need to fill some space they go and see what Woods is doing. Don't you know how bording and tedious this coverage has become?

1478 days ago


Mediocre golf? The dude is -7 in a PGA Tour event. While it may be mediocre golf for Tiger Woods, you have no right to call it such.

1478 days ago


yall need to stop hating on tiger he is still the number one golfer in the world so he made a mistake leave a brotha a lone and let him live his life now.And by the way is those kids really his they dont look like it do a DNA on those kids iI think it was all a set up anyway.
the ranking system is a joke...he hasnt done nothing this year to be called the number one golfer in the world.

1478 days ago
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