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Steven Slater -- Not Welcome Back at JetBlue

9/5/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Rosa Parks of flight attendants is no longer a flight attendant -- Steven Slater and JetBlue have gone their separate ways.

A spokeswoman for JetBlue says the two sides parted ways last week, but didn't elaborate on details.

Slater became a folk hero of sorts when he got into an alleged confrontation with an unruly passenger ... then grabbed two beers and high-tailed it off the plane via the plane's emergency slide.

Slater's account of what went down has since been called into question.


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I agree with post #6 from "Confused"--Referring to Slater as "the Rosa Parks of flight attendants" is ridiculous. Maybe a comparison to someone like Norma Rae, or Erin Brokovich, that kind of thing, would have been more appropriate (although still a stretch), but to compare the possible mistreatment of service personnel by customers to systematic, legal, and long-term racial discrimination against blacks by the government and commerce shows just how hollow the minds of TMZ staffers really are.
Please enroll in some history lessons.

1509 days ago

Donald Ray    

There you go AGAIN, TMZ, trying to make a 'celebrity' out of a fkn' NOBODY.

1509 days ago


Really?, the only reason he is not coming back is because he probably does not want to! Airlines allow their inept crews to disrespect, humiliate and abuse passengers all the time. They have prostituted the word safety and use 9-11 as a justification for passenger abuse. Do I feel sorry for this flight attendant? Absolutely not... More than ever, I cannot see the value of having this unprofessional bunch of overpaid “somethings” showing me what to do when I could watch a video and not have to deal with their UNRULY performance,

1509 days ago


Rosa Parks? I think not. The passengers that were on the plane during the incident have refuted his story, so why he's treated as a folk hero is beyond me.

I fly for work - a lot - and have seen passengers get angry and be discourteous for a reason and seen them act that way without provocation. I've also seen the same poor behavior from the occasional flight attendant. I have yet to see a scenario that would come close to justify his actions.

1509 days ago


Doesn't this guy look like the gay character in the Airplane movies - the one who is in the control center making all the silly remarks in passing? This guy is an idiot.

1509 days ago


I would say at least he got to be king for a day, but I think he would rather be a queen 24/7.

1509 days ago

who dat    

He will probably also be put on the no fly list. Anyone as mentally unstable as he is, combined with his knowledge of the airplanes. What if he decided to pop a door open at 30K feet. I doubt anyone would feel safe if he was a passenger on the same plane.
TMZ you should post a poll. Would you feel safe if he was a passenger on your plane?

1509 days ago

The Love Sponge    

He's not the Rosa Parks of flight attendants but the Rip Taylor of flight attendants. HELLO! everybody lets grab a couple of beers and have a slide.

1509 days ago


this queen had a hissy fit ..... beer No manly enough for him .
he should have put on his pradas and slapped the bitch with his gucci bag.

1509 days ago


he's an A-Hole! he should be let go! ha ha

1509 days ago


ah, it was staged and I find it disturbing that there was not a sky marshal to shoot him to death before he did what he did.

1509 days ago


Like other posters, I find the comparison to Rosa Parks to be inaccurate and offensive. TMZ, please change this headline.

1509 days ago



You seriously need to change that Rosa Parks comparison. This crap is not cool and not funny.

1509 days ago

Toby Harris    

They should use him in a reality show, and at the end of every show he grabs 2 beers and exits the set by sliding down something. Hey it worked with Kenny on South Park.

1509 days ago


TMZ....You owe every good and honorable citizen of this country an apology. This man is nothing like Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a woman of courage and equality in the face of racism and intolerance. This man is a NUT! period! How in the heck can you compare her to someone who cussed out a passenger over a loud speaker and then flies down a shoot grabbing a cold one on the way down. TMZ is just as pathetic as Steven Slater.

1509 days ago
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