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Deputy Who Busted Mel Gibson Sues

9/7/2010 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. Sheriff's Deputy who arrested Mel Gibson in the infamous 2006 arrest is suing the County of L.A., claiming he's the victim of retaliation.

James Mee Lawsuit

In the lawsuit, Deputy James Mee claims at the time of his arrest, Gibson was a spokesperson for the L.A. County Sheriff's Star Program and had filed a public service announcement for Sheriff Lee Baca, whom Mee says was Gibson's "close friend."

Mee claims he was "unjustly denied" a promotion -- the result of "religious discrimination and retaliation for plaintiff's religion and his report of anti-Semitic remarks by [Gibson]."

You'll recall, TMZ broke the story of Gibson's anti-Semitic rant.  Mee is Jewish.

The suit claims Sergeant Tracy Palmer erased a videotape involving the arrest of Gibson.  Sources tell TMZ Mee has said the alleged video shows Gibson out of control at the jail after his arrest.  Mee has told people the tape shows Gibson screaming at the top of his lungs and pacing in the cell.

TMZ has independently confirmed there was indeed a videotape of Mel at the jail -- the cameras are mounted and trained on the booking area in the Lost Hills jail.

This is the first time Mee has revealed at length the events of July 28, 2006. He claims, as TMZ first reported, he documented Gibson's tirade in his initial report but was ordered by superiors to rewrite the report, deleting the slurs. The lawsuit -- filed by attorneys Etan Lorant and Yael Trock -- goes on to say the original 4 pages in Mee's report were published by TMZ.

Mee says he was immediately targeted as the alleged TMZ leak, despite the fact that other non-Jewish deputies had access to the 4 pages.  Mee says he was unmercifully interrogated, received a negative job performance report and claims it was all the result of religious discrimination.

Mee says the department launched several investigations targeting him, to determine if he was the TMZ leak.  Although Mee didn't mention it, the Sheriff's Department secretly obtained search warrants for the work and home phone records of Harvey Levin.  The Sheriff's Department has never determined who leaked the document.

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "We are looking forward to telling the whole story and the whole story is not being told in this lawsuit.  Ethnicity and gender have nothing to do with any of this.  An investigation was launched by the Sheriff's Department to try and discover who was leaking official documents without authorization.  That is a crime."



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yep, jump on that bandwagon. Loser.

1509 days ago


No good deed goes unpunished? Even if it's in your job description.

1509 days ago


waaaahhhhh!!!! Perhaps there was someone more qualified then you to fill the job.
He who whines the loudest or cries discrimination gets the job!

1509 days ago


Good for you! I hope you write a book about it too.

1509 days ago


I think the taxpayers should sue this officer for being a whiney douche bag.

1509 days ago


Gee, he just remembered this four years later? Which law firm wants to do this on percentage? What a joke!

Tee hee

1509 days ago


Poor baby. Maybe he and Oinky can cry on each others shoulder.

Guess the question might be what exactaly was Gibson's Crime anyway a DUI or someone drunk shooting off his mouth. As most anyone does when busted doing something stupid. Does this jerk do***ent every cuss word, every slur he's heard in the line of duty or just those of the rich and famous.

I guess if one feels they are discriminated against, unjustly treated etc, etc, etc, it might be a good idea to raise a stink when it happens and not 4 years later. Dumb ass.

1509 days ago


another piranha trying for gravy train?

Morning all:)

1509 days ago


If he wants a tidy retirement he should out place Oksana for Mel.

1509 days ago


Gee, he just remembered this four years later? Which law firm wants to do this on percentage? What a joke!

Tee hee

Posted at 3:38 PM on Sep 7, 2010 by middleagedcrazy

YEs, and he remembered it at exactly the same time as Mel's cases are wrapping up and going to the DA. What a coincidence! Is this a conspiracy ?

1509 days ago


Maybe the job went to someone more qualified. Whiner.

1509 days ago


This situation is never going to end. Mel must have a large red target on his back.

1509 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

OH I hope Mee is reading. THi smessage is for him:

Shame on you Mee you loser. Maybe you were denied a promotion based on the fact that you tried to write someone (Mel) up for something that is NOT ILLEGAL!!!

News FLASH: Anti-sematic remarks are NOT against the law!!

Maybe if it was your boss on the job doing it THEN it might be an actionable crime.

The remarks came from a drunk that you most likely ANTAGONIZED because you are Jewish and you did not like that Mel was making a movie about Christ (The Passion) YOU brought the onslaught of words on! IF it ever happened at ALL! I for one never did believe it--Mee you have a dog in the race and therefor you are NOT a reliable source! Mel doesn't remember it--but he was gracious enough to think "IF I said those things they are terrble and I need to apologize and so he did!

YOU MEE were way out of line! Gosh--could similiar behavior on other cases have resulted in your poor performance reports? DUH!

What a low thing to do to Mel at this time. YOU were waiting like a snake to strike at him. I wish for you all bad things!

YOU STINK Mee. Grow UP whiner! Face reality and get a CLUE!

1509 days ago


@Sam - you go!!
@Koala - morning!

1509 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Why thank you so much TMZgossip. I had no idea of the atual laws.........

Obviously you didn't understand a word I said, but not to worry the message was not for you.

I'm not about to get in a debate with you--I've seen your intellegence level displayed in your posts. Poor thing......

Sit, rotate.

1509 days ago
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