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Britney's Bodyguard: I'm Doing the 'Right' Thing

9/9/2010 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' former bodyguard -- the one who's suing her for sexual harassment -- is defending his sexual harassment lawsuit, saying he's "standing up for what I believe is right."

Fernando Flores was outside his lawyer's office today in Orange County, where he addressed the Spears clan's claim that he's full of crap, saying, "If that's what they think then that's what they think."

As we first reported, Flores alleges during his stint as Britney's bodyguard, she exposed herself to him and even beat her children in front of him.  We're told the brutality allegation was shot down by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.


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This guy is a peter puffer for sure, OMG I she showed her body to me ewww. Fricking ***

1507 days ago



Now I understand.

1507 days ago


Dude, you've already been proven a liar by a government agency that investigated the allegations about child abuse.
Are you really such a low-life that you can't make any money like a real man, without filing a false lawsuit trying to get rich?

1507 days ago


I believe him, she's a psycho diva with no boundaries.

1507 days ago


if she exposed herself to me i would have beat her kids (boobS) with my face and loved it!!!

1507 days ago


And Kevin Federline is still on Brit-Brit's payroll, he'll say whatever she wants, lol.

1507 days ago


looks like a pedophile. "close" with the kids. ewww. Plus he's clearly lying.

1507 days ago


He's clearly lying and gay.

1507 days ago


wft, any straight guy wouldn't say that Britney spears exposing herself in front of them was harassment, He needs to get a life and leave her alone. He is probably just made because she wouldn't give him a raise.

1507 days ago


This is INSANE! I hope it's thrown out of Court ASAP! This is the biggest crock of bull**** I've ever heard.

1507 days ago


"you know how i know your gay.."

1507 days ago



1507 days ago


is it true what paris hilton did that is reported on CNN? I am surprised it is not on here!

1507 days ago


LOL @ beachgal believing this.
Dumb b!tch ur 100000x more stupid than the actual accuser for believing something as stupid as this.
I know that she's a great person and that she would never do something like this for plenty of reasons.
#1- she's always around people, her dad, her assistant, etc. when she's with the kids.
#2- Why has this **** waited so long to say something?
#3- If she really was brutally beating her kids and making them eat something they're allergic to, they'd be TERRIFIED to be with her whenever she had them. And they aren't. You can see they love her very much.
#4- I'm allergic to seafood and when i eat seafood I don't throwup. My throat closes up almost immediately and I need medical attention or else I DIE from asphyxiation, etc.
So she/someone would have have to rush her kids to the hospital and of course there would be paps, hospital records, etc.
#5- officials(child services) have said that this is all fake before.
#6- She loves her kids more than anything
#7- Kfed would NOT have defended her. If she really did beat the kids and did all that crap in front of him kfed would have SUED BRITNEY HIMSELF, to get FULL CUSTODY WITH NO VISITATION FROM BRITNEY, and MORE MONEY FROM HER AS WELL! MILLIONS AND THEN SOME!
#8- If Britney DID expose herself to him, don't you think he would've told Jason? That Jason would've found out? That he would have QUIT?
#9- If Britney was just inspected by child services do you think she would really do all that crazy ****?

So, those were 9 reasons why everyone who believes all of this crap needs to stfu, and learn sht. ASAP.

1507 days ago


Just another freaking gold digger. Wants something for nothing... WTF is wrong with people these days!

1507 days ago
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