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'NJ Housewife' Pulls an Oprah in Payless ShoeSource

9/10/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of NJ" star Kim G doesn't have the same $$$ issues as co-star Teresa Giudice -- because we're told G rolled into a Payless shoe store recently ... and bought fresh kicks for every family in the place.

The manager at Payless ShoeSource in Paterson, NJ tells TMZ, Kim -- along with her sidekick Tom Murro -- rounded up everyone in the store last Monday ... and personally threw down for their back-to-school purchases, which included "Star Wars" and Hello Kitty-themed backpacks.

But based on the receipt -- obtained by TMZ -- there weren't that many shoe shoppers out on the holiday ... because the total bill was only $143.60.

It's the thought that counts.


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Cannot STAND this woman - however, that was the correct way to do it. So many people are on the charity bandwagon, but the sad truth is if you hand over 150 dollars to some charity, you'll be lucky if 10 dollars actually goes to someone. If I had the money to do it, I would do this kind of stuff ALL the time.

1503 days ago


$14360... for multiple pairs of shoes? That can't be right. They must have pretty cheap shoes. My last pair of shoes cost more than that and they aren't even expensive shoes.

1503 days ago


Why do the forums here totally trash numbers? I typed one hundred forty three dollars and sixty cents (per the story) and the forums converted it to fourteen thousand three hundred and sixty dollars by removing the decimal point.

For the record, my last pair of shoes did NOT cost more than fourteen thousand three hundred and sixty dollars. My entire wardrobe probably isn't worth that much.

1503 days ago


Plastic cheap ill-fitting shoes on the old whore who is trying to get a top spot on NJ housewives show!

Yeah Kim, that $143 is gonna pave the way to you being the next Danielle, LOL!

1503 days ago


man who puts these pics in this site...don't u like any other people like young..n if u like that pic u just put one in u r pocket n watch it whenever u want to..

1503 days ago


she's trying too hard to become that other housewife or she's trying too hard to become a payless spokesperson.

1503 days ago

Ann CasaBella Mulberry St NYC    

Does this pathetic women ever have time for her children
or is her entire day consumed on becoming a celebrity.
What kind of man is Mr.Grannatell has he no shame, do they
communicate. If they seperated or not how could any man
remain silent while is wife tweets of purchasing Mercedes
and Rolex Watches for a 35 year old lover to the world
My husband is being transferred to New Jersey in November
Franklin Lakes was one of our first choices, after watching
RHWONJ that would be the last place i would consider
That program did to Franklin Lakes Real Estate what Johan
Vanderslooth did to the travel business in Aruba

1503 days ago


I know I'll get bashed for this but....

Payless is only good for trendy (tacky) shoes. That's all it has ever been good for. They are made so cheap, have no support, etc.
If you have say $140-$150 to spend on shoes then carry your @ss to a reputable shoe store and "invest" in a good pair that won't kill your feet and fall apart in 6 months.

Just saying...I love my shoes! Really, I do.

1503 days ago


Nice gesture though Kim.

With all your "old money" it almost looks like this was...dare I say...staged?!

1503 days ago

Lisa Lesser    

Back To School Shopping With Kim G and the Magnet

Meeting in downtown Paterson, New Jersey – RHONJ’s Kim Granatell and Tom Murro had decided to stop by Payless Shoes to surprise a few less fortunate families getting ready for school with supplies and clothes. A surprise shopping spree with all new back to school supplies, began when Kim entered the store and said, “Hello everyone! It looks like we’re all here for back to school shoes. Please pick out what you need and meet us at the register.”

Kim and the Magnet spoke with some of the moms and children from about a dozen families who were shopping for backpacks and shoes, and they even picked up a few more school supplies for some siblings who weren’t there.

Outside, fans gathered around her black Bentley, safely parked in a “no parking zone,” there was a lot of tweeting, texting and posing for photographs. More than one fan said she hoped to see Kim in Real NJ Housewives season three. When her own show, she said “It seems like it’s going to happen.” (see the news12 video)

The moms and kids were thrilled to meet Kim and to be part of it. Kim’s generosity was appreciated by all, not the least of which was the store manager. Tom mentioned he needed a pair of high top converse, and she reminded Tom that they weren’t there for him “and wasn’t the G-Wagon enough?” (Celebuzz)

Kim and the Magnet have been busy for the past few months – from driving Kim’s Ferrari and crashing Danielle Staub’s party, it was nice to give back. It was reminder to all involved to be generous with those less fortunate. After the shopping, there were lots of hugs and a few more pictures. “What a great day!,” Tom told us.

1503 days ago


If I had the funds, I would do this all the time too. It would be much more rewarding to personally see the reactions of the customers. It would be fun too!

1503 days ago


Very nice gesture in these tough economic times! How thrilled would YOU be if you were shopping in PayLess or KMart or Target or somewhere like that trying to stretch you dollars on back-to-school items and someone showed up and picked up YOUR tab? I'd be tickled pink and very grateful! Then I could take my money to the grocery store and make it go even farther!!LOL
WAY TO GO, KIM! First 'classy' thing I've seen from a NJ Housewife!

1503 days ago


Knock her all you wan't, but I work in the mall that houses this shoe store.Buisness is'nt good. It's probably the only mall in the U.S. that has a utility payment center. I'll take any good publicity

1503 days ago


Knock her all you wan't, but I work in the mall that houses this shoe store.Buisness is'nt good. It's probably the only mall in the U.S. that has a utility payment center. I'll take any good publicity

1503 days ago


Does this women have any time for her daughter
or is her entire life day spent attempting to
become a celebrity. And what type of man is this
Mr. Grannatell, do they speak or interact i can't
imagine if I flaunted my purchasing vehicles and gifts
for a younger lover on my tweeter site.
I guess rich, old, self indulgent women from Franklin Lakes
must march to a diffrent drummer. Who would ever want to
live there. This Pathetic women did to Franklin Lakes what
Joran did for the Tourist Business in Aruba

1503 days ago
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