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Britney Spears -- What Lawsuit?

9/10/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears didn't sexually harass anyone (that we know of) during her lunch outing with her assistant yesterday in Los Angeles.

No word on whether or not she ordered 7UP.


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What the heck is that at the left (her) corner of her mouth...a massive herpes attack!?!?!?!

1473 days ago

Whip It    

oH! Britney has never been a danger to her kids!!
not ever driving a child without a car seat...etc.

Shall we begin:
aha ha her face looks torn up here (road map)!
Didn't Kevin take the kids away from her, when she went postal, during her faded glory timeline?!
Also she had an orgy with some paparazzi.
(wonder if a seX tape will ever surface??)
Heak, those paparazzi's were just glad to be with "the mighty one" so they might not have gotten it on tape..LOLZ

OR she already paid them off..$$$$

alot more to say but gotta go..And really don't care she's old news. *yawn*


1473 days ago


Cute blouse!!

1473 days ago


Yikes girls got herpes...

1473 days ago



1473 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

She probably smells like a dirty sock in an ashtray.

1473 days ago


You smell like a dirty sock in a toilet you stupid fool!! Britney Spears is the princes of America and maybe the world!!!

1473 days ago


BRITNEY LOOKS HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~

1473 days ago


No one with any taste would think she looks hot anymore. She only looks ok if she has been made up for hours by makeup artists. Old and over.

1473 days ago


Woman, GET A TRAINER! Lose WEIGHT, get a haircut, LOSE WEIGHT! What a frumpy broad! You look like a hillbilly middle-aged housewife with no clothes to wear! Shame on you!

1472 days ago


ugh you people are so damn disgusting.
It's not herpes.
You've never had a cold sore? or a breakout? grow the **** up.
Really now.

And ALL the people trashing her, I want to know what you look like. Link us to one of your pictures so we can see what you would look like after two children and person troubles in 2007.
Thought so.
Haters gonna hate and all of you are jealous in the end. It's not Britney's fault that she became successful while you just feel the need to trash others because u will not even make a tenth of what she is worth RIGHT NOW in your whole lifetime.
Stay mad haters.

and anyone calling her "psycho", "crazy", etc. That was 3 years ago. Drop it. You just make yourselves look more stupid because u feel the need to bring up 2 or 3 incidents that happened 3-4 years ago when she was going through personal issues to make yourselves look better and above her.
She's healthy, sane, and optimistic about her job again. That's all that matters. She cares about her kids.
But I can agree that her weave is one thing she doesn't care about lol. But that makes her human, she doesn't have to be a barbie or caked in makeup every time she goes out. She got her hair and everything else fixed. what's you excuses now haters?

1472 days ago


britney is nothing but a slut i mean seriously why would some one brag about being a virgin i mean come on we all know she wasnt.

1455 days ago


Omfg, Although I do blame most of her problems on her money hungry bitch of a mother who basically forced into her career I still think brit is a slut and always has been. Gee brit you really set a good example for your young fans . . . no wonder why kids these days are so ****ed up most of their roll models turned out to be sluts or drug addicts. Thank you hollywood for not making the future a brighter place.

1455 days ago

kevin mcgee    

i think she is a very good performer and we all know she is pretty but i gotta say it took guts to jumb back in the peaples eye after she did the nutty things she was seen doing huh?

1449 days ago
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