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Michael Lohan -- Lindsay, Are You There?

9/10/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan stopped by the home of his daughter, Lindsay Lohan, but alas ... she wasn't home.

She probably "wasn't home" like you "weren't home" when the census taker rang your bell. 


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Jim in Cali    

Jesus, this guy is such a piece of trash. Why does TMZ still cover this clown?

1504 days ago


dads usually do that when they need the weekly allowance

he needs to buy stuff, books.. pens .. junk food ... stuff like that

1504 days ago


Can't cut it on his own. Coattailing on his famous daughter.


1504 days ago


I have unfortunately dated plenty of women with dad issues and this screams classic sexual abuse by this piece of S***. She seems very tortured and instead of popping pills she should pop a cap in this s***bags ass.

1504 days ago

for now    

Lindsay does not have a restraining order against her dad.
If she did,he would not be at her place.

If all these idiots on here hate Mike so bad,
why do they keep reading and writing about him?

1504 days ago


Nobody hates you Michael (alias by now). You're not worth it. We're concerned about Lindsay's welfare and you seem to appear on news related to her as a bad influence. Give us all a break!

1504 days ago


Ok I thought he was going to leave her alone?? This guy is now giving me the creeps. Why does he feel the need to interject himself in his daughter's life when she doesn't want him there? Someone needs to take a serious look at this man if he doesn't back off his daughter! Scary!

1503 days ago



Send your daughter a certified letter saying everything you want or need to say, good or bad. When she's ready, she will write you back. Speaking from experience, it works. You just have to give the kid all the space in the world and be willing to admit you've made mistakes.

1503 days ago


Lindsey will get better when she can face her Dad. My parents divorced when I was 6,rarely did I get to visit my Dad. As a little boy I would wait by the window w/bags packed for a weekend @ Dad's.He would call and say he could'nt make it cause he had 2 flat tires.Not 1, but two.I would cry and cry.If my Dad was knocking at my door TODAY, I would let him in. I ain't to great of a Christian,and I don't wanna sound like the "Preach",but,Recently I looked up the 10 commandments on Wikipedia,it gives the Judaic,Christian & Islamic interpretations. Honor Thy Father and Mother is a pretty HEAVY one,whatever your faith. My Mom threw me out of the house when I was 16/17.I didn't know where to go,sure there were options but I got by with a little help from my friends and graduated H.S. I was angry and judgemental of my parents but mostly hurt. But at age 50 the light went on. I realized parents are only human . I reached out to both parents and it felt great to re-establish relationships with both my parents.It felt great.
I just wish it didn't take me so long for me to put ill feelings aside.Our family is a part of us,wether functional or not,we need them.
Like Sly and the Family Stone's song,"Family Affair" says, "BLOODS THICKER THAN THE MUD. Talk to your Dad LLO,free your pretty self!

1497 days ago
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